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The Top 5 Wealthiest Superheroes


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Jun 07, 2016

Money conducted a list of the top five superheroes and how they amassed their fortune. 

Starting with Emma Frost from X-Men with a net-worth of $1.3 billion. She's a reformed villian who created her own company Frost International, where she is the CEO to. Frost super powers are her psychic and telepathic abilities. 

Next is Professor Charles Xavier at number four, the the leader of the X-Men and a networh of $3.5 billion. Professor X is the founder of the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and helps mutants develops their powers. His power consists of mind reading, psychic abilities beyond dimensions unseen and he can also, tap into people's minds, both the subconscious and conscious mind.  

Bruce Wayne is third on the list, known as Batman. Although, his alter ego Batman runs around in some tights and a cape, Bruce Wayne is worth $9.2 billion dollars. He doesn't have powers like the X-Men but he has the ability to navigate through obstacles, get inside villains head to figure them out and his nemesis the Joker is a darker version of Bruce Wayne. They know and understand each other very well because Batman and the Joker reflect the opposites of one another. Bruce Wayne's company makes $31.3 billion per year. 

Tony Stark is number two on the list with a net-worth of $12.4 billion. Stark is Iron Man and is part iron and has a robotic suit, which keeps him alive. Iron Man is somewhat Tony Starks alter ego. He changes once he becomes Iron Man, merging in personalities and likeness at times. Iron Man is more focused, confident and down to earth. Stark is also, confident but his very cocky and can come off as arrogant. 

And saving the best for last is the kings of all kings, number one, T’Challa, better known as The Black Panther.

Besides being the most richest superhero, T'Challa is historically the most wealthiest fictional character ever created in the world, with a net-worth of $90.7 trillion. The King "Mansa Musa" (who is the most richest/prosperous man to ever walk this earth) of superheroes on steroids, when it comes to wealth and abundance. Black Panther is a king, so of course he is going to reign in wealth and prosperity. As the king of Wakanda which is a fictional country created in Africa, T'Challa's built and amassed his empire with natural resources. It's similar to King Munsa's story, who magnified in his wealth through natural resources. 

The Black Panther movie is in production and set to be in theaters in 2018. Black Panther made history as the first all, mostly Black cast in a movie and will continue to make its mark. 


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