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Bela Beyonce Comes Through With the Feugo in 'Mi Gente' Remix feat. J. Balvin & Willy William

Posted On: September 29, 2017

Let me find out Beyonce got some Latin blood in her! Because she is coming through with the feugo, speaking in tongues!

I like Spanish Bey, let's go!

Remixing 'Mi Gente' by J. Balvin and Willy William, the Queen Bee adds a royal touch to the Latin/Caribbean song. Beyonce is actually singing in Español and sounds great! Will we be hearing more of Bey with the Spanglish? Well, I hope so.

Beyonce's mix of Mi Gente is an act of altruism of utilizing music, to bring awareness to displaced people affected by the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean islands.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Bey's non-profit organization BeyGood, enlisted other organizations on their website that they are working with for people to join in and assist with relief efforts.

Beyonce stated, she will be donating proceeds from the song Mi Gente towards relief efforts as quoted below:

"I am donating my proceeds from this song to hurricane relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and the other affected Caribbean islands"

Mi Gente can be streamed on iTunes and purchased on Apple Music.

And also, viewed on YouTube below.


New Music Video: Maroon 5 feat. SZA - 'What Lovers Do'

Posted On: September 28, 2017

Maroon 5 enlist neo soul and R&B songstress SZA in collaborating on a song called 'What Lover's Do.' Releasing the video for the track, the visuals demonstrate a vivid, pictorial motion picture of cinematic digital effects.

Channeling their inner child, front-man Adam Levine and SZA are seen surrounded by floating butterflies, running up a tree and falling back to the realities of being adults. The two continue on their run through Alaskan like backdrops with penguins to participating in a marathon and surf boarding with dolphins. Adam Levine ends up deep in the sea where SZA is a mermaid.

The video continues with Adam and SZA playing cards at a casino, closing out with Levine waking up from his dream.

Check it out below.


New R&B Joint: Majid Jordan feat. dvsn - 'My Imagination'

Posted On: September 28, 2017

The Canadian crooners Majid Jordan are back with another one titled, 'My Imagination' featuring dvsn.

Majid Jordan brings us the soulful, mellowed feel good music. It's music to dance to, make love to and sing along with.

The duo Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman who make up the group Majid Jordan are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album "The Space Between," which will be released October 27th.

In the meantime, fans and music listeners are treated to the single My Imagination off the upcoming LP.

Grab your earphones and plug to it below.


Oprah Engages in Conversation With 7 Trump Voters & 7 Anti-Trump Voters and Things Get Real

Posted On: September 28, 2017

Ever since Donald Trump's candidacy to become president and his campaign journey to it, many can attest to it being a controversial one. Although lacking the credentials as a politician, Donald Trump sold himself into his presidency being the businessman he is and some of the public brought into it. Now that he is president of the United States of America, Trump is not doing good job in uniting America. We can focus on the problems and issues President Donald Trump stirs or we can focus on solutions for a better America. Trump will either improve as a president or those in politics will discover ways to impeach him.

Focusing on solutions is Oprah Winfrey, who sat down and engaged in a conversation with 7 Trump voters and 7 anti-Trump voters to see where America stands as a nation divided at this time. Based on history, America has always been a nation divided due to racism and ignorance, President Donald Trump basically exposed it and brought it to light. Not in a manner many are please with but in manner of revealing everything that has been wrong with this nation since the genocide of the Native Americans and the slave trade.

Anyhow, getting back to 2017 where racism and ignorance are still prevalent, Oprah tried to get to the root of things, in hoping America will flourish into a more united nation.

During a segment of "60 Minutes," Oprah Winfrey sat down with 14 individuals, 7 of them who voted for Donald Trump and 7 of them who did not. The 60 Minutes segment set the tone blaming President Donald Trump for the division in this country and it is too much credit to give him, because it's something that was already in place before he got there. Trump basically unmasked the division in America, an issue which has been swept under the rug, hidden and is the elephant in the room everybody ignores. Now, how can anybody ignore an elephant in the room? Well, Oprah chose not to and confronted it heads on.

As the conversation began and continued about President Donald Trump and his leadership, the 14 individuals remained divided in their opinions of the president and only agreeing on how he should have social media etiquette to tweet with caution. Tom, a member from the round table panel expressed his admiration for Donald Trump:

"I love it. Every day I love him more and more. Every single day."

