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Tracee Ellis Ross Graces The Cover Of 'Essence' Magazine

Posted On: February 27, 2015

In their newest magazine edition, Essence recruited actress Tracee Ellis Ross to grace their March 2015 cover.

The March 2015 issue for Essence is to honor and celebrate Black women in Hollywood. Tracee Ellis Ross represents one of the many Black women in Hollywood and is the star of of her own television show called, 'Blackish.'  The cover is also about style and grace, about Black women embracing their natural beauty with Tracee Ellis Ross sporting her signature tresses.

The magazine is already on newsstands and can be purchased anywhere magazines are sold.


Rihanna Reveals Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection

Posted On: September 24, 2017

After launching her Fenty Beauty product line two weeks ago, Rihanna revealed its holiday collection.

Sneak peek for the holidays. OCT. 13 @sephora @fentybeauty #sephoralovesfentybeauty

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Riri is making her mark in the cosmetic industry, breaking barriers when an Albino woman was able to find foundation that finally matched her skin tone. It took the genius of Rihanna to make it happen. Fenty Beauty did not leave anybody out but included everyone in the diverse hue of foundations it provides. And that's the way it should of been. But hey, Fenty Beauty is here now! And everybody else is taking notes. But does it involve inclusion and diversity?

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty harnesses a sense of belonging for melanated women, that they too are beautiful regardless of their complexion or society's portrayal of them, highlighting their beauty; and enhancing their sun kissed skin with Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna did that!

Now back to Fenty Beauty's holiday collection. While in Paris at a launch for her cosmetic products, Rihanna revealed the release of Fenty Beauty's Holiday collection. The Galaxy collection is composed of new lipsticks called Lip Glitter, a variety of lip glosses and glittery eye shadow palettes.

The Galaxy collection for the holidays will hit the market on October 13th, get in your bag and get you some Fenty Beauty.

And get your shine on!


Boss Babes: Rihanna Launches New Fragrance Called "RiRi"

Posted On: September 01, 2015

Reigning R&B and Pop Queen, Rihanna launched her new fragrance nicknamed after herself called "RiRi." 

The event took place at Macy's in Brooklyn, New York. Rihanna was greeted by the professionals of Macy's and her fans called The Navy to honor her new business endeavor. This is not the first time Rihanna has launched her own perfumes and cologne for men. She has a list of them from: Rogue that is available for ladies and men, Nude, Rebelle, Reb'l Fleur, 777 Nude and Rogue Love. And she has done it again. Rihanna truly utilized the stage as an entertainer to become one of the most prominent women, in branding herself as a business entity of her own. She's a role model for women to become their own bosses, create, launch and develop their own businesses, to step up on a stage that resonates their passion and what they truly love to do; in order to elevate themselves of becoming better women and being their all. Round of applause to RiRi for shinning her light so others can shine too!


Rihanna was dressed like the Princess that she is yesterday at Macy's, adorned in pink attire with flowing curls in an updo, with a bright smile and her alluring eyes; Riri glowed with the aura of ambiance as she presented her new fragrance to the world.

Congratulations and Godspeed!



Rihanna Makes History Being The First African-American Woman For Dior Campaign and Graces Harper's Bazaar China

Posted On: March 15, 2015

Rihanna breaks barriers and sets the tone for African-American women in fashion and brands. The Bajan beauty became the first African-American woman to headline a national campaign for Dior and we're wondering, what took them so long? But hey, better late than never. Congrats to Riri! 100 million strong and moving. 

In other fashion news, Rihanna graced the cover of Harper's Bazaar China April issue. The magazine has two covers.

And already on newsstands.

Rihanna represents the island women, when it comes to beauty and even in fashion. There's not a lot but only a few magazines that created a stage to highlight island beauty. Not just island beauty but all beauties of African-American women. If little African-American girls see more women who resemble them on magazine covers, it will help them to be more accepting of themselves and their beauty. Instead of wanting to be or look like Kate Moss. There's not a balance with fashion magazines and their covers when it comes to different races, ethnicities, culture and etc. The norm is usually Caucasian women. That's the kind of beauty fashion media pushes out there and it needs to change, because beauty comes in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes.

One thing that makes African-American woman different and unique is how versatile their beauty is. They could change their hairstyles and hair color, and reach different levels in their beauty. Sometimes, they look like a different woman but are still the same. Some of the changes in hairstyle might bring out their cheekbones, the smoothness of their skin, sometimes they glow more with different hair colors; or it brings out their eyes, not just in the color of them but the shapes and details of them. The sad thing, there is not a lot of magazine which highlights that and there should be.

