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New Movie Trailer: 'Aladdin'

Posted On: October 12, 2018

Disney released the first trailer for its live action movie, "Aladdin."

Aladdin is an animated classic which premiered in 1992.

Earlier this week, Will Smith previewed the first marketing poster for Aladdin and revealed he would be playing the Genie. 

The trailer opens up with a sky view overlooking the desert of Agrabah and the instrumentals of 'Arabian Nights.' Aladdin and his voyagers approach the tiger headed Cave of Wonders and are instructed by a mysterious voice saying, "only one may enter here." Aladdin goes into the cave and... well you just have to see the trailer for yourself.

The upcoming flick is directed by Guy Ritchie and its featured stars: Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott playing Jasmin, Nasim Pedrad, Marwan Kenzari as Jafar; and more.

Aladdin is scheduled to hit theaters on May 24, 2019.

Until then, check out the trailer below.


Tech Drops: Beats by Dre 'Skyline Collection'

Posted On: October 11, 2018

Beats by Dre introduced a brand new Skyline Collection, demonstrating four new colorways of its trendy Studio3 headphones. The colors are: Midnight Black, Crystal Blue, Desert Sand and Shadow Grey.

The Studio3 Skyline Collection factor in Beats by Dre's Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling technology and has a 40 hour battery life. Which gives its consumers the flexibility of listening to music all day and into the night.

Beats by Dre's Studio3 Skyline Collection also features, a fast fuel charging method that provides hours of playback after charging for ten minutes.

Beats' Studio3 Skyline Collection are available online.

For more info and purchase, click on the link below.




New Movie Trailer: 'Bumblebee'

Posted On: June 11, 2018

Spinning off from the Transformers' film installments, Paramount Pictures brings a new saga and revolutionizes the Transformers franchise with the commencement of "Bumblebee."

Bumblebee is inaugurated in his own self titled movie.


Starring professional wrestler, John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld, Bumblebee depicts the inception of the Transformers, with the point of convergence as Bumblebee.

The film is directed by Travis Knight and slated for release later this year on December 21st.

Check out the new trailer below.



2018 NBA All-Star Game Starters Disclosed with Lebron James & Stephen Curry as Captains

Posted On: January 20, 2018

The 2018 NBA All-Star Game's voting results are in and were revealed to the public. It's definitely going to be interesting this year with Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry selected as captains. King James of course is leading the East and Chef Curry is saucing it up for the West.

Switching it up this year, the NBA All-Star will not feature it's traditional Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference team line up, which was revised back in October of 2017. Instead, for the first time this year both captains (James and Curry) will select their teammates from a pool of voted starters and reserve players.

Below is the list for the NBA All-Star starters:

LeBron James

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Joel Embiid

Kyrie Irving

DeMar DeRozan

Steph Curry

James Harden

Kevin Durant

Anthony Davis

DeMarcus Cousins

Check out the announcement of the starters' selection below.

The All-Star reserve list is in the process of being selected by head coaches and will be disclosed to the public next Tuesday (Jan. 23rd) on TNT at 7:00 p.m. ET.

The 2018 NBA All-Star Game is scheduled for February 18th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Jordan Peele to Develop TV Series "The Hunt" About Nazi Hunters

Posted On: September 28, 2017

Talk about flipping the script and rewriting the narratives of America.

The movie "Get Out" was a true eye opener, not just about racism but the importance of melanin and reason behind organ harvesting of African-Americans. Jordan Peele returns with developing another racially motivated horror, suspense film but this time it's for television.

Referencing an article from The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan Peele will be producing and directing a television series called "The Hunt." The setting for the series is a 1970's drama based on factual events about a group of Nazi hunters taking justice in their own hands, as THR describes below:

"tracking and killing hundreds of Nazis who, with the unconscionable help of the U.S. government, escaped justice and embedded themselves in American society."

David Weil is penning the script and will also produce the project with Jordan Peele. As of now, the broadcasting of The Hunt does not have a network yet. Peele however, has a TV development deal with Sonar Entertainment, in association with his Monkeypaw Productions. The Hunt will be the first project off that deal, where Peele is slated to produce a numerous amount of projects.

The inspiration for The Hunt came at the helms of neo-Nazi protesting that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia back in August. Bidding for the series has already begun with potential buyers.

Jordan Peele's movie Get Out grossed over $200 million dollars globally to date, making history as the highest grossing for a debut film with its original screenplay. Peele made his mark as well, as the first melanated writer and director to gross over $100 million dollars when he debuted Get Out.


New Movie Trailer: 'Flatliners'

Posted On: September 28, 2017

In the trailer for the new sci-fi horror movie "Flatliners," five students commence an experiment to find out what happens to human beings after they die.

The experiment entails the medical students of stopping their hearts in the beginning for one minute and being revived back to life. One of the students in the trailer describes the experiment as a light form of pure energy, unaware in the light, darkness also lies. Documenting the experiment, the students become addicted with their new discovery and increases the time they stop their hearts, and revive. In a chilling twist, the death each student is inducing starts haunting them.

