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Louis Vuitton's 'New Wave' Handbag Autumn/Winter Collection

Posted On: October 01, 2018

Emboldened in vintage opulence and '80's club scene inspired glamour, Louis Vuitton displayed its Fall/Winter 2018 'New Wave' handbag collection.

Louis Vuitton FW18 New Wave bag line is a follow up from their SS18 launch. The Autumn collection parades an array of new colorways such as: jaded green, emerald yellow, fuchsia, denim; and sleek black.

The denim and black tints are garnished in patches.

Stamped in LV gold emblem and gold chain strap, the New Wave FW18 handbag lookbook collection can be viewed below.

The collection is scheduled to hit the market soon.



Saks Fifth Avenue Presents Their "Empire" Inspired Clothing, Accesories and Shoes

Posted On: September 01, 2015

FOX hit show Empire and Saks Fifth Avenue partnered to propel their fashion inspired trend collections from the show. The collection features wardrobe from the characters Cookie, who is played by Taraji P. Henson, Lyon who is played by Terrence Howard and the rest of the Lyon family.

The wardrobe consist of inspired clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from the main characters of Empire. 


Saks Fifth Avenue is working with Jimmy Choo, MCM, Cushnie et Ochs and Alexis Bittar for their Empire collection. The president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, Jeffrey Godsick expressed the potential of Empire becoming a brand of their own.

“The influence Empire has had on so many aspects of popular culture proves it has the ingredients to become a stand-alone fashion brand.”

There has been several TV shows, including movies that marketed products, even in fashion from the characters and theme of those TV shows and movies. It's a possibility that Cookie might come out with her own fashion line, furs, bold necklaces and accesories. There is potential for Empire to market themselves on a new level.


Lookbook From Rihanna x Puma's Runway Show

Posted On: February 13, 2016

New York City is the mecca when it comes to fashion, individuality and genre of styles. So it's no surprised that New York Fashion Week has become a global phenomenon drawing in crowds and tourist from all over the world.

Rihanna, who is no stranger when it comes to pursuing dreams with boldness, is branching out from utilizing the platform of the stage to elevate herself; and reach new heights. As the creative director for Puma, Riri uncovered the first collection for her line Fenty x Puma.

The Fenty x Puma fashion show opened with Lex Boling (pictured below in the middle) hitting the runway, followed by other top models in the game, such as: Taylor Hill, Imaan Hammam, Stella Maxwell and more.

Gigi Hadid was one of the headline models, along with her sister, Bella who showcased the bad gal's new collection.

Fenty's main theme color was black, accentuated in grey and white details. The line featured velour styled furs, sheer tops and dresses, bodysuits with cut-out paneling, crop tops, tracksuits and more. The models' hair were painted in white and accessorize with black lipstick.

The collection presented menswear as well, styled in puffer jackets, oversized fits in pants, sweatshirts; and more.

Rihanna's mother was there with other family members to support the Bajan beauty's achievements and success.

Naomi Campbell (pictured below), Chris Rock, Jeremy Scott, Wale and other stars were in attendance at the show to see Riri shine.

Fenty x Puma also featured shoes such as over the knee boots, custom couture styled shoes (pictured below) that Rihanna particpated in the blueprint of designing.

Also, fur backpacks.

Rihanna continues to role model how dreams have no limits and if you believe, you can soar beyond possibilities.

And live the reality of those dreams.

Picture Tags: Riri and Naomi by Getty Images


Lookbook From Yeezy 3's Fashion Show At Madison Square Garden

Posted On: February 12, 2016

As previously reported, Kanye West became a game changer in fashion and music by collaborating the two to debut his new Yeezy 3 collection and upcoming "The Life of Pablo" album at Madison Square Garden.

The show was headline by Naomi Campbell.

And exhibited the full line of the new Yeezy 3 collection.

The models were given a list of do's and don't's for the show. The theme was to come off looking like a picture (an art piece) which required the models to be stiff and lack in facial expressions with their presentations of Yeezy 3.

Also, different poses.

The Yeezy 3 models varied in race and ethnicity by unifying a nation of people coming together and even, with the power of music from TLOP.

Although, this is not the first time a fashion designer utilized the platform of Madison Square Garden to host and present a fashion show, however it was the first time a fashion designer who is also a musician, connected two different elements of shows (fashion and music) to hold a historical event.

Kanye West made history last night (Feb. 11) as a game changer and innovator.

Being the visionary that he is, this was an inventive way for Ye to promote and market his brand in music and fashion.

Update: Kanye West is turning walls sideways and bridging the gap for African-American fashion designers. Because no other labels/brand such as F.U.B.U, Rocawear, Enyce and etc., have demonstrated a fashion show on this kind of magnitude and significance, of not only breaking barriers in fashion due to racism and ignorance; but straight C4 and blowing up as a brand!