Rihanna represents that. She's the golden child. We've observed the many different levels of beauty Rihanna reached, by changing her hairstyles and hair color. She is the ultimate representation of that for African-American woman.


The Game Becomes 'Atari's' New Ambassador and Goes Into The Gaming Business (The Irony)

Posted On: May 27, 2016

The Game has been venturing out into several businesses this year, like I tweeted, 2016 will be a very productive and prosperous year for many. And the launching pad for others. 

Anyhow, applying his street knowledge and just overall intelligence, The Game will be releasing a new documentary called "Streets of Compton" broadcasted by A&E. It's unsure if it was a marketing strategy and if it was, it was a clever one because Game will be releasing his own gaming app that centers around the street life of Compton. The app is called Block Wars.

Entering a patnership with Atari and becoming their ambassador, The Game officially went into the gaming business. It has an irony of his moniker: The Game, and how he is basically playing to win. 

As of now, no release dates are known. The Game however revealed that he was working with IM3 Gaming Studios to develop the app. In the meantime, check out Game's own preview of it below and some info on what's to come. Block Wars will be marketed and for mature audience consumers because of its graphic images and visuals.


Self Love ❤️ Sundays: Crystal Magick

Posted On: September 16, 2018

It's Self Love Sundays, just look in the mirror and say: "I love you!"

When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you gave yourself any kind of love? Out here loving everybody else, pouring your love unto everybody else and what about you? It's not selfish to love yourself and pour some love into yourself hunny. Because if you don't love yourself then you can't properly love anybody else. It's logic, it's science, it's self explanatory, get it! Meaning love starts with you and from within, love overflows every where else. So, give yourself some sugar, kiss the mirror and sweeten the love within yourself! 

That's a little mirror magick but we already got into that.


Going into Self Love Sundays with Crystal Magick, to help and assist you in discovering, harnessing and manifesting self love from within you. Applying some crystal magick to activate it from within you, maybe it's dormant, sleeping and we just got to wake up love. It's in you, as stated love starts with you. 

Touch your heart, you feel that?! The magic of love within you, the beat of your heart that is so unique and rare in the vibration and frequency of the energy of love. 

Uh, huh. Yes, hunny that is love! Don't look to your neighbor like the preacher be saying, talking about touch your neighbor, nah! Touch your heart, that is where love is! 


We're going to get into this Self Love Sundays: Crystal Magick with rose quartz

The crystal in itself, rose quartz (pictured below) harnesses energies, divination and metaphysical properties in assisting with the heart chakra, the heart in general, love, harmony, happiness, healing on all levels especially pertaining to the heart and love, diffusing stress; and just an overall feel good crystal. 

The rose quartz assist in activating meta physical properties from within you such as: love, harmony on an energetic level, as well as deactivating things on a meta physical level such as stress, healing the heart on an energetic level.

What you will need for this crystal magick is about 6  rose quartz palm stones and a red heart shaped box. 


Charge a few crystal rose quartz palm stones under the sun for 3 days. Any time between 6am and 3pm when the sun is rising & at its highest peak. Activate the crystal rose quartz palm stones (heart shaped or round) with your energy and thoughts of love about yourself & meditate.

Place the activated rose quartz palm stones in a heart shaped box to discover the gift of love within you. Every morning take a palm stone or two, hold them in each hand and speak affirmations/declarations of self love with soul conviction.

You can even take this charged and activated rose quartz palm stones with you to work, to the gym and just about anywhere. It's a great stress reliever, they're like stress balls. At work during some free time, hold the rose quartz palm stones in each and and just meditate. Center, ground self and remember who you are. A job can always replace you but you only got your oneself, you. At the gym, you can utilize the rose quartz palm stones before or after your work-out routine. Before a date, meditate with some rose quartz palm stones, get yourself in that harmonic love vibe, regardless of how that date turns out, you know you are love! And even after the date, utilize the rose quartz palm stones to benefit you. 

And every night before going to bed, take a rose quartz palm stone or two and hold them in each hand and speak affirmations/declarations of gratitude towards self love with soul conviction.

May this become your routine, your ritual or your mantra towards loving yourself on a deeper, energetic and meta physical level from within you! 

Because you are that and then some, love itself! 

So, love yourself. 

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Insights: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Posted On: September 22, 2018

A time of introspection. This is not time to be fearful but to harness cosmic energies to benefit and serve you. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is not the end of the world but a time of rebirth.

Venus goes into retrograde on October 5, 2018, 3:07 PM, at 10° Scorpio.

Venus is a Goddess that oversees: love, harmony, beauty, relationships, creativity, sex; and etc.

Eight years ago, Venus was retrograding, with this Venus Retrograde one can reflect on where they were at that time. What was your life like when it comes to: love with self, others and love as a whole, harmony with self and others, beauty based on how you see your self, relationships with self, significant other, family, friends; and others, creativity based on your gifts, skills and etc. Reflecting on that, what progress have been made? Improvements? What lessons were learned? How did one evolve as a person based on those things from a soul level?

And with this Venus Retrograde also, this a time to do some soul searching. Introspect in matters of the heart concerning love, harmony, relationships, your innate abilities and skills, confidence in oneself; and etc.

Scorpio’s traits are: passion, intuitive, intensity, rules over sex, heart chakra centered sign because Scorpios feel on a deep level, just like their symbol of the scorpion, Scorpios like to unearth things, they’re mysterious, secretive, their element is water; and etc.

With Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and based on Scorpio’s trait, introspection and reflection can be applied about passion like what are your passions and what are you passionate about, introspection about your intuition and how intuitive are you,

Introspection about your sexual energy, are you applying it effectively, how intense are you when it comes to doing things, introspection and reflections of the heart, the energies of the heart based on harmony, joy and happiness, your feelings, nurturing and taking care of your heart on all levels, reflections about secrets, things you carry within and is it time to let some secrets go; and etc.


Also, the element of water can be applied during Venus Retrograde. Spiritual/ritual bathing. Washing and cleansing the spirit, purifying and redeeming one’s energy. And applying the element of water as your rebirth as well.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to work with the Goddess Oshun in healing matters of the heart, love, relationships, self esteem issues, restoring harmony, healing your sexual energy; and etc.

Just like Venus, Oshun is the Goddess of: love, sensuality, sex, romance and intimacy, healing, fertility (Oshun assist with getting pregnant but Yemaya is the Goddess that oversees motherhood), beauty, harnessing confidence from within and healing any kind of self esteem issues, and body image and weight loss.

As expressed, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to work with the Goddess Oshun. With healing applying the cosmic energies of Venus and Scorpio's traits to the attributes of Oshun. Healing in matters pertaining to love, self esteem issues, fertility, intimacy especially if one has experienced sexual abuse, evaluating lifestyles in health; and etc.

We'll continue to get into some Venus Retrograde preparations, as well as rituals which will lead to wellness and empowerment in spiritual and emotional health.



Tanzazian Model, Herieth Paul Is The New Face For Maybelline

Posted On: February 19, 2016

Maybe she's born with it and maybe it's melanin, well in this case, it's both when Hereith Paul became the freshest face (oh! so fly!) and global spokesmodel for Maybelline. 

The Tanzazian beauty in the boldness of her natural cropped hair, took to her social media account, overwhelmed with joy in expressing her modeling journey. 

"This has been the hardest-kept secret of my entire life AND the highlight of my career. I am so honored & excited to announce that I am joining the Maybelline family!!!! I’m so grateful to be named a global spokesmodel for the world’s #1 cosmetics brand.” #MaybellineGirl ✨."

Herieth Paul will be making her debut for Maybelline's spring cover. 



Nigerian Artist Creates Afro Combs To Honor African-American Activists and Freedom Fighters

Posted On: June 19, 2016

Hailing from Nigeria is Fred Martins who created and designed these uniquely afro combs and picks. They're not like regular afro picks, Fred had an amazing vision to bring his design into reality, because the afro combs and picks reflect the images of African-American activists and freedom fighters. 

Taking his skills of graphic artistry and photography, Martins constructed the afro combs and picks in resemblance of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Fela Kuti and Patrice Lumumba. Their facial imagery are composed in the area of each comb's tooth. 

Afro combs and picks have been around since Egyptian time as pictured below from a museum.

And was an iconic symbol of the raised Black fist during the Black Power, Civil Rights and Black Panthers movements in the 70's. Also in movies, cultured fashion (some would rock an afro pick in their hair as an accessory) and more, pictured below.

 Fred Martins stated during an interview, the motivation for him to create the activist/freedom fighter afro combs was to link African-Americans to their ancestors. Also, for historical and cultural values. He expressed in urging the youth to learn more about their history and African heritage. For them to gain knowledge of their ancestors and use it as a guide, to become leaders and empower leadership. 

Check out Fred Martins' full collection of afro combs below. 


Entrepreneur Creates 1st Ever Mobile Hair Salon for Black Women to Deliver Hairdressers & Stylist to Doorsteps

Posted On: August 25, 2016

What started out as a problem, led two sisters Antonia and Abigail Opiah to discover its solution in creating and developing the first ever mobile hair salon service for Black women. The problem which ensued their business was both ladies disliked traveling long distance and hours to get to a salon, long waiting time and sometimes, cancellations which would take a month to reschedule due to hairdressers being booked. Antonia and Abigail came up with an idea, not only to help themselves but help other women like them. From the manifestation and application of that idea, they launched Yeluchi by Unruly.

Preceding their new endeavor, Antonia and Abigail Opiah were already in the hair business. Antonia (pictured below) from Brooklyn, NY is the owner of, a website that caters to ethnic hair from product reviews, styles in bantu knots, crochet braids, hair inspirations, difference in hair textures, blog posts ranging from many different subjects; and so much more. Whereas, Abigail is a PR strategist from also New York City and has a list of clienteles with renowned companies such as: Pantene Pro-V, Rémy Cointreau USA and etc.

Since the launching of Yeluchi, Antonia and Abigail continue to develop the mobile hair salon service, by recruiting the best hairdresser and hairstylist in NYC, build their clientele list and offer services from flat twists, braiding, weaving, and etc. at the comfort of their clients own homes. What these two created is an innovative business, not just in hair care but in general, because they are also providing services to people who are disabled and might have certain ailments which prohibits them from traveling. This can also cater to mental health patients and women prisoners in facilities who are restricted from society and can't get their hair done. It's a form of rehabilitation because when you look good, you feel good, so this can help facilitate that form of counseling.

Anyhow, for more information, please click on the following link, Yeluchi.


Angela Bassett Partners With Dr. Barbara Sturm to Release Skin Care Products to Treat Darker Skin

Posted On: June 24, 2016

Going through years of finding the right skin care products to treat and maintain the health of her skin, Angela Bassett had difficulties finding a product that actually worked. Most skin care lines in the market are targeted and geared to treat mostly White skin. Also, the ingredients contained in those products are not receptive towards taking care of African-American skin, due to their properties and the difference of issues in skin and tones. 

Seeing the need for innovation in modifying the skin care line market, with more products that served and catered to darker skin; Angela Bassett was motivated to revolutionize the merchandising and retail of skin care brands. Joining forces with a long time friend and also one with medical expertise in skin care, Bassett has partnered up with Dr. Barbara Sturm (pictured below) to release "Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm" to treat and help African- Americans maintain the vigor of their skin. 

The idea was seeded when Angela tried Dr. Sturm's skin care line 'Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare Collection,' prior to their launch and none of the products worked for her. Most of the merchandise was created to treat anti-anging. Bassett has opened up to Dr. Sturm's about the issues she was dealing with her skin such as: irritations and breakouts. Angela also, confided to her friend about other issues Black people face with their skin, dealing with hyperpigmentation and inflammations. In wanting to provide treatment and the resources to help alleviate those problems in darker skin, Bassett and Dr. Sturm began creating and developing solution based products. This has been in the works for the past two years. 

Referencing an article from WWD, Bassett verbalized that she wanted to improve the self esteem in African-Americans, for them to become more acquainted with their skin and complexions, by contributing products that actually worked; and inspire them to embrace their reflections of their mirrors. 

"And to see what is good for it and ingredients that are helpful — and not invasive or irritating. I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion."

Barbara revealed the ingredients that are in Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm to WWD, she disclosed that purslane was the main factor and how it is an herb.

"Our main ingredient which goes through our whole line is purslane." 

"It’s also an herb, and it has such powerful properties in every direction."

She also elaborated about its elements and how it works on skin. 

"What I like the most is actually is the youth enzyme, this telomerase activator. The telomerase activates an enzyme to keep those ends of the chromosomes long, which actually works against natural programmed cell death and that’s the key. So not only do we have anti-inflammation and the evening out of skin tone but also a big thing for antiaging."

In continuation with her interview with WWD, Dr. Sturm talked about her interest in treating inflammation, its connection to aging the skin and wanting to clarify people's skin of that problem, especially with African-Americans. 

"It is, to me, the key factor to causing any skin problems or any problems in our body, but also it is mainly responsible for aging. So I was always very interested in anti-inflammation. Since African-American, or skin of color, problems [revolve] mainly [around] inflammation that is why I especially took care in this range. It has real ingredients, which are scientifically shown to address inflammation."

Angela and Dr. Sturm opened up about launching a line of skin care aimed at teenagers. From her medical experiences, Barbara expressed the issues in skin starting around those time and wants to address them. 

"I think the underlining problem starts with the teenage years,” Dr. Sturm revealed.

"We have to find something just a little more affordable and start at an early age and give them something that they don’t even have to deal with the symptoms in later age."

Angela Bassett's skin care brand, Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm, in association with her friend will consist of five based items. It includes two different kind of face creams, serum, foam and enzyme cleansers. Retailed from $58 to $335 and will exclusively be released at Harrods' store and online next month (July). 


Article Reference: WWD