But not many agreed and opposed the notion, one of them was Jennifer, who elaborated on the lack of leadership and professionalism of President Donald Trump, stating America looks like a joke to other foreign countries. Jennifer also expressed, her distaste and dissatisfaction of the president quoted below.

"He's a horrible president."

Oprah questioned the panel about the state of America during the next presidential election and if things would get better in unification of the nation. The panel was not optimistic in seeing a more united America, if anything their vision for America is not a good one. Out of the 14, Laura opened up about being fearful of a nation already divided, resulting in civil war and bloodshed for America to become united. And most of the group agreed with Laura, sharing in her opinion.

Is this where America is headed? Towards civil war?


Closing the 60 Minutes segment, although things got heated amongst the panel, the group however in unison expressed conversations like the one they shared needs to happen more often. Despite opposing opinions, everybody should and needs to be heard.

To check out the full segment and transcript, click on the link below.

Oprah Winfrey's 60 Minutes Segment


50 Cent Chats With The View About 50 Central, Power, Fatherhood, Donald Trump's Backlash On NFL Players & More

Posted On: September 25, 2017

A few days before the premier of his show 50 Central on BET this Wednesday (9/27), 50 Cent made an appearance to chat with the ladies of The View.

With the success of his hit TV series "Power," 50 Cent continues to branch in TV and movie media. Let me also add while we are on the topic, how 50 Cent is truly breaking barriers in TV production. Power's momentum takes it up a notch every time and when you look at the cast of Power, it reflects the world's reality when it comes to the diverse nature of humanity. Most TV shows and movies we see, the casts are predominately Caucasian and 50 Cent is changing the face of it and also, innovating it as well. Power even has a character as head of a District Attorney office called Tameika Robinson and illustrated diversity in the image of a meeting taking place in the D.A's office. How innovative is that? Displaying the realness of the world, instead of some fictionalized exhibition of the world we often see in movies and TV of mostly predominately Caucasian characters. Props to 50 Cent who doesn't realize the impact and history he is making.

Anyhow, let's get into his interview with The View.

Earlier today during a broadcast of The View, 50 Cent chatted up with the ladies about his many endeavors and one of them is his upcoming 50 Central show on BET. He expressed his view about President Donald Trump's recent backlash of NFL players protesting against police brutality. 50 Cent makes a good point, he stated asking if Donald Trump has any advisors or anybody advising him in the right direction as a president.

Things that make you go hmmm.

The View continued to interview 50 Cent and talked about his controversial posts centering the network STARZ which Power is broadcast on. Curtis Jackson implied on how TV viewers have more power than they think. He went on to talk about fatherhood and bonding with his sons. The interview got into the behind the scenes of 50 Central and recruiting the cast/comedians for the show. Even showing a clip with one of the members of 50 Central. Last but not least, 50 Cent conversed about Power's season finale shockers and cliffhangers.

Check it out below.

"You smell good, you smell very good."

I wonder what was going through her mind when she said that.


Weekend Recap: Jaguars' Owner and Players Kneel & Link Arms to Protest Following President Trump's Ignorant Comments

Posted On: September 25, 2017

Despite President Donald Trump's attempt to influence NFL owners to fire any players that participate in protesting during the National Anthem, members of the NFL banded together in unity.

During the airing of football games yesterday (Sept.24th), many took part in support of the movement Colin Kaepernick started.

As displayed in the above picture, Jaguars' owner Shahid Khan and players linked arms in solidarity and unity, to show Trump what it means to be true leaders who stand up for the rights of others.

In a statement, Shahid Khan expressed that the NFL is an organization of different races and cultures. And how there is a lot of work to be done in countering racism and ignorance. He has faith and so do I that it can be done and will be done. Although as Shahid Khan conversed, Trump does not make it easier but hard. And regardless of all the odds, Khan understands unity is the key to unlock a new world.

"Our team and the National Football League reflects our nation, with diversity coming in many forms -- race, faith, our views and our goals. We have a lot of work to do, and we can do it, but the comments by the President make it harder. That's why it was important for us, and personally for me, to show the world that even if we may differ at times, we can and should be united in the effort to become better as people and a nation."

