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New Trailer for 50 Cent Produced "The Oath" TV Series

Posted On: January 20, 2018

From Power to 50 Central and now a new TV series labeled "The Oath," 50 Cent is paving his way of becoming one of Hollywood's prominent producers. Usually in front of the cameras, Curtis Jackson continues to go behind the scene with an eye for bringing action packed and dramatic storylines to TV screens.

The Oath's trailer opens up with a bank robbery in progress as the thieves loot up the place, baggin' as much dinero as they can. The thieves make it out the bank, only to be met by a squad car with a female officer pointing a gun at them. The scene is only a few seconds but intense as somebody yells "clear" and the robbers proceed towards the car taking off their mask and changed into police gear.

The Oath depicts organized crime and corruption of police departments. Starring Cory Hardrict, Katrina Law, Ryan Kwanten and J.J. Soria. The TV series was mastermind by Joe Halpin, a former Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy who worked undercover for 12 years and was in a cop gang. The Oath consist of 10 episodes and will be broadcast on Crackle on March 8th. 

Until then, check out the trailer for it below.


Footage provided by: JoBlo TV Show Trailers


#MusicMondays: New Heat: YFN Lucci feat. Meek Mill - 'Street Kings'

Posted On: January 15, 2018

Prepping listeners for his upcoming album,YFN Lucci enlists Meek Mill for his new joint, 'Street Kings.' Although Meek is locked up, the business of music continues while he stacks it up behind bars.

The track opens up with some keyboard instrumentals and what sounds like the violin or cello in the background, YFN Lucci goes in about the dope boy motivation of being a street n*gga with ambitions to make millions. And even though his fans hear him, YFN Lucci wants to give them that feeling of what he's rapping about. Making it out the slum, YFN Lucci finds the king within him and crowns himself.

Meek Mill comes on the song reminiscing on his Midas touch of turning dollars into thousands, being a Houdini with the money and alchemizing it to millions. Staying on his king sh*t, Meek rhymes about moving his mom out the hood into a mansion. And with all of his achievements, Meek reflects on his trials and tribulations.

Street Kings is slated to appear on YFN Lucci's forthcoming album, "Ray Ray from Summerhill."

Until then, well y'all know the drill.

Blaze it below!