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New Movie Trailer: 'Flatliners'

Posted On: September 28, 2017

In the trailer for the new sci-fi horror movie "Flatliners," five students commence an experiment to find out what happens to human beings after they die.

The experiment entails the medical students of stopping their hearts in the beginning for one minute and being revived back to life. One of the students in the trailer describes the experiment as a light form of pure energy, unaware in the light, darkness also lies. Documenting the experiment, the students become addicted with their new discovery and increases the time they stop their hearts, and revive. In a chilling twist, the death each student is inducing starts haunting them.

Flatliners seems like an interesting movie which is also a psychological horror film. Death in Westernized culture is viewed as the end but in other cultures, it's often celebrated as a beginning to something new, a transition to another lifetime and sometimes, an ascension to higher realms of energy or life.

Flatliners will be release this Friday (9/29).

Check out the trailer below.


Tracee Ellis Ross Graces The Cover Of 'Essence' Magazine

Posted On: February 27, 2015

In their newest magazine edition, Essence recruited actress Tracee Ellis Ross to grace their March 2015 cover.

The March 2015 issue for Essence is to honor and celebrate Black women in Hollywood. Tracee Ellis Ross represents one of the many Black women in Hollywood and is the star of of her own television show called, 'Blackish.'  The cover is also about style and grace, about Black women embracing their natural beauty with Tracee Ellis Ross sporting her signature tresses.

The magazine is already on newsstands and can be purchased anywhere magazines are sold.


New (International) Movie Trailer: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Posted On: November 07, 2015

Stars Wars: The Force Awakens released another movie trailer, this time international.

The second trailer was released by Walt Disney Studios in Japan. The visuals in Star Wars: The Force Awakens previews more in-depth scenes featured in the movie, introducing new characters like, BB-8 and detailed clips of the other characters such as: Finn, Rey, Leia, Han and more.

The footage of the international movie trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is one minute and fifty two second long, with the movie's theme in bold Japanese letters: “It awakens. Now, the world is yours.”

Check it out below.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th nationwide and global.



Big Boy Interviews Dr. Dre About N.W.A. Biopic Film

Posted On: March 28, 2015

Dr. Dre stopped by L.A.'s Real 92.3 and sat down to talk to Big Boy on his morning show.

During the interview, Dre spoke about the new upcoming biopic N.W.A. movie, "Straight Outta Compton." He revealed, the film is about showing the heart of all the members of N.W.A. and their love for the art of music. Dre stated, the movie is purposed to inspire people, it displays what brotherhood is all about, the trials and errors that comes with it. He expressed, Hip Hop has a misconception which exhibits the lack of love and respect for women, and Dre wants to clarify and clear the misguided fog to show the love and respect Hip Hop, including himself has for women.

Dr. Dre didn't want to open up too much about the movie and explained that the movie is basically about the legacy of N.W.A., without any blemishes but factual events of the Hip Hop group.

Check out the footage below.


Biopic Movie "Ali" Returns To Theaters This Weekend

Posted On: June 09, 2016

In the honoring the GOAT and legend, Muhammad Ali who recently passed away, the biopic movie about him "Ali" will be re-release this weekend. 

The film stars Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mario Van Peoples, Jamie Foxx, Jeffrey Wright, Jon Voight and an acclaimed cast of actors and actresses. Directed by Michael Mann and originally released in 2001, the movie depicted Muhammad Ali's boxing career, his roles as an activist, the conversion of himself from Cassius Clay, Jr to become a Muslim; and how Ali's words stung like a bee while he floated like a butterfly in the ring. It is an overall potrayal of Ali's greatness, his testimony and how one man can change the world. 

Ali received several awards and nominations, such as: Golden Globe Awards, NAACP Image Awards, MTV Movie Awards and many more. The film was originally distributed by Columbia Pictures and will be re-released by Worldwide Distribution. In a statement made to Variety, the president of the company, Rory Bruer expressed the impact of the movie. 

"The film truly honors everything that made Ali one of the central figures of our time, a man who commanded his sport but whose personal faith and principles made him mean so much more."

