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Beyonce Styled in Senegalese Designer, Selly Raby Kane's Kimono and Skirt


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Jun 20, 2016

Last week Beyonce was spotted in New York City styled in some unusual but fabolous threads. She was wearing a kimono and skirt, many wondered who the designer was? Well, it's Selly Raby Kane, a designer from Senegalese. And the threads Beyonce was rockin' are her signature designs

The Selly Raby Kane kimono is embroidered in different appliquéd patterns, on a black leather polished material as pictured below.

Bey's signature Selly Raby Kane skirt depicts several colors similar to a rainbow. The skirt is created with two overlapping pockets on each sides of it, pictured below.

Keeping it casual in luxe wear, the Queen Bee was flowing in some goldish brown waves, mauve lipstick and black binocular inspired specs

The kimono and skirt was featured in Selly Raby Kane's 2015 collection called 'Dakar City of Birds.' For more information, to view some more collections and purchase, click on the following link: SellyRabyKane