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Future Chills With His Son In Gucci Threads

Posted On: June 19, 2016

A few days ago, Future also known as Hendrix, uploaded these adorable pictures of him having a father and son moment. The flicks depicted him bonding with his son and from Future's smile, he enjoys fatherhood. 

Hendrix was styled in a Gucci Cotton Polo that is designed with snake embroidery around the collar. The polos come in several two toned colors and also, solid colors pictured below. Pricing varies for each of the Gucci polos depending on colors, location of stores and online boutiques. 

Keeping it casual and vibing with the summer, Future had on a pair of Gucci Blooms Print Sandals. Devised in an all black leather gummy sole, the sliders are paneled with Gucci's signature print design and accentuated with floral ornaments. The Gucci sandals are priced at $280 USD. 

To complete the look was Future's cute little pumpkin and his bright, cheery smile! 

Awww, too cute! 


Fendi x Fila Collaborative Fall/Winter 2018 Collection Line

Posted On: October 01, 2018

Fendi and Fila linked creative aptitudes to design a Fall/Winter Collection for 2018, presenting combined logo patterns.

The collaboration of Fendi and Fila key items are their backpacks, handbags and waist-bags.

Fendi x Fila FW18 collections dons the classic Fendi template and Fila's signature colors. Other items include furry pool slides,

matching dad caps, ties; and sneakers.

The Fendi x Fila lookbook can be viewed below.

Fendi x Fila FW18 is scheduled for an October release.


Boss Babes: Rihanna Launches New Fragrance Called "RiRi"

Posted On: September 01, 2015

Reigning R&B and Pop Queen, Rihanna launched her new fragrance nicknamed after herself called "RiRi." 

The event took place at Macy's in Brooklyn, New York. Rihanna was greeted by the professionals of Macy's and her fans called The Navy to honor her new business endeavor. This is not the first time Rihanna has launched her own perfumes and cologne for men. She has a list of them from: Rogue that is available for ladies and men, Nude, Rebelle, Reb'l Fleur, 777 Nude and Rogue Love. And she has done it again. Rihanna truly utilized the stage as an entertainer to become one of the most prominent women, in branding herself as a business entity of her own. She's a role model for women to become their own bosses, create, launch and develop their own businesses, to step up on a stage that resonates their passion and what they truly love to do; in order to elevate themselves of becoming better women and being their all. Round of applause to RiRi for shinning her light so others can shine too!


Rihanna was dressed like the Princess that she is yesterday at Macy's, adorned in pink attire with flowing curls in an updo, with a bright smile and her alluring eyes; Riri glowed with the aura of ambiance as she presented her new fragrance to the world.

Congratulations and Godspeed!



Spring Trends: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star '70 - Embossed Floral

Posted On: March 01, 2016

Converse released a newly designed spring edition of their classic Chuck Taylor All Star '70. The sneakers are called Embossed Floral and come in low and high-tops. 

The Converse Embossed Floral are constructed in black leather with matching soles for the lower version and white soles for the high-tops. Both sneakers are patterned with a floral embroidery that's etched into the sneakers.

Embossed Floral features a thick midsole for arch support.

The sneakers can be worn based on a person's indivudual style and fashion sense.

Converse's Embossed Floral can add spice to anybody's wardrobe and put some pep in their steps.


For more information, click on the link below: 

Chuck Taylor All Star '70 - Floral Embossed 



Puma Collaborates with Fashion Icon, Karl Lagerfeld to Celebrate Its 50th Brand Anniversary Collection

Posted On: October 17, 2018

In celebration of its brand 50th anniversary, Puma collaborated with fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld for a signature capsule collection.

The collection features two pair of kicks, inspired by Lagerfeld keen and sharp style of dressing. One of the Puma kicks is detailed and referenced in Karl Lagerfeld's huge black sunglasses, directly paneled on top of the sneaker's laces. The shoe has a white colorway and black Puma branding. The sunglasses are detachable.

The second pair is a white on white colorway, manufactured and donned with Karl Lagerfeld's distinguished black tuxedos.

Both of the kicks from Puma's anniversary collection is imprinted with Lagerfeld's silhouette on the insole and heel.


The Puma x Karl Lagerfeld collection is slated for release online and at selected stores Oct. 19th.

For more info and to purchase, click on the links below.


Karl Lagerfel


5th Grader Who Was Bullied & Launched Her Own Clothing Line, Showcased Her Collection at New York Fashion Week

Posted On: March 01, 2016

She's only ten years old and already fearless when it comes to her goals and dreams. At such a young age, Egypt Ufel is an alchemist who knows how to take a negative situation, turn it around to something positive and transform it into a blessing. Bullied in school because of her weight, some kids would of folded but instead Egypt who also goes by the name of Ify, stood up for herself by launching a clothing line wiith a purpose of catering to plus size. She utilized her experience to bless others with it by becoming a fashion designer and created clothes to help plus size children and adults with acceptance and love of self.

Egypt made history as the youngest plus size fashion designer and her story made headlines across the nation. In developing her clothing line 'Chubiiline,' Ify also became an activist for bullied children and launched another clothing brand called, 'Bully Chasers.'

Since launching both brands and putting work on her sewing machine,

Egypt created a collection for her line which was debutted and showcased at New York Fashion Week. Ify again made history as the youngest fashion designer to premier at NYFW. 