The Jaguars played against the Baltimore Ravens, who also protested and generated an energy of unity to counter injustice and racism. Baltimore Ravens' coach John Harbaugh led his players in the protest.

Ravens' Hall of Famer Ray Lewis was in attendance and he took two knees to make a double impact supporting a fellow player, who had the courage to kneel alone for something he knew in his heart was the right thing to do.


Weekend Recap: President Trump Gives Speech Against NFL Players Protesting of Police Brutality

Posted On: September 25, 2017

On a Friday evening, you would think the president of America would have better and more productive things to do like hmmm, combine minds with his staff and draw up a proposition on how he is going to help displaced people in Houston, Texas, Puerto Rico; and other areas that has been affected by recent hurricanes. Or even get into some Netflix and chill with Melania Trump, nah he would rather stir up conflict and spread hate across the nation.

Let's recap and get to it.

During a speech at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama to campaign for Sen. Luther Strange, president Donald Trump decided to use his platform at the time for ulterior motives. Instead of giving a speech to campaign for the senator, Trump decided to inflame racism.

Former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick began a movement of kneeling down during the National Anthem at football games, in an effort to protest against police brutality towards melanated people. Since then, the move has received several controversies and backlash. The most recent backlash comes from President Trump while he was at this rally in Alabama. Upon opening his mouth, Trump spewed hate, bigotry; and ignorance.

Are we shocked? because I'm not.

I mean look at his face in the above picture, Trump looks so miserable. But anyhow.

The president urged patrons at football games to get up and leave if any players continue to protest in the manner of kneeling down. He also, urged NFL owners to fire any players that partake in the movement Colin Kaepernick started, referring to those player as "sons of b*tches." Hmmm, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

This is the president that is saying all of this, somebody who is suppose to be a leader and influence the people in a positive and effective manner. But this is not the case with President Donald Trump, who seems to lack credentials as a president and a leader. If anything, somebody should fire him! And get him out of the White House! Because he needs to seriously pipe down with all this hate, racism and ignorance in his system. Trump makes racist people feel so comfortable and them not realizing this is not the '60s. We don't play that! But at the same time, that comfort he gives racist people works to our advantage because they feel so comfortable to take their white hoods off, and reveal their identity as a racist! These racist people have been cowards since the beginning of their inception of racism, let them show their faces so we can now how to move.

Check out the full speech below.

The keyword in President Donald Trump's ignorant speech was "owner." He was directly but indirectly speaking to the owners of the NFL, those who think like him and share the same view to basically instill fear in their players with firing them if they protest. This is the same technique slave owners used in the past when one of their slave chose to stand up for themselves. They would basically use that slave as an example to instill fear in other slaves to control and oppress them. This was a system Willie Lynch created. I don't know what time Donald Trump think he is living in but hunny, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee or that kush! Get a clue or something because like I said, this is not the 60s, this is not the era of his racist forefathers. Trump really needs to go meditate or take a walk, and reevaluate his whole presidency.

Furthermore, they really need to start mentally and psychologically evaluate candidates that are running for president, test them on social views, what their thoughts are on racism; and if they qualify to be a leader of a whole nation. Especially if they lack direction like Trump does. 

Now getting back to the keyword which is "owner," the melanin (Black) buying power is in the trillions, it is time to put our money where our mouth is. Some of you are in position to make an impact and difference. Start investing and buy out these NFL teams, stadiums, get in positions as investors; and make a difference that is going to to leave a mark. Beyonce said it best, "get in formation." Get information and get yourselves in positions to make sure NFL players are not being ridiculed and harassed for standing up, in this case kneeling down against racism and injustice, for bringing awareness to affect positive changes to benefit all of humanity; and for just taking a stand against everything that is wrong with this nation. At the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. Know your power and exercise it! Do some cartwheels on these racist people and stunt on them!

Get in formation and make a difference.


Video footage provided by: CNN


#BlackBoyMagic: Jay Z feat. Damian Marley - 'Bam'

Posted On: September 24, 2017

Black Boy Magic, why not? Our Black boys need to be empowered too! Especially in a society that is always trying to devalue them of their power, because they know their worth.

"We're all vessels, right? We're whistles. The wind goes through us, we make the noise."

