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Highlights of Cleveland Cavaliers' Championship at the 2016 NBA Finals in Photos


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Jun 20, 2016

Many are still buzzed from the Cleveland Cavaliers' championship victory at the 2016 NBA Finals in Game 7 last night (June 19th), indeed it was an experience to remember. The Golden State Warriors presented a challenge for the Cavs and their star player Stephen Curry who made basketball shots like he was from another planet. It was the exact challenge the Cavaliers needed in order to go above and beyond to become the winners that they are. 

LeBron James is the golden child, an irony to the gold that he took home last night. Given the nickname "LeBlock" after blocking Curry last night, King James refused to let anybody take his crown and yield himself to the challenge, elevating in his royalty. 

Team players of the Cavaliers wore LeBron James' Nike sneakers last night on the court. It was a symbolism of unity and team sportsmanship. 

And what would a win be without the fans, who took to the streets of Cleveland last night to celebrate their glorious win. The game united all of them, in participation of a story the fans will take honor in telling. 

In celebration of Father's Day and being named NBA's Finals' MVP for a third time, King James brought his children along with him for his victory interview with sports media and news' journalist. 

Many may have doubted LeBron James but he never had doubts about himself. Some didn't understand his choices when he left the Miami Heat and returned home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe there was a calling that only LeBron could answer to and no matter where a king is at, he will always reign. And King James and the Cavs made it rain last night when confetti filled the basketball court during their win at the Finals. 

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Champions

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