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Black Excellence: Kalan Haywood Jr. Becomes Youngest State Legislator in Wisconsin at the Age of 19


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Oct 04, 2018

At the tender age of eight years old, Kalan Haywood Jr. started to hear his calling into politics.

"I actually knew I wanted to run for office since I was 8 years old," Haywood disclosed to the Journal Sentinel. "I thought then, 'He has a cool job — I want to do what he's doing."

Knowing the call to politics would become louder, Kalan Haywood Jr. began his journey of polishing his political career at fourteen years old, when he served on the the Milwaukee Youth Council and was elected as president of the council.

Prior to that, Kalan worked on Democratic Rep. David Bowen political campaign in 2014. Where he became a representative for the Milwaukee's 10th Assembly District and at the age of 25 was elected to Milwaukee County Board. David Bowen is one of Kalan Haywood Jr,'s mentor, although there's a difference in age, the similarity of youth in politics resonate with both of them. 

Haywood is confident that he's age is his biggest resource, advantage.

"My age is my biggest asset," Kalan proclaimed.

However, his mentor David Bowen advised Haywood because of his age, he will be challenged.

"I've kind of warned him," Bowen expressed.

"It's likely he'll be underestimated — some folks think you don't have that much to contribute."

Taking the advice with a mustard seed, Kalan Haywood Jr. went forth with faith and the confidence he has in himself, to represent Milwaukee’s 16th District. Battling against five democratic challengers and no Republican challenger to step to Haywood, Kalan Haywood Jr. not only superseded his successor/mentor Bowen at the age of 19, Kalan also, made history of becoming Wisconsin's youngest legislator in history. 

Kalan Haywood Jr. is ready to assert himself in his new position, as the newly elected state representative for Wisconsin. Kalan revealed some of his plans to the Journal Sentinel, which included improving the conditions and the lives of the people in Wisconsin, and voting rights.

"Adding the requirement of registering to vote is very important, especially in my district where we get a very low [voter] turnout compared to a total population," Kalan articulated. 

Kalan Haywood Jr. will be sworn in January 2019 and officially begin his role as Wisconsin State Legislator. When Kalan is sworn in, it will also be historic because Haywood will become the youngest stale legislator in the nation.

Congratulations Haywood!


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