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T.I. Awards $35,000 to Education & Entrepreneurship Programs to Empower Youth Across the Nation


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Jul 29, 2016

T.I.'s TIDAL and Money Talk & Education launched an initiative back in May inspiring youths to submit applications about their goals of improving their communities through means of education. And challenged them to generate educated based fundraising online or offline, to make an impact. From May 4th to June 15th, applications were accepted for the challenge, which resulted in 86 participants.

After reviewing all applicants and the information submitted, six finalists who raised $46,000 combined were selected to be part of the initiative challenge. T.I. will award $35,000 towards the fundraising efforts of the six finalist, who will implement the educational programs developed within their communities.

The organizations that will take part in the $81,000 dollar challenge to make a difference in their communities are:

Fate Loves The Fearless - A Detroit based mentoring and educational program directed at assisting students excel in school. Funds raised will be used to renovate for a new facility.

Shaw Inspires “Teen-Preneurs”- A weekly leadership program that involves In-school, after school, weekend; and summer mentoring for youth ages 11-25. The program will be expanded with the funds raised to branch out to Baltimore and Charleston.

The Musicianship’s 2016 Summer Camp - A summer camp for musicians. Funds will be utilized to buy new music instruments, supplies, improve scholarships and; empower music instructors.

Generation You Employed -  Skill developing and readiness program that assist unemployed youth in building skills for employment. The program is in five countries (Kenya, India, Spain, Mexico and the United States) and will train one million unemployed youth to be placed for jobs in 2020. Funding will be provided to branch out into New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Educate Me College Tour - An annual program of Historical Black Colleges and Universities involved in touring across to cultivate educational and cultural experiences for students. The program's purpose is to help students examine their personal interest and concerns during their college selection process.

Truancy Intervention Project (TIP) 25th Anniversary - A dropout prevention agency that partners trained community volunteers with youth in Atlanta and Fulton County Public School System to monitor attendance of students, who are severely absent from school. The program intervenes with early intervention referral and in some cases, juvenile court.