Flatliners seems like an interesting movie which is also a psychological horror film. Death in Westernized culture is viewed as the end but in other cultures, it's often celebrated as a beginning to something new, a transition to another lifetime and sometimes, an ascension to higher realms of energy or life.

Flatliners will be release this Friday (9/29).

Check out the trailer below.


New Movie Trailer: "Gotti"

Posted On: September 28, 2017

Depicting the life of crime boss John Gotti, John Travolta stars in an epic biographical film about the flagrant and brazen gangsta titled, "Gotti."

The film portrays three decades of John Gotti's life, beginning with Gotti as a street thug to being initiated into the Gambino crime family, and becoming the "Teflon Don."

Gotti displays the descriptive events of John Gotti's execution of Paul Castellano, the media attention he drew to himself and the Gambino crime family. The controversies it created, resulting in John Gotti being a target for government officials and the Gambino crime family.

Gotti is produced by Kevin Connolly and is scheduled to hit theaters December 15th.

Until then, check out the trailer for it below.


New Movie Trailer: Kong - 'Skull Island'

Posted On: November 22, 2016

Premiered by Jimmy Kimmel Live, the King Kong saga continues in a new upcoming film, "Kong -Skull Island." Starring Samuel L. Jackson, a slimmer John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston and more.

Kong - Skull Island is set in the jungle with a storyline of military scientist and soldiers. who migrate to Skull Island and starts dropping bombs. King Kong is the protector of the land and emerges to defend Skull Island. The researchers and soldiers end up getting stranded on the island and meets the people there, who assist in helping them survive.

The film's trailer demonstrates new antagonist such as: skull crawlers and flips the script of making King Kong the protagonist, hero. Equipped with digital enhanced and cinematographic special effects, Kong - Skull Island is scheduled to be released on March 10, 2017.

Until then, hit that play button and check out the clip.


New Movie Trailer: Netflix Biopic - 'Barry'

Posted On: November 22, 2016

Netflix present a biopic movie about President Barack Obama titled, "Barry."

Debuting a trailer for it, Barry portrays a period in Obama's life when he was faced with racism and coming face to face with himself, in discovering who he is. In one of the scenes, Barack is racially profiled in New York City and questions the motive of the police officer who asked him for his id.

"You got some ID?" the cop asks, motivating young Obama to stand up for himself.

"I don't see you IDing them," Barack responds. "So what's so special about me, huh?"

The setting for Barry is when Barack Obama was attending Columbia University, as junior in 1981. Anthony Hamilton's 'Soul's On Fire' is the musical score for the trailer, which depicts a frustrated Barack Obama trying to figure why there isn't more people who like him on campus.

"You know I'm the only black person in four of my five classes?"

Barry is directed by HBO's Vice director, Vikram Gandhi and adapted from the script written by Adam Mansbach. Barry was first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival back in September and had a buy out deal for distribution with Netflix, which was the highest bidder to telecast the movie.

The trailer also, exhibits Barack Obama's hobbies in sports like playing basketball, college life and the starting journey of a budding politician who became president. Barry is scheduled for release on December 16th, in the meantime, check out the trailer for it.


Celebrities Come Together in a Public Call to "Save The Day" & Motivate The Masses to Vote

Posted On: September 22, 2016

In an effort, (let's just be honest and keep it gully) to prevent Donald Trump from the presidency as the next U.S President, celebrities and citizens rallied together for a public service announcement called, "Save The Day."

The three minute clip video features celebrities such as: Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Jesse Williams, Rosie Perez, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Sheen, Julianne Moore, Keegan-Michael Key and more; including some citizens to motivate the masses in exercising their right to vote.

Save The Day was created from the brainchild of Avengers' writer and director, Joss Whedon reported by Complex below.

"Avengers director/writer Joss Whedon has a pro-Hillary super PAC called Save the Day, and he assembled some of his superhero friends to film the PSA above. The video encourages people to get out and vote on Nov. 8, strongly advising against a certain candidate whose name rhymes with “dump."

Although Donald Trump's name is not mentioned, a review of his racist, out of control antics are referenced. From targeting of Mexican and Muslim people, as well as his ignorance towards African-American people who were harassed and endured mob like behaviors at some of Trump's rallies; and his stereotype views about immigration during his presidential run .

The video also has some comedy in it, to lighten up the mood but remained on point with its message. Check it out below.


New Movie Teaser Trailer: "Ghost In The Shell"

Posted On: September 22, 2016

In a rather interesting cinematographic and digital effect clips, Paramount Pictures released a teaser trailer for their upcoming 2017 movie, "Ghost In The Shell." The trailer will keep movie goers and consumers on their toes for the time being.

The film stars Scarlett Johansson as the lead character, a Japanese cyborg policewoman called, The Major. Its teaser trailer does not give away too much about the movie, but puzzling glitches of certain scenes flashing across the screen. Ghost In The Shell was inspired by the Japanese published seinen manga series, written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. And later adapted in 1995 as a cartoon movie.

Check it out below.