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50 Cent Inks Multi-Series Deal with Starz


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Oct 11, 2018

Getting his shine on, 50 Cent inked a multi-series deal with Starz, estimating to $150 million dollars.

In "Power" Season 5, 50 Cent killed off his character Kanan and this is the rebirth. Sourcing an exclusive article from Variety, Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson secured the bag furthering his business relationship and alliance with Starz.

The multi-series deal with Starz entails a four year commitment and the development of newly scripted and unscripted ventures, spearheaded by 50 Cent's  G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. In addition, the agreement also consist of a three-series commitment as reported by Variety below.

"The deal represents a significant increase to Starz’s investment in Jackson, executive producer of drama series "Power." It includes a three-series commitment, the addition of a dedicated development executive, and a discretionary fund for use in developing G-Unit projects."

Facilitating his G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. and his role as an executive producer, Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson is now the eye behind the camera as a director for Power Season 6.

Combining his street smarts and experience as a former OG, along with his acumen of being agile in a boardroom, 50 Cent proposed his initial vision and plans for Starz.

"When I sat down with Chris [Albrecht, Starz CEO] and walked him through my plans for G-Unit Film & Television going forward, he let me know I was essentially requesting the biggest deal in premium cable history,” Jackson said. “I am excited to announce that we’ve made that partnership between myself, G-Unit Film & Television and Starz/Lionsgate and we will continue our proven track record of breaking records and delivering unique content for audiences around the world … Get The Strap."

His acquisition with Starz, provides Curtis Jackson to scale all platforms managed by Starz and general input of distribution and authorization of G-Unit Film & Television, Inc label and its content, disclosed by Variety below.

"The agreement provides Jackson and G-Unit access to the full breadth of platforms operated by Starz and its corporate parent Lionsgate. It also gives Jackson input into the merchandising and licensing of brands and content developed by G-Unit."

Starz CEO, Chris Albrecht corresponded about the multi-series deal, expressing his satisfaction with 50 Cent and what he brings to the table.

"Both on screen and off, Curtis has proven that he can deliver content that our viewers want to watch. He is the real deal, and we have given him a real deal, with what I believe to be among the most significant deals to date for an Executive Producer in premium television. We’re pleased to expand our relationship and consider this the beginning of many new and exciting ventures to come."

50 Cent and Starz are currently developing "Black Mafia Family" (B.M.F) project, inspired by the Big Meech autobiography and "Vanguard," a storyline of an ex-Navy seal coming to terms with the genesis of his gangsta and keeping it G with some drug cartels.


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