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Wale 'Stay Winning' in New Song Featuring, Afro B and SneakBo

Posted On: September 24, 2016

Wale brings it like a champion star in his new Afro B and Sneakbo assisted 'Stay Winning' song. 

Getting on his marketing grind and preppin' listeners and fans for his upcoming album "S.H.I.N.E," Folarin exudes upbeat and rhythmic vibes in Stay Winning. The track was produced by Team Salut and can be heard below. 


New Freestyle: Tink - 'Ooouuu'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

You can't deny Young MA's track 'Ooouuu' catchy hook and beat to match. The instrumentals' visage is hypnotic, yet bumps a gritty NYC mix. Several Hip Hop artists have done their own lyrical exercise on the song and flexed their weight on it. 

Tink takes a jab at the NY Bangers produced heat and comes through with a few of her own punchlines. 

Blaze it below. 


New Joint: Tory Lanez feat.Rick Ross - 'Super Freaky'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

'Following the release of his album "I Told You" this past summer, Tory Lanez continues to plug listeners to new projects. His latest one 'Super Freaky' features the biggest boss, Rick Ross on the track. 

With production by Tory himself, Reazy Renegade and Play Picasso, the henny and coke instrumentals knocks with the MPC and bass thumping. The lyrics are explanatory of Lanez and Renzel rhyming about their freaky activities. 

Stream to it below. 


New Music Video: Kehlani - 'CRZY'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

Kehlani gets 'CRZY' in the visuals for her new video and enjoys the last days of summer. 

On the song, Kehlani displays her petals singing about being a passionate soul, 

"Everything I do, I do it with a passion."

And showcases her thorns.

"All this sh*t I've been through and it made me more of an assassin."

And being a rare rose that buries the hatchet with compassion. 

In the Benny Boom directed visuals, Kehlanie and her Tsunami Mob hangs out, have fun; and celebrate a birthday. The crew hit up the sunny filled streets, dance in a choreographed routine and basically, live it up! 

Check out the clip below. 


New R&B Joint: Chris Brown feat. Bryson Tiller - 'Keep You In Mind'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

Slowing it down, just a little on this breezy Saturday (maybe it's sunny or rainy where you're at, whatever the case, make the best of it!). Anyhow, let's get into this new cut from Chris Brown called, 'Keep You In Mind.' 

After debuting 'Lady In The Glass Dress,' Breezy returns with another joint featuring Bryson Tiller

Breezy and Tiller cover Gourdan Banks' uptempo and heavy bass joint, Keep You In Mind with their own version and twist to the instrumentals. It's one of those songs you can spin to while getting it on in the bedroom. Music helps bring rhythm for those who don't have it and magnifies rhythm between the sheets for those who's sauced with swagu. Keep You In Mind has some feel good vibes to it, the type that'll make you bop your head and one of those cuts, you can blast to on a weekend like this. 

As you already know or just finding out, Chris Brown is currently working on his upcoming LP "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" and his new song below is a preview of what's to come.


New Music Video: Common feat. Stevie Wonder - 'Black America Again'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

During an interview and freestyle session on Shade 45 's "Sway In The Morning" earlier this summer in June, Common featured some of the verses from an upcoming album. At the time, it was titled "Black America." 

Since then, Common has been silent about the project up until now. In light of recent events due to several police brutality killings, Common premiered the visuals for the first single "Black America Again." The title track for the album.

The video opens with imagery of the Baton Rouge police brutality incident, involving Alton Sterling back in July. Following somber images of melanated people in a reflective state of mind and some teary eyed. Common goes in over the jazzy, piano production song about slavery's robbery on African-American people's name, language and etc., in trying to figure out the core of the problems going on with police brutality; and its effects. He brings awareness about issues in the education system, highlighting lack of investment in it and where most investments are going into jails and prisons instead. And the social problems that ensues from conviction rates, rather than educating to prevent these convictions. Common rhymes about the discrepancies of the news, not believing in it, involving incidents of police brutality; and the portrayal of victims being depicted as the aggressors. Throwback images of Malcolm X, other leaders and some images from the civil rights era are flashed across the screen.

Black America Again features Stevie Wonder and produced by Robert Glasper and Karriem Riggins. Chuck D, MC Lyte and Esperanza Spalding also made contributions to the song. 

Check out the video for it below. 