Style & Grace: Michelle Obama's Stunning Brandon Maxwell Gown at The State Dinner

Posted On: August 06, 2016

Making a grand entrance at this year's State Dinner, First Lady Michelle Obama allured the red carpet in a stunning ivory crepe gown by Brandon Maxwell. She was dignified in royalty, polished in grace and finessed with style. Mrs. Obama was poised with elegance and moved with the agility of a queen.

The 2016 White House State Dinner was in honor of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and his wife Ho Ching, both President Obama and the First Lady greeted the couple on the red carpet. Michelle Obama's Maxwell gown boasted sophisticated simplicity, not one to warrant attention but had a demeanor that took the spotlight with no effort. The First Lady shined with a pair of diamond earrings, kept it cool in a tucked chignon and a smooth, sleek back bun.

Brandon Maxwell made his debut in September of last year, at New York Fashion Week and gradually grew throughout 2016 as an evening-wear designer. He was the recipient for the Swarovski Award for Womenswear at the 2016 CFDA Awards. Maxwell has worked and styled Lady Gaga, which he continues to do. His clients include Naomi Campbell, Iman, Kerry Washington and many others.

In an email statement to Women's Wear Daily (WWD), Brandon Maxwell spoke about the experience of designing a gown for the First Lady.

"It has been an incredible honor for me and my team to create this dress for the First Lady."

Maxwell expressed, the personality of Michelle Obama, the inspiration that she is for women from all corners of the earth and how she became his muse to fuse his creativity.

"Strong and elegant, she is the embodiment of the woman that inspires me to create, and a role model for women all over the world."


The Risk Fashion Designers Take

Posted On: March 15, 2015

Fashion, what is it really? Is it just a shirt, a pair of pants or shoes. Or is it more? Fashion is the blueprint styles are created from.

But we can learn things from fashion, like taking risk. Fashion desginers take risk all the time. In their creativity and in making clothes.

We came across a Spring jacket that took a very big risk and in taking that risk, it made the jacket stand out. Who would of thought using sheer materials on a jacket? and use it as sleeves. And created something amazing from it! The jacket is a casual jacket but the sheer sleeves, gives it a classy and sophiscated touch.

Whatever it is you are trying to create and manifest, take a risk. Even if it's different and never be done, create trends that will set and innovate fashion. Not just in fashion, but being innovators in life.


Pharrell Williams Links Up With BMX Nigel Sylvester and Joey Bada$$ for G-Star's '#NewYorkRaw'

Posted On: June 03, 2016

Taking over the Big Apple, Pharrell Williams is accompanied by BMX pro, Nigel Sylvester and Joey Bada$$ to launch the opening of G-Star on Fifth Avenue. Going on an adventure in BMX bikes, the three musketeers hit the pavements of NYC and travel from Williamsburg to SoHo, enroute to the new G-Star store of 5th ave. While on their journey, Pharrell gives a detailed acoount about the trip, being one with the road, environment and the experience of the ride. 

Th visuals depict Pharrell, Nigel and Joey along with their bike entourage, doing BMX stunts, enjoying their day in the city, having fun; and living life. While fans waited, upon arrival, Pharrell, Slyvester and Joey Bada$$ greet them, take pictures and open the door to the new G-Star spot.

Check it out below. 


CFDA Honors Beyonce With 'Fashion Icon' Award

Posted On: June 07, 2016

Last night (June 6th) the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards (CFDA) took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. The stars graced the red carpet, sparkled and shined like the stars in the sky. In attendance were: Ciara, the Olsen family, Jason Derulo, Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Laverne Cox , Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima, Gabrielle Union; and so many others. 

The highlight at the CFDA was Beyonce, who dazzled in a shimmering Givenchy pantsuit and her signature Formation black wide brim hat. 

Jay Z and Blue Ivy were in attendance with Beyonce and had a family moment on the red carpet.

She was also joined by her mother Tina Lawson and her husband, Richard Lawson.

The event was hosted by comedian and actor Joel McHale and the purpose of the CFDA is to recognize the accomplishments of those from different industry, who have made contributions to fashion. It varies from womenswear, to mens fashion, accersories and the impact made through music, creativity, art, journalism; and etc. Prince was tributed at the ceremony by Jennifer Hudson who performed on stage. 

Beyonce was presented with the 'Fashion Icon' award by Diane von Fürstenberg, who is the head of the board at the council.

Yonce was honored for her many creative and artistic fashion contributions through her career, which influenced the culture of music, innovated the culture of style, presented the fearlessness of being an individual and expressing yourself through the culture of fashion. Also, influenced the creative aspect of art in fashion, hair designs and hair styles, the culture of jewerly; and just overall made an impact to society as an entertainer, who wasn't afraid to go beyond the sphere of fashion. 

