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Dr. Ben Carson's Discussion About Science and Religion

Posted On: March 04, 2015

The correlation of Science and Religion has been an on-going topic, especially when it comes to debates and open discussions. Dr. Ben Carson who is a world renowned neurosurgeon was the guest star on the panel on Meet The Press.

Dr. Ben Carson expressed his views about science and religion, and stated how religion is what makes a person who they are, gives them direction, but it does not dictate a person public's policy or stance. He then went on to talk about his credentials being questioned as a neurosurgeon, because of his beliefs that were not scientific. And some have accused Carson for having liberal beliefs because he believes global warming is man made. Things that make you go hmmm, but that's another topic.

NBC journalist Chuck Todd challenged the doctor about his faith, science and if those two correlate with one another. Dr. Ben Carson who might become our next president, after his announcement for the race, responded how there was not enough time to discuss science and religion; because of how much of a broad topic it is. Carson explained how he is always game to talk about such topics, but it couldn't be done with the limited time he had for the TV program.

“I’m always willing to sit down and discuss things,” said Carson. “And people who say, ‘Well, you have to believe this, you have to believe that,’ I’m willing to discuss with them why they believe what they believe, and why I believe what I believe, but that can’t be done in a sound bite type of interview.”

We hope Dr. Ben Carson, although he is a Republican becomes a 2016 presidential candidate because his debates are going to be very interesting. This is one of the smartest man in the world, who is esteemed when comes to his intelligence. Also, because of his experience as a doctor and voice in politics, Dr. Ben Carson has the potential to innovate politics when it comes to healthcare, scientific studies to find cures for certain diseases and disorders, issues with pharmaceutical companies and their rise in medication costs; and more. As well social change and how we can thrive as a nation.


National Society Of Black Engineers Promote The Next Generation Of STEM Research Leaders

Posted On: April 24, 2015

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is an organization that exemplifies the increasement of African-American scientist, professional engineering and those who are studying and; going into the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). NSBE recently held their 41st Annual Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, which generated 8,000 attendees from across the nation.

The theme for the National Society of Black Engineers was “Innovation & Excellence: Reimagining Your Future," that allowed pre-college and college students to showcase their ideas, graphs, inventions and breakthough they would make in STEM research. The conference was led by professors, leaders in STEM from across the nation and etc. NSBE's main focus and goal is to inspire and motivate 10,000 African-American engineers to graduate and obtain all levels of degrees from: bachelors, masters and doctorals by 2025, in an effort to break barriers in STEM for African-Americans.

Karl W. Reid, Ed.D. is the executive director for NSBE and made a statement expressing, the organization's purpose is to highlight the excellence of STEM's young achievers, as well as those in college and overseering their flight to become leaders in STEM.

We view our Annual Convention as a time to show the world what excellence in engineering looks like." Reid stated.

"As we continue to advance NSBE’s mission to increase the number of Black engineers, we are also focusing on making engineering the career of choice for many more Black children around the world.  We are committed to reimagining our children’s futures.”

Pre college and college students took part in different programs and workshops at the NSBE's convention which included projects detailing in: social activism, innovations in medicine, studies pertaining to the universe and other planets, recycling and the ozone layer, career goals in STEM, government research and more.

The Programs are listed as followed:

  • NSBE’s “Impact Ferguson” Campaign
    • o   Launched last fall, NSBE’s “Impact Ferguson” campaign raised funds to engage students in the Ferguson, Mo., area in STEM educational activities and to bring 21 of the students to the positive, possibly life-changing experience of the NSBE Annual Convention.   
  • “To the Moon, Mars and Beyond,” NSBE Space Special Interest Group Workshop
    • o   The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) gather the talent of NSBE members to acquire knowledge and take on challenges in specific areas, from the environment to energy to public policy. In this session, the Space SIG presents its bold proposals for U.S. lunar, Martian and other explorations beyond the Earth.  
      • APEX Career Fair and APEX College Fair
        • o   NSBE’s Academic Pyramid of Excellence (APEX) recognizes members who maintain grade-point averages of 3.0 or above. During the two-day Career Fair and College Fair events, the APEX members have hours of exclusive access to the more than 200 corporate, government, academic  and other recruiters exhibiting at the convention.  
          • Workshop – Urban Revitalization: How Volunteering Can Influence the Entrepreneur in You
            • o   “Positively impact the community” is one of the core components of NSBE’s mission. In this session, NSBE entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs learn how to achieve this end while building a successful business.  
          • Workshop – Saving Our Cities: Green Projects to the Rescue
            • o   NSBE’s Environmental Engineering Special Interest Group demonstrates the importance of environmental awareness and environmental protection to the well-being of urban communities.  