"One way of solving a lot of problems we got is, to let a person feel like somebody and a man can't get himself together, until he knows who he is. And be proud of what and who he is, and where he come from."

-- James Brown 

May that quote motivate and inspire you to shine, from the source of your inner light! 


New R&B Joint: JR Castro feat. Wale - 'Diff'rent Strokes'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

JR Castro recruits Wale for a new joint titled, 'Diff'rent Strokes.' 

Castro goes deep about his pipe (stroke) and bedroom game on the song. The mild tempo, keyboard assisted track was produced by SoundMOB. Wale comes through and blesses the melodic tunes, with his poetic lyrics below. 

JR Castro is currently working on his next album "Breakfast N Vegas." Until then, check out his recent EP "Songs You Were Made To" below, a masterpiece of ballads and remakes of '90's classic R&B joints.


New Music Video: Shawty Lo - 'Put Some Respek On It'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

Mourning of Shawty Lo's passing continues, as many reflect on the man, the father, the musician; and somebody who literally put it on for his hometown, Bankhead, Atlanta. To celebrate, honor and tribute his life, Lo's team released the visuals for his forthcoming single, 'Put Some Respeck On It.'

Directed by Picture Perfect and set in Atlanta, the visuals captured clips of Shawty Lo chillin' poolside with his son, intimate family moments, dappin' and chillin' with homies at a baseball game. 

The track Put Some Respeck On It features sound effects of Birdman's famed quote, during his interview on  Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club earlier this year. The song is off Shawty Lo's mixtape "Built Not Brought," an 11 tracked project with features by Boosie Badazz and Future; and production by Butler Beats, Cassius Jay, 350 Beats and more. 

Check out Lo's new video below. 

Bankhead, Atlanta held a vigil for Shawty Lo (pictured below), where many came together in honoring the contributions he made to their community, music and being an inspiration for them to make their dreams realities.


Shawty Lo's Vigil Images by: NBC 11 Atlanta/ Tegna Company


Week In Review: Rapper Shawty Lo Passes Away From Fatal Car Crash

Posted On: September 24, 2016

Early in the wee hours of the night on Wednesday (Sept. 21st), reports came in of rapper Shawty Lo being involved in a hit and run. By morning, news reports were more detailed, following confirmation from Atlanta Journal Constitution of Carlos Walker aka Shawty Lo's passing from a single car crash at 2:20 am. 

In what authorities are calling a fiery car crash, Lo was ejected from his vehicle that burst into flames, after going over guardrails and hitting two trees. Excerpt from the initial report documented by Atlanta Journal Constitution can be viewed below. There were also, two other passengers in the vehicle with Shawty Lo that were taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

"After initially describing the accident as a hit-and-run, “it has been confirmed now that it was a single car accident,” Fulton police spokeswoman Cpl. Maureen Smith said.

The crash happened about 2:20 a.m. and temporarily blocked the I-285 southbound ramp to Cascade Road.

The ramp has since been cleared.

The accident happened when a white Audi went over a guardrail, hit two trees and burst into flames. Two other people in the car were injured and taken to a hospital, police said."

As news of Lo's passing came into awareness, several people from the Hip Hop community and across the nation took to their social media to pay their respect, and share reflected memories about Shawty Lo. In what can be called an irony, at the crash site were Lo's accident happened, a CD for his single 'Put Some Respek On It' was discovered. 

Shawty Lo's most memorable project is the 2008 track 'They Know (Dey Know),' Lo brought the dance and party vibes to music, with finger snappin', shoulders boppin' and live instruments being played.

He was a former member and founder of the rap group D4L consisting of: Fabo, Mook-B, and Stuntman. In 2005 they released 'Laffy Taffy' and the track quickly climbed the charts by becoming a No.1 single in 2006.

Lo is survived by his 11 children, family, legacy, fans; and memories of those he impacted and worked with. 

Prayers and condolences to Shawty Lo's children, family and may his legacy thrive. 


New Remix: Game -'Pest Control' (Meek Mill, Omelly and Beanie Sigel Diss)

Posted On: September 21, 2016

Within 24 hours, The Game went in the studio and remixed Young Ma's 'Ooouuu' instrumentals (which has been getting a lot of spins and airtime). The track is titled 'Pest Control' and Game proceeds on exterminating Meek Mill, Omelