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Throwin It Back: Young Meek Mill Freestyles and Keeps it Raw


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Aug 23, 2016

Did Meek Mill lose his edge or hunger on the mic? I don't think so, he did earn Billboard's 2016 Top Rap Album.

Can't lose what's embedded in your DNA, especially in your energy. And Meek Mill has a unique energy and gives true meaning to (E = mc2).

And what he does as an MC in moving the crowd as a master of ceremonies and microphone controller. Peep it below.

Meek Mill has a rare flow and sometimes multitask the frequency of it, based on the baritone of his voice. Mill's mastered deliverance, lyrical content, level of artistry; and spittin' from the dome, when it comes to freestylin' and being an MC. Meek is rapper indeed and knows how to be lucid with his bars, and maintains the fluency of his words with the instrumentals or beat. He is an overall Hip Hop artist who entertains also and transmits music through the airwaves.

And throwin' it back a little further with Meek Mill's hunger and his microphone grind. To follow up on Meek's story that Peter Rosenberg of HOT 97 conveyed, the footage in this video displays a portion of it. May it inspire and motivate you. Wherever you may be in your life, whatever goals you are trying to accomplish and whatever dreams you are cultivating and nurturing to grow into your reality, don't ever be ashamed of your testimony, for it writes the story of your glory.

Anyhow, check out Meek below, as he passionately blazes the mic.

That's that raw and organic Hip Hop!