Egypt Ufel and her models took the runway at the Small Boutique Fashion Week and exhibited clothing varied in all sizes. In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Ify revealed she started sewing at five years old and credits her grandmother for teaching her. She expressed her designs are inspired by African prints which she combines with urban threads and trends. 

Egypt is guided by her mother who nutures her vision. 

Ify expressed one of her fashion goals in her interview is: 

"I would love to design for the first lady Michelle Obama and her beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia," she revealed.

Below is a news report from TODAY about Egypt Ufel's testimony and quest into the fashion industry. 

Godspeed Ify!


2015 Summer Clutches

Posted On: April 24, 2015

We've compiled some of 2015 summer clutches collections, from different brand names and styles.

The first one is called the Vivia Appliquéd Jacquard clutch from Kokuand, featuring some bright fun colors and artistic patterns.

It's a fun clutch that can be worn and assembled in different ways.

Next up is a clutch with the midas touch and gives us the glam of all gold everything. The bag is from Louis Vuitton and called the Gold Limelight Wool African Queen Masai GM Clutch. It's a classic clutch from the brand and is a limited edition. It's more of a sophiscated clutch and shines in its architecture.

The third clutch is by Spanaki and is a motorcycle chick inspired bag. It has some heavy metal detailing and is versatile with its handle. The clutch is black and white, which gives it variety of how it can be worn to compliment an outfit. 

Last but not least is Alexander McQueen's 'De Manta' clutch. It's a blue and white bag with some black contrast, which brings out its unique design. This clutch can be rocked with some jeans and flirty heeled shoes, a pencil fitted skirt and even some shorts.


Nicki Minaj Launches Her Own Sneakers Called 'The Pinkprint' For Ladies

Posted On: April 24, 2015

About a week ago, Nicki Minaj gave a sneak peak of her new sneakers called the "Pinkprint" for ladies. The sneaker is lined in a purplish, pink sole, silver patent leather and embelished in pink glitter with a silver winged symbol.

Nicki collaborated with the Jordan Brand for her signature shoe, the “Pinkprint” Jordan Westbrook 0 PE’s. Its unsure when the sneakers will hit the market and be available in stores. They are cute and Nicki should think about manufacturing them for little girls as well.

During her performance at the Jordan Brand Classic in Brooklyn, New York, Nicki wore the sneakers and styled it very well with her outfit and; accessories. 


Modla Creates 3D Printed Design Snapbacks

Posted On: July 28, 2016

Technology continues to evolve and it also expanded into the business of fashion, home decor and etc. There are garments on the market now that are digitally enhanced to behave like a charger or source of power for your phone. The latest digital fashion products to hit the market are 3D printed snapbacks by Modla. Who would of ever thought about designing 3D hats? Well, Modla did! And hunny, if you have an idea, you think it's crazy or the world is not ready for it, make it happen and innovate. Who knows, maybe a shoe for women where they can control the heel length might hit the market next. Something like that, hopefully you get the point. But yeah, back to those hats.

The Modla snapbacks come in three different designs, illustrated with 2D and 3D special effects. It resembles embroidery on steroids over the polyester and wool hat material, with its pop out digital effects. Modla's design for the hats are a melting clock Salvador Dalí style, a 3D imaging skull and a gun blast with flowery intricate.

Limited to only 100 production of the Modla 3D snapbacks, the company is accepting submissions for consumers to create their own exclusive hats. And will even put the consumers' design on the market for sale.


Headphone Swag: Beats by Dre Solo2 in Collaboration With James Jean - 'Chinese New Year'

Posted On: January 04, 2016

Before the new year kicked off, Dr. Dre's headphone brand Beats By Dre linked with James Jean for the release of their Solo2 newly designed listening device. The 'Chinese New Year' collection comes in three designs and was inspired by the popular Proverb, "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil."

The headphones are constructed on the Solo2 wireless platform and features artistic Chinese Chen Man’s gold colorways, representing wealth, prosperity, and good fortune for the new year; and the cycle of the Chinese zodiac astrology (ex: year of the dragon, year of the horse and etc.) The designs are featured in gold on two designs and grey artwork in another, envisioned and magnified by James Jean.

The Chen Man consolidated "Wei" and "Yang" and fortified it in an english, American phrase that says: "We Are Young." Beats by Dre's Chinese New Year was released on the market on December 30th of 2015 and is available for purchase.


New Kicks: Nike's 'Sage Hi Reimagined'

Posted On: October 16, 2018

Derived from Nike's 1 Reimagined collection which was released earlier this year, Nike revamped one of the styles and released the 'Sage Hi Reimagined.'

Nike's 1 Reimagined series is galvanized by Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 1. Motivated by their compositions of design and style. The Sage Hi Reimagined conserves those stylistic blueprints and sublimed them into a boot. A sneaker boot.

The Sage Hi Reimagined is donned in sleek black and a white rugged, thick sole. Nike's Swoosh is trademarked on the outside of each sneaker boot, shined in black. It's cloaked and constructed with a robust and bulky strap, featuring a buckle.

On the in part of the Nike Sage Reimagined, the sneaker boots are detailed and zippered admist a broad pull tab, inscribed and articulated with the dialect The Force is Female. Inspired by Off-White's labeling tags.

The drop for Nike's Sage Hi Reimagined is scheduled for November 1st.