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Overview of "Power" Season 5 Opener

Posted On: July 02, 2018

The acclaimed TV show/series Power is back! I know you're excited just as much as I am.

The thing with Power is they found a formula that is addictive to their audience. Power has a diversified audience because of its diverse characters. Power managed to draw in audiences from all races, all walks of life, different age brackets, different cultures, backgrounds; and etc. And that is what the power of true business is all about. Having a product everybody and their momma can relate to.

Power Season 5 opener centered around the main characters (pictured above), Kanan and Ghost back to on their bullsh*t and where it left off in the finale of Season 4. That is where Tariq comes into play. The writing of Power has such a realistic element to it, that its audience takes it to heart. Again, power draws feelings out of its audience and makes people feel. Because Twitter is not having it when it comes to Tariq played by Michael Rainey Jr.

Anyhow, lets get into the overview of Power's Season 5 opener and Tariq.

Tariq is a challenging character with the most growth potential. Depending on how Tariq’s character is developed, he can be a good antagonist, not so much a leading character but a good villain. He’s not the same person we met in Season 1, the old Tariq is slowly shedding away and we’re seeing what will become of Tariq.

Tariq’s character growth potential can either be redeemed to the innocent boy from Season 1. Or due to the revelation of finding out his parents are drug dealers and criminals, Tariq will follow the family trade and become a villain himself. Tariq can be redeemed in a sense of not wanting to follow that path. He has seen too much already.

If I recall, Ray Ray’s cousin was the one who told Tariq where he was. Texting Dre and telling him to run was not so much being disloyal to his family but a guilt move. As if, he doesn’t want to be responsible for whatever happens to Dre. Tariq knows that he is responsible for what happened to Raina, whether he admits it or not.

Most likely will rewind and watch the ending of Season 4 to be sure. However, Tariq has been lying a lot about Kanan, Dre and his lies are responsible for what happened to Raina.

Now, the scene with his father (Ghost) in the hallway was intense, he reflected Ghost for a few seconds there, when both of them were face to face. Tariq is his father's son and some of those characteristics are starting to surface.

James "Ghost" St. Patrick  plays the protagonist and antagonist very well, he is both the hero and villain on the show. He has a dual nature, spirit and characteristic about him. Because of his dualism, Ghost played by Omari Hardwick, is a very interesting character. He's not your regular villain, drug lord and etc. This character was well created and furnished.

The narrative can go either way with Ghost, he’s not readable and that’s what dual nature, dual spirited people are about. We can analyze Ghost’s personality and characteristic based on what we see but because of the unseen parts about him, the narrative can change at any moment.

Now, Tariq’s nature and characteristic as a character doesn’t have that kind of resonance. But then again, Power as a show has shock effect to it, where the show shocks its audience and brings the unexpected.

When it comes to Dre, everybody wants him to get murked (just like with Tariq) but not yet, he keeps Ghost, Tommy and Kanan on their toes. Dre played by Rotimi, can bring a different kind of monster out of Ghost we haven’t seen yet, again Ghost has unseen parts about him.

From the very beginning Dre has been thirsty and hungry for power.

When Ghost got locked up, although Dre initiated and took the leadership role in Ghost's absence. It was more done of Dre wanting to be the boss and finally having a sense of power to it.

Dre thinks he’s a kingpin but doesn’t know how to move on a cheeseboard. He always had a desire to be Ghost and be a top a shotta. Unlike Ghost, Dre does not think. He has no conscience.

Look where he showed up to confront Ghost and Dre already has an idea who Ghost is. Dre wants to be feared just like Ghost, he has a maniacal thirst for power and can be characterized/analyzed as a sociopath.

Dre knew he had to get close enough to Ghost to carry out his plans. Acting like a yes man, wanting to be Ghost’s right hand man and etc. He couldn’t do it from a distance. Only squares infiltrate circles to learn the dynamics of it. (Whoever is on the outside, can not infiltrate. Only those “in” a circle can infiltrate. And that’s how squares infiltrate circles and learn the dynamics of it.) Dre’s infiltration was through Kanan. Ghost’s weak spot.

And the irony, Kanan is the one helping Ghost murk Dre.

Power Season 5 opener more or less was an overview of those 2 characters, Tariq and Dre. Power Season 5, Episode 1 brought that same intense factor, cliffhangers, plot twists, dramatic story-lines, mystery; and so much more.

Power's audience does not really know the narrative because of its shock effect. It incites the audience, the passionate mystery of the show. Who knows what Power's Season 5 is going to bring but one thing is for sure, the show will continue to elevate and raise the bar!

If you haven't seen the opener of Power's Season 5 like what are you waiting for? Download the Starz app below and check it out.

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