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Weekend Recap: President Trump Gives Speech Against NFL Players Protesting of Police Brutality


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Sep 25, 2017

On a Friday evening, you would think the president of America would have better and more productive things to do like hmmm, combine minds with his staff and draw up a proposition on how he is going to help displaced people in Houston, Texas, Puerto Rico; and other areas that has been affected by recent hurricanes. Or even get into some Netflix and chill with Melania Trump, nah he would rather stir up conflict and spread hate across the nation.

Let's recap and get to it.

During a speech at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama to campaign for Sen. Luther Strange, president Donald Trump decided to use his platform at the time for ulterior motives. Instead of giving a speech to campaign for the senator, Trump decided to inflame racism.

Former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick began a movement of kneeling down during the National Anthem at football games, in an effort to protest against police brutality towards melanated people. Since then, the move has received several controversies and backlash. The most recent backlash comes from President Trump while he was at this rally in Alabama. Upon opening his mouth, Trump spewed hate, bigotry; and ignorance.

Are we shocked? because I'm not.

I mean look at his face in the above picture, Trump looks so miserable. But anyhow.

The president urged patrons at football games to get up and leave if any players continue to protest in the manner of kneeling down. He also, urged NFL owners to fire any players that partake in the movement Colin Kaepernick started, referring to those player as "sons of b*tches." Hmmm, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

This is the president that is saying all of this, somebody who is suppose to be a leader and influence the people in a positive and effective manner. But this is not the case with President Donald Trump, who seems to lack credentials as a president and a leader. If anything, somebody should fire him! And get him out of the White House! Because he needs to seriously pipe down with all this hate, racism and ignorance in his system. Trump makes racist people feel so comfortable and them not realizing this is not the '60s. We don't play that! But at the same time, that comfort he gives racist people works to our advantage because they feel so comfortable to take their white hoods off, and reveal their identity as a racist! These racist people have been cowards since the beginning of their inception of racism, let them show their faces so we can now how to move.

Check out the full speech below.

The keyword in President Donald Trump's ignorant speech was "owner." He was directly but indirectly speaking to the owners of the NFL, those who think like him and share the same view to basically instill fear in their players with firing them if they protest. This is the same technique slave owners used in the past when one of their slave chose to stand up for themselves. They would basically use that slave as an example to instill fear in other slaves to control and oppress them. This was a system Willie Lynch created. I don't know what time Donald Trump think he is living in but hunny, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee or that kush! Get a clue or something because like I said, this is not the 60s, this is not the era of his racist forefathers. Trump really needs to go meditate or take a walk, and reevaluate his whole presidency.

Furthermore, they really need to start mentally and psychologically evaluate candidates that are running for president, test them on social views, what their thoughts are on racism; and if they qualify to be a leader of a whole nation. Especially if they lack direction like Trump does. 

Now getting back to the keyword which is "owner," the melanin (Black) buying power is in the trillions, it is time to put our money where our mouth is. Some of you are in position to make an impact and difference. Start investing and buy out these NFL teams, stadiums, get in positions as investors; and make a difference that is going to to leave a mark. Beyonce said it best, "get in formation." Get information and get yourselves in positions to make sure NFL players are not being ridiculed and harassed for standing up, in this case kneeling down against racism and injustice, for bringing awareness to affect positive changes to benefit all of humanity; and for just taking a stand against everything that is wrong with this nation. At the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. Know your power and exercise it! Do some cartwheels on these racist people and stunt on them!

Get in formation and make a difference.


Video footage provided by: CNN