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Pharrell Williams and Chanel Team Up to Combine Creativity for Upcoming Collection


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May 28, 2016

Billionaire Boys Club brand CEO and founder, Pharrell Williams  collaborated with Chanel to combine their creative aspects when it comes to fashion. As a musician, Pharrell utilized the elevation of the stage to rise in his success and accelerate himself into the fashion buisness. 

Having no fear of being himself and expressing his individuality outside of fashion norms, by showcashing his own personal style, Pharrell was able to attract prior collaborations with other fashion brands. They are: G-Star, Moynat, adidas Originals, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Ladurée and many others. For his imaginative vision, innovations, originality, inventive creativity, his dedication; and fearlessness in the fashion world, Williams was honored at the CFDA Fashion Awards back in June of 2015. Pharrell received the Fashion Icon Award which was presented by Kanye West. 

Pharrell has been able to use his platform in both music and fashion as a humanitarian and philanthropist

Expanding himself into the odyssey of his fashion career, Pharrell recently traveled to Paris and visited the Métiers d’Art of Chanel. While he was there, Williams absorbed the knowledge, craftsmanship and the prolific genuises of Chanel such as: Maison Michel the hat maker, Massaro the shoe makers, the embroiderer Lesage, the pleater Lognon; and the work of feather and flower maker, Lemarié. Pharrell got first hand experience of Chanel's behind the scenes creation for their 2015/16 collection from the Métiers d’Art Paris in Rome.

Pharrell Williams also worked hands on, taking part in the creative process with Chanel and developed his own unique pieces which will be at selective boutiques in June.