      And other NSBE lead worshops and programs, including their award event.
      • 18th Annual NSBE Golden Torch Awards
        • o   Individuals and organizations, 21 in all, will receive NSBE’s top honors during this black-tie event sponsored by Northrop Grumman Corporation and emceed by actor Laz Alonso. Among the honorees are Retired U.S. Air Force Capt. Ed Dwight, now a successful artist, who was the first African-American to undergo astronaut training, and Julian Earls, Ph.D., retired director of NASA Glenn Research Center.



Steve Harvey and Essence Collaborates With Disney For Their 2016 'Disney Dreamers Academy'

Posted On: September 02, 2015

Disney opened up applications for hgh school students to apply for their 2016 "Disney Dreamers Academy," in collaboration with Steve Harvey and Essence to inspire and motivate diversity for the program. The academy is in its ninth class of Dreamers who will participate in Disney's educational resources to fuel their dreams, discover their passions and career paths, the purpose of their passions, to explore their creativities and apply them towards inventions, innovations; and more.

Disney Dreamers Academy consist of many worshops, where students from across the nation will obtain knowledge in different skills of leadership, interpersonal and communication, skills in professionalism and applying it to succeed in careers and entreprenuership; the strategies of networking and more. The Dreamers will also be educated in learning skills of different careers such as: digital artistry and animation, engineering, different feilds of science, mathematics, technology and STEM as a whole; robotics, aspects of medicine, law and government, zoology and more.

Steve Harvey and Essence will be hosting the Disney Dreamers Academy, which is scheduled to take place at Walt Disney World Resort. The program will select 100 student to participate in the academy. Steve Harvey made a statement about his excitment and the importance of high school students' dreams and the discovery of them.

"We’ve seen 800 students come through the program, and I’m excited to find the next 100. I encourage all high school students to take the time to apply for Disney Dreamers Academy because I truly believe that a young person’s dream is more important than anything."

Essence Communication President, Michelle Ebanks also added, the empowerment Disney Dreamers Academy will instill in the students.

"Each year, ESSENCE is honored to seek out the next generation of big dreamers and welcome them to Walt Disney World Resort for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is our privilege to take part in such an empowering youth platform that enables us to impact the leaders of tomorrow."

High School students can apply at Disney Dreamers Academy, get more information on their Facebook and Twitter social media pages. Students will be required to answer essay questions about their testimonies and what they've learned in life so far, their dreams and aspirations. The students are encourage to exemplify attributes of characters, leadership in their schools and the determination for their dreams, when they answer those questions.

Godspeed to all the applicants!


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opens In NYC

Posted On: January 08, 2016

After Governor Andrew Cuomo inducted the marijuana medical bill into law, New York City begin its progression towards the bill by opening one of eight cannabis dispensaries.

The grand opening took place yesterday (Jan. 7th) at Columbia Care on East 14th Street. The dispensaries will treat patients with severe medical conditions/diseases and clearances for treatment following prescriptions from their doctors. Due to certain restrictions, patients will not be allowed to smoke any of the marijuana but instead the cannabis will come in forms of: capsules, liquids, vaporized therapy; and mostly induced orally. The marijuana treatments will be sold to patients and insurances do not cover any cost pertaining to cannabis care.


Video Source: New York Daily News