Also, how re-releasing Ali was an exceptional way to dignify and pay homage to Muhammad Ali. 

"Muhammad Ali truly was The Greatest, and this tribute is a great way to honor him."

Check you local theaters for listing and be part of this honor for Muhammad Ali. 


New Movie Trailer: The Birth of A Nation (Trailer 2)

Posted On: June 21, 2016

Nate Parker released the second trailer for "The Birth of A Nation." The highly anticipated and acclaimed movie is about the true story of Nat Turner and the slave rebellion of 1831 in Virginia. 

In entertainment and the dimensions of creativity, most artists are triple threats but Nate Parker is raising the bar because he wrote, directed, produced; and is the lead actor in the film. Parker worked behind the scenes to bring his vision to the forefront and also, took himself in front of the camera to magnify that vision. 

Already recognized for his hard work and dedication to the movie, Nate Parker has already won several awards for The Birth of A Nation such as: Grand Jury Prize in the U.S Dramatic Competition at this year's Sundance Film Festival and Audience Award. 

The Birth of A Nation is expected to be released October 7th, the film stars Gabrielle Union, Aja Naomi King, Penelope Ann Miller, Jackie Earle Haley and more. 

Hit the play button and check out the trailer. 

Incase you missed the first The Birth of A Nation trailer or maybe want to see it again, check it out below. 



New Movie Trailer: Point Break

Posted On: June 01, 2015

With a new cast, some dope special effects and stunts, this is a trailer to the remake of the classic movie "Point Break."

The remake maintains the same script as the original Point Break with some major changes. The classic 1991 Point Break starred Keanu Reeves and co-starred Patrick Swayze as surfers. The new film stars Delroy Lindo, Ray Winstone, Luke Bracey and more. The script for this new Point Break is about extreme diverse athletes, who participate in stunts and gets their hands on the financial market.

The movie is scheduled to debut in December on Christmas day.

Check it out below.


Power Season 3: Episode 5 Review - 'The Element of Surprise'

Posted On: August 16, 2016

I'm sure most of you tuned in Sunday night (August 14) to watch the fifth episode of Power titled. 'Help Me.' The latest episode was a pivotal point for the series. Power maintains the element of mystery and with that element, it keeps its audience guessing, sort of in the dark but flashes the light without revealing too much. Power introduced the element of surprise and took its audience on an emotional roller coaster ride, by doing this, the series reached a new level of connection with its viewers.

Power begins where it left off with Tommy thinking Lobos tried to have him murdered and Holly trying her best to influence Tommy to kill Ghost, although she already put a hit on him.

Most of you already saw the episode, then you know what took place. Carlos 'Vibora' Ruiz played by Luis Antonio Ramos is back in town, after Detective Greg Knox played by Andy Bean tracked him down. Since his case is a high profile one, Ruiz had to be escorted into the federal building where everybody was cleared out to bring him in. But Joe Proctor, James St. Patrick's lawyer played by Jerry Ferrara saw him and looked at him like the ghost of Christmas past had just walked in. At that moment, Proctor knew Ruiz was there to only do one thing.

(Yeah, I know that's not Ruiz in the above picture, but you get the picture though)

And as a lawyer, Proctor displayed that he had St. Patrick's (played by Omari Hardwick) back to the fullest.

After Ghost confronts Angela Valdez played by Lela Loren of knowing about Ruiz, Greg Knox really thought he had Ghost by the balls but unbeknownst to him, Angela does. Angela is just playing her role when Ghost told her Lobos was actually him, she knows who Ghost is really and acts in denial because she's in too deep. That sly smirk she gave Knox during the questioning of Carlos Ruiz, was basically letting him know, she will always be two steps ahead of Greg Knox trying to bring the man she loves down. And let's just hope Knox's desperation to get Ghost does not get the best of him, because if it does, Valdez will be the first on his list. Luiz ends up not snitching of course, but that was not the element of surprise.

