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First Lady, Michelle Obama's Christian Siriano Dress at The Democratic National Convention


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Jul 28, 2016

This past Monday (July 25th), First Lady, Michelle Obama attended the first night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Despite being plagiarized by Melania Trump, Michelle seemed unbothered, all smiles, glowing as usual; and strutted to the stage to deliver her last speech as the First Lady. Styled in an electric blue dress by Christian Siriano, Mrs. Obama passionately addressed the nation.

During her reign as First Lady, Michelle Obama brought a lot of style to the White House. From chic and well proportioned pantsuits, to dazzling and queenly gowns, laid back casual attires, jeans that displayed her curvaceous art-form, stylish cardigans; and so much more. And who could forget Michelle Obama stuntin' in a metallic leather pants at the 2012 Kid's Choice Award (pictured below). She made motherhood look dope in a neck length bob and being the First Lady cool.

Michelle Obama brought back classic dresses and skirts. She displayed that you don't always have to show a lot of skin to be sexy and how sexiness is all about attitude and personality. And that your best asset most of the time to show the world, is the beauty of your mind. Everybody is different, some women like to show a lot of skin and that's their prerogative. And other women tend to want to maintain mystery or preserve themselves because sometimes, exposing something too much, reduces its value. Other women who bare their souls to the world, like poets tend to cover up because due to the feeling of always being naked from baring their souls. That's another article and it's all about Michelle Obama now.

At the DNC, the First Lady kept it simple but yet sophisticated. She wore a curly flowing, shear shoulder length hairstyle and glistened with a dewy face that brightened up the room. Her Christian Siriano dress was compiled with silver heels, which accentuated her hips. And babygirl's fine cocoa butter skin was just shinning! Michelle Obama does not need the spotlight because she's already light filled! Yes indeed, 2 snaps and a twirl!!

As some of you may already know, Michelle Obama gave an impassioned speech. She reflected on the journey to the White House with President Barack Obama, what the last eight years were about and the difference it made in their lives. How the presidency would affect her daughters and the kind of role modeling they wanted to exhibit for them. Values, morals, lessons, ethics and etc. to shape their daughters so they can mold their destinies. The First Lady expressed, although she woke up everyday in an establishment that was built by slaves, it was a mirror that reflected the generations of people who felt the lashes of bondage, the yoke of chains; and the sacrifices of their servitude. This was the place she witnessed her daughters (Sasha and Malia) playing on the front lawn of the White House and saw how far America has come as a people. In that notion, Michelle Obama expressed the possibility of a woman president and envisioned Hillary Clinton fulfilling that role.

 She completed her speech urging the public to go out and vote.

Check out the First Lady's full speech below.


 Footage by: PBS News Hour

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