In this music video, Jay Z takes us into the heart of Jamaica which is music and music is a spiritual thing in the Caribbeans. It gives you that goose bump feels. I didn't even know HOV has Jamaican roots until I listened to his album "4:44" and seen this video. Jay Z expressed turning into a kid when he got to Jamaica, basically his inner child was unleashed. What I liked about this video is the images that were displayed, carefree little boys playing soccer in the streets, a group of young male adolescents playing the drums; and embodying the soul of music in Jamaica. Also Jay Z's interaction with the people there, it comes off so natural because it is! 

As the video continues, Jay Z converses about the magic of music. Musicians and creatives immortalize themselves through their music and the psyche of their creativity. It's something that their spirit lives in, it's timeless and eternal. For example: Michael Jackson is no longer with us but he's still here. His spirit is embodied in his songs and music.

It also seems like this video was a spiritual journey for HOV, the whole video has some spiritual elements to it.

Check it out below.


Intro to Divination, Spiritual Health and Metaphysics

Posted On: September 24, 2017

Sparked by the theme of Beyonce's album "Lemonade," we introduce a new topic to called: Divination, Spiritual Health & Metaphysics.

From the start of launching this website, I knew I was going to bring African spirituality and divination, I just didn't know how at the time. It's a very touchy subject, it's a subject that is taboo in the melanated community, both Black and Latino. African spirituality ranging in Voodoo, Yoruba traditions, Obeah, Black Magick, the Orishas, divination; and metaphysics are prevalent in the Black and Latino communities. It's just that nobody speaks of it, like I said it's taboo and also, due to the way African spirituality has been demonized by Western standards. So, a lot of people keep it hidden to prevent themselves from being ridiculed and ostracized. 

Well, the time has come to bring it to light. African spirituality can not be hidden anymore. It is who we are as melanated people. The whole purpose of this intro to "Divination, Spiritual Health and Metaphysics" is to redefine Black Magick. To debunk all the lies, the myths and even the whitewashing of Black Magick. It's cool for Harry Potter to wave a wand and do magic, even Merlin to cast a spell but when African spirituality is displayed in movies or TV shows, it is always demonized and exhibited as evil. And that is false. Even the Ouija board has been demonized by Western standard. It was a divination tool the African slaves used to communicate with their ancestors and love ones who passed away. 

The Witches of Salem, the African slaves taught them their magic. Taught these European women how to heal themselves, work with herbs, aspects in divination and so on.

The African slaves brought magick here with them during the slave trade. Even prior to that, the Moors, the melanated Europeans taught the Caucasian Europeans all about astrology, metaphysics, how to align themselves with the stars and teachings about the cosmos and etc.

 In the movie "Birth of a Nation," in the beginning of it is such a powerful scene. It displayed how the African slaves continued to practice their spirituality, even if it meant for them to go into the woods to do so. In the footage below, Nat Turner's mother took him to an elder to read the marks that were on his body. This practice has evolved and manifested in different ways when church goers go see the elder of that church about an issue or problem.

When Hip Hop artists or the homies pour out liquor for their friends who passed on, it is a spiritual act (shown below). It's called libation. African spirituality is in the bloodline of melanated people and this is why they subconsciously pour out a little liquor for those who passed on.

With the whole #BlackGirlMagic movement, do you guys know how literal it is?

In prepping my readers, I opened up about my background and story pertaining to African spirituality, in terms of Voodoo. It is something I tried to suppress and in doing so, I encountered several spiritual trials and tribulations. You can never run from who you are nor can you escape it. The turning point for me was Beyonce's album "Lemonade." I don't know if Beyonce knows the magnitude of impact Lemonade is. For her to be that courageous, regardless of taboo, Westernized standards and etc., to bring African spirituality to the forefront in such a creative manner. Beyonce didn't just feature Orisha deities like Oshun, she also honored the Voodoo Goddess Erzulie and other significance of African spirituality.

In Jay Z's recent album "4:44," he opened up about his bloodlines relating to Voodoo and even made references of magickal tools used in African spirituality, such as "gris-gris." Which is just like a rabbit foot or a good luck charm. Seeing the expression of African spirituality from both Beyonce and Jay Z, I knew it was time for me shed some light on the subject.

And also, other musicians such as Princess Nokia and Ibeyi.