The element of surprise of Power's episode five of Season 3 was when Ghost discovered that maybe he does not move like a phantom after all, or maybe he is slipping. And the sight of the Jamaicans with guns aiming at him, reflected this for St. Patrick. The second element of surprise was when Tommy Egan played by Joseph Sikora discovered his girlfriend Holly played by Lucy Walters put a hit on his homie Ghost. Although Tommy was beefing with Ghost, we all knew (well maybe some of us), it was a sibling rivalry because of the pact of brotherhood between Egan and St. Patrick. Tsk, tsk tsk on Holly who found out the hard way that putting a hit out on Ghost, was a death sentence for her.

Those two scenes in Sunday night episode of Power literally jumped out the television screen and touched its audience. It had goosebumps effects, it was hair raising and heart pounding suspense, passion; and action at the same time. Two scenes being played at once, which heighten the viewers emotions because it made them feel. The audience felt what James felt at that moment when the Jamaicans stepped out the car and he looked back in his own car, seeing a silhouette of his son Tariq St. Patrick played by Michael Rainey Jr. and thinking this was the end for both of them. But most of all, Power was able to evoke sympathy for Ghost and some of its viewers actually shed tears during that scene. It took the series to several new heights and new dimensions of connecting with its audience, beyond the plane of the physical.

This scene also displayed Holly's carelessness and not having a care in the world, if Tasha or Ghost's children got caught in the crossfire of her hit against him. Holly is cold-hearted and is a killer herself in her own sick and twisted way. Lobos wanting Tommy to kill Ghost was an excuse for Holly to execute Ghost, at least that's what she thought. While Ghost was being confronted by Holly's wicked scheme, karma caught up to her at the speed of light and turned out the light in Holly's life. Unfortunately, she died thinking Ghost was dead but unaware his security team took care of her mess and cleaned out the Jamaicans.

In Power's episode four of Season 3, when Ghost took out the Koreans for Tommy, it showed the level of loyalty between those two and how Ghost was willing to risk it all for Tommy; even if Tommy was not speaking to him. And in the latest episode of Tommy finding out it was Ghost who smoked the Koreans, the look on his face was one of joy and elation of knowing Ghost's loyalty could not be tainted. Despite the fact of Tommy pointing a gun at St. Patrick and attempting to kill him, yet love took over and he couldn't kill the man that has been a brother to him most of his life.

Because of this loyalty between Ghost and Tommy, both of them was reunited at the end of the show like rice and beans.

I wrote that Power had the potential to be a classic like The Wire, but when you take chances and go against what's familiar, you create something new and different; which makes you stand out from the rest. There's no doubt The Wire is a classic on its own and Power is one too on its own standing and merit. This show deserves several accolades and awards. The Writers of Power are beyond extraordinary, the cast, acting; and the eye behind the camera of producing and directing Power are phenomenal. The question still remains, is Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson who is an executive producer for Power and an actor on the show, on his way to becoming a TV Mogul or a Multi-media Entertainment mogul? With his G Unit Films and Television production company, the possibilities are endless. Things that make you go hmmm, the potential is indeed there and if 50 Cent maintains that drive, he will reached a destination no other Hip Hop artist ever did in television and film production. But that's another article and until then, check out Power's episode five of Season 3 by clicking on the link below.

Mr. World Premier


New R&B Joint: Jonh Legend - 'Start'

Posted On: August 29, 2016

Multitasking and juggling different positions, John Legend is the executive producer for the new movie, "Southside With You" and also, featured on the soundtrack. The flick is a biographic film about President Barack Obama and the First Lady, and where it all began. Legend tells the story of the President and First Lady's first date and how it all started on their journey of love that led them to greatness.

The track is titled 'Start' and it is the focal point of the movie's theme. The introduction lyrics for the song features a set of questions regarding Barack Obama wanting to get to know his future wife. Michelle seems to have her guards up and Obama longs to explore beyond the depth of the physical. And go on this voyage of discovery with the future First Lady.

"What goes underneath your armor?/ Underneath your clothes?/ Do you know?/ Let's find out together,/ Let's find what we're looking for,/ We'll explore."

The chorus for the song details uncertainty about this odyssey of love Barack and Michelle are about to embark on. And although, they don't know how their love story is written, both of them understand it starts in their hearts.

"I don't know where the road leads/ You don't know if I'll break your heart./ We don't know how the winds will blow./ And we won't know./ We won't go unless we start."

Through their apprehensive doubt, Michelle and Barack promises to hold each other, until they become one in love's paradise.

"Hold on tight until we become one./ Find our island underneath the sun."

Southside With You is currently out in theaters, the movie starts Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers (pictured below), playing the role of President Obama and the First Lady. The soundtrack also features Janet Jackson, Bill Withers and Slick Rick.

Check out Legend's song off it below.


New Movie Trailer: "Gotti"

Posted On: September 28, 2017

Depicting the life of crime boss John Gotti, John Travolta stars in an epic biographical film about the flagrant and brazen gangsta titled, "Gotti."

The film portrays three decades of John Gotti's life, beginning with Gotti as a street thug to being initiated into the Gambino crime family, and becoming the "Teflon Don."

Gotti displays the descriptive events of John Gotti's execution of Paul Castellano, the media attention he drew to himself and the Gambino crime family. The controversies it created, resulting in John Gotti being a target for government officials and the Gambino crime family.

Gotti is produced by Kevin Connolly and is scheduled to hit theaters December 15th.

Until then, check out the trailer for it below.


Jennifer Lopez Cast to Play Queenpin 'Griselda Blanco' in HBO Biopic, Amidst Threat of Lawsuit from Blanco's Former Lover

Posted On: August 18, 2016

In an upcoming HBO biopic film, Jennifer Lopez is cast to play the role of queenpin, 'Griselda Blanco.' J. Lo will be multi-tasking with this movie project, by being both in front and behind the camera as a producer.

Griselda Blanco was known as the 'Queen of Cocaine' and  the Colombian 'Godmother.' Blanco was a notorious female drug lord  between the 1970s and 1980s, when she was one of the first women to take part in drug trafficking. In 2004, Griselda was deported from the US back to Columbia after serving 20 years in prison. Blanco was also violent in her dealings, with killing the men she either dated or was married to. All of this caught up to the queenpin, when she was murdered in 2012.

There is one surviving man who was Griselda Blanco's lover and his name is Charles Cosby. He is not too thrilled about this HBO biopic movie and threatened to sue.

Referencing an article from TMZ about the matter, Cosby revealed if there any any references of him, even his name being mentioned, he will sue. He made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with the movie. And what would be the reason for that? Well, Charles Cosby is producing his own biopic film of Griselda Blanco called "Hustle" and was part of a narrating documentary about the drug lord called "Cocaine Cowboys 2." So, the threats he is making is more about politics and his interest to spearhead and launch his own Blanco project. Instead of being mindful, by networking with HBO and J.Lo to make a classic movie happen and bank on some benjamins, Cosby would rather do his own thing. There is nothing wrong with that either but in this case, it's more business than personal.

Charles Cosby noted to TMZ that he's not a J. Lo fan and does not think she can play the role of Griselda Blanco due to her lack of street cred. What?! Huh, we're talking about Jenny from the block from the South Bronx here and who is better than to play this role but Jennifer Lopez. She literally embodied and tapped into Selena's spirit to play her in the 1997 biographic movie. And J. Lo has played some challenging roles, elevating herself from the stage as a musician to become an actress.

HBO nor J. Lo has not released any statements about Charles Cosby's peril of threats to sue. Back in 2014, it was reported a Griselda Blanco film project was in the works called, "The Godmother" to be played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. It received several backlash and controversy, one of them was Griselda Blanco's portrayal on the big screen was being whitewashed and discriminative to the Hispanic community. It's a controversy which is still spewing today and in May of this year, Catherine Zeta-Jones came under fire again for trying to play Blanco's role.

Whatever the case may be, Jennifer Lopez is still the best woman and person for the role. J. Lo conveyed to The Hollywood Reporter her fascination with Griselda Blanco's life for years, in spite of her being a corrupted and complicated woman. Playing this queenpin is a challenge but only J. Lo can embody and project, the spirit and soul of Blanco by intriguing the audience. She did it before and she can do it again.