Accepting her award, Beyonce took to the stage, overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude,

"I feel so much love and I feel so proud right now. Thank you guys for this incredible honor. As long as I can remember, fashion has always been a part of my life."

Bey gave a history about her grandmother who was a seamstress, that passed the passion and skills to her mother, Tina Lawson. Queen Bey continued with her speech giving an account of her mother's support throughout the years, who sewed several gowns and ensembles for her. Bey expressed how her mother radiates and originates what pure creativity, courage; and authencity is in fashion.

"And this, to me, is the true power and potential of fashion. It's a tool for finding your own identity, expression, and strength. It transcends style and is a time capsule of all of our greatest milestones." 

She thanked her mother for the love and support that kept her motivated, strong, to make her presence felt and impact others with the beauty of her soul, for teaching her how to stand up for herself, to go above and beyond her fears, to put for effort in all that she does, to be fearless in who she is, to embrace it; and be herself. Beyonce also, thanked her gradnmother and uncle during her speech.

"So to my mother, my uncle, my grandma, thank y'all. Thank you for showing me that having a presence is far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty. Thank you for showing me to never take no for an answer. Thank you for showing me how to take risks, work hard, and live life on my own terms." 

Yonce proceeded and expressed her thankfulness for other fashion designers, who create with enough space to give people room to express their own styles, to be free in their fashion sense and etc.  

"I want to say thank you to every designer that works tirelessly to make people feel like they can write their own story. Y'all are fairy godmothers, and magicians, and sculptors, sometimes even our therapists. I encourage you to not forget this power that you have, or take it lightly."


In closing her speech, Beyonce utilized the platform at the CFDA to make a statement in fashion about empowering others to love the skin their in, no matter their cultures, size, backgrounds; and for them to be able to see themselves in fashion and its vision. Especially girls who are influential when it comes to self esteem and helping them to cultivate and nurture it. 

"We have an opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or a magazine cover and see her own reflection. The soul has no color, no shape, no form. Just like all of your work, it goes so far beyond what the eyes can see. And you have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower. And to show people how to embrace their complications and see the flaws and the true beauty and strength that's inside all of us."


Nike Honors Kobe Bryant With 'Fade To Black' Collection

Posted On: February 25, 2016

As a tribute and to honor Kobe Bryant's retirement from the NBA, Nike will be releasing a collection called 'Fade to Black.' It will hallmark Kobe's line of different sneakers from the Kobe 1 through Kobe XIHuarache 2k4,  the Mamba’s final NBA shoe and more. 

The Fade to Black collection is similiar to Nike's Prelude and its release date is pending somewhere between next month and April. 

Below is a compilation of Kobe Bryant sneakers over a ten year period. 


Beyonce Styled in Senegalese Designer, Selly Raby Kane's Kimono and Skirt

Posted On: June 20, 2016

Last week Beyonce was spotted in New York City styled in some unusual but fabolous threads. She was wearing a kimono and skirt, many wondered who the designer was? Well, it's Selly Raby Kane, a designer from Senegalese. And the threads Beyonce was rockin' are her signature designs

The Selly Raby Kane kimono is embroidered in different appliquéd patterns, on a black leather polished material as pictured below.

Bey's signature Selly Raby Kane skirt depicts several colors similar to a rainbow. The skirt is created with two overlapping pockets on each sides of it, pictured below.

Keeping it casual in luxe wear, the Queen Bee was flowing in some goldish brown waves, mauve lipstick and black binocular inspired specs

The kimono and skirt was featured in Selly Raby Kane's 2015 collection called 'Dakar City of Birds.' For more information, to view some more collections and purchase, click on the following link: SellyRabyKane


Rihanna Reveals Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection

Posted On: September 24, 2017

After launching her Fenty Beauty product line two weeks ago, Rihanna revealed its holiday collection.

Sneak peek for the holidays. OCT. 13 @sephora @fentybeauty #sephoralovesfentybeauty

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Riri is making her mark in the cosmetic industry, breaking barriers when an Albino woman was able to find foundation that finally matched her skin tone. It took the genius of Rihanna to make it happen. Fenty Beauty did not leave anybody out but included everyone in the diverse hue of foundations it provides. And that's the way it should of been. But hey, Fenty Beauty is here now! And everybody else is taking notes. But does it involve inclusion and diversity?

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty harnesses a sense of belonging for melanated women, that they too are beautiful regardless of their complexion or society's portrayal of them, highlighting their beauty; and enhancing their sun kissed skin with Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna did that!

Now back to Fenty Beauty's holiday collection. While in Paris at a launch for her cosmetic products, Rihanna revealed the release of Fenty Beauty's Holiday collection. The Galaxy collection is composed of new lipsticks called Lip Glitter, a variety of lip glosses and glittery eye shadow palettes.

The Galaxy collection for the holidays will hit the market on October 13th, get in your bag and get you some Fenty Beauty.

And get your shine on!