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Fenty Beauty Tutorials: Rihanna feat. 'CHILL OWT' Holiday Collection


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Oct 17, 2018

Everybody's favorite girl crush, Rihanna dropped a tutorial to demonstrate the application of Fenty Beauty's 'CHILL OWT' 2018 Holiday collection. The beauty goddess alchemized various CHILL OWT hues and formulated a chilled, mauve tint for her enchanting eyes and lips.

In the tutorial visuals, Riri begins with introducing the product and flexibility of colors in Killawatt Foil eyeshadow palette. Rihanna proceeds with applying a shimmery hue called Stone Cold on her eyelids and paints dramatically but not too much drama as she instructed. She lightens the inner corners of her seductive eyes with Chillz to give a radiant effect and applies Subzero slanted (a blue and purple combination) on the outskirts of her eyes to give a defining look.

Rihanna continues the artistic tutorial with the application of Stone Cold, angled under the lining of her eyes. And then blushes her cheekbones with Scandal Ice, a sparkly soft pink tone. She shimmers some on her upper earlobes, her collarbone and brings out her inner shine. Rihanna is an artist! She completes the tutorial adorning her lips with No Chill icy, pearled metal lipstick.

Check it out below.

For info and to purchase, click on the link below.

Fenty Beauty's CHILL OWT 2018 Holiday Collection