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Drake Sets Off Summer 16 With a Triple Threat of Blazing Tracks


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Jun 06, 2016

The 6 God has declared the summer as his, when he set if off this past weekend with a triple threat of blazing tracks. Bossin' up with his OvO brand, Drake premiered three new songs on his OvO Sounds Radio

Smoothin' it out like an iron, Drake brought the heat on '4PM in Calabasas' getting at the people who hate him for his blessings, instead of spreading love to discover theirs. Staying ahead of the game, Drake curves the envy and scores a homerun in success. 

In the next track, Drake gets his fit right, links up with Gucci Mane; and gets 'Back On Road.' Y'all know Gucci back for real! His flow on this is consistent with the beat, as he rides it out with his lyrics. Drake comes through with the hook and pirates the instrumentals like Captain Jack Sparrow. 

And in the last cut, Drake brings the Caribbean, Salsa, Merengue; call it what you want! All I know is this mix will get those hips moving and get you to do that 'One Dance.'

Hit that play button and you know the rest.