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50 Cent Chats With The View About 50 Central, Power, Fatherhood, Donald Trump's Backlash On NFL Players & More


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Sep 25, 2017

A few days before the premier of his show 50 Central on BET this Wednesday (9/27), 50 Cent made an appearance to chat with the ladies of The View.

With the success of his hit TV series "Power," 50 Cent continues to branch in TV and movie media. Let me also add while we are on the topic, how 50 Cent is truly breaking barriers in TV production. Power's momentum takes it up a notch every time and when you look at the cast of Power, it reflects the world's reality when it comes to the diverse nature of humanity. Most TV shows and movies we see, the casts are predominately Caucasian and 50 Cent is changing the face of it and also, innovating it as well. Power even has a character as head of a District Attorney office called Tameika Robinson and illustrated diversity in the image of a meeting taking place in the D.A's office. How innovative is that? Displaying the realness of the world, instead of some fictionalized exhibition of the world we often see in movies and TV of mostly predominately Caucasian characters. Props to 50 Cent who doesn't realize the impact and history he is making.

Anyhow, let's get into his interview with The View.

Earlier today during a broadcast of The View, 50 Cent chatted up with the ladies about his many endeavors and one of them is his upcoming 50 Central show on BET. He expressed his view about President Donald Trump's recent backlash of NFL players protesting against police brutality. 50 Cent makes a good point, he stated asking if Donald Trump has any advisors or anybody advising him in the right direction as a president.

Things that make you go hmmm.

The View continued to interview 50 Cent and talked about his controversial posts centering the network STARZ which Power is broadcast on. Curtis Jackson implied on how TV viewers have more power than they think. He went on to talk about fatherhood and bonding with his sons. The interview got into the behind the scenes of 50 Central and recruiting the cast/comedians for the show. Even showing a clip with one of the members of 50 Central. Last but not least, 50 Cent conversed about Power's season finale shockers and cliffhangers.

Check it out below.

"You smell good, you smell very good."

I wonder what was going through her mind when she said that.