Here I was so mad at God for allowing me to be cursed and having my bouts with Voodoo and African spirituality as a whole. Finally coming to terms in seeing the blessing in it all, calling myself Voodoo Child and reaching a moment of clarity to write about it with conviction and purpose. We endure things in life that serves purposes bigger than us. If I did not endure what I did with my spiritual battles, I would not be able to write what I am writing now.

So, in the intro to Divination, Spiritual Health and Metaphysics, I want to get into topics and articles about spiritual health and wellness. Such as spiritual bathing which is also sacred bathing, an ancient practice that's been around since Egyptian times. Get into some other topics in divination with bringing you the "Energy Forecast Of The Day” from different Taroist (energy readers such as: (The Moon Tarot) to draw insight, clarity, empowerment; and etc. on the energy that resonates with you from within. Some other topics in African spirituality like candle magick, the metaphysics of herbs and crystals, intention settings; and much more. To introduce some of these aspects in African spirituality with the purpose to guide, help and heal people from within themselves. There are some problems that people have which are of spiritual nature. For example: the purpose, reasoning of spiritual bathing is due to spiritual debris or debris in one's energy or aura. It's the same as regular bathing, your aura should be fresh and clean, in order to generate and reflect light from one's self. Also, sun bathing assist in magnifying your aura. I might get into rootwork that often involves cycles of energy that often repeats itself in different ways. Where you have to find the of root the problem, which at times come from an ancestor or a parent or both, and even you.

I gradually want to get into this and connect you guys to some spiritualists, witches, both women and men as in brujas; and brujos; and the services their businesses provide. In an effort for spiritual vitality/vigor in wellness, health and overall wellbeing.

Stay tuned, to be continued.


Revised 12/9/17 by Sasha


Rihanna Reveals Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection

Posted On: September 24, 2017

After launching her Fenty Beauty product line two weeks ago, Rihanna revealed its holiday collection.

Sneak peek for the holidays. OCT. 13 @sephora @fentybeauty #sephoralovesfentybeauty

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Riri is making her mark in the cosmetic industry, breaking barriers when an Albino woman was able to find foundation that finally matched her skin tone. It took the genius of Rihanna to make it happen. Fenty Beauty did not leave anybody out but included everyone in the diverse hue of foundations it provides. And that's the way it should of been. But hey, Fenty Beauty is here now! And everybody else is taking notes. But does it involve inclusion and diversity?

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty harnesses a sense of belonging for melanated women, that they too are beautiful regardless of their complexion or society's portrayal of them, highlighting their beauty; and enhancing their sun kissed skin with Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna did that!

Now back to Fenty Beauty's holiday collection. While in Paris at a launch for her cosmetic products, Rihanna revealed the release of Fenty Beauty's Holiday collection. The Galaxy collection is composed of new lipsticks called Lip Glitter, a variety of lip glosses and glittery eye shadow palettes.

The Galaxy collection for the holidays will hit the market on October 13th, get in your bag and get you some Fenty Beauty.

And get your shine on!


Versace Tributes Gianni at Milan Fashion Week Reuniting 90's Supermodels

Posted On: September 24, 2017

Celebrating the legacy of fashion designer, Gianni Versace, Donatella reunited 90's supermodels for a grande finale during Milan Fashion Week.

Debuting Versace's Spring 2018 collection, the show opened up with a dedication soundtrack featuring Donatella's words:

"This is a celebration of a genius. This is a celebration of an icon. This is a celebration of my brother." 

Honoring and thanking her brother Gianni, who was the founder of Versace. Gianni was murdered in 1997 but his work in the fashion industry continued to live on through his sister. Donatella took over the brand and maintained her brother's legacy.

Versace's Spring 2018 collection showcased Versace's signature prints, denim wear, lots of black detailed in gold and accentuated cuts. Also, Gianni's signature work in prints of Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe portraits were displayed on the runway (as shown below).

Although, the runway featured the Hadid sisters, Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, the highlight of the show were the 90's supermodels who paved the way for today's generation of supermodels. Taking center stage with Donatella Versace and all in their notable grace were: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni and Helena Christensen, strutted on the runway to 'Freedom' by George Michael. The ladies donned different styled gold, metallic clingy dresses as they held hands (in the footage below) and tributed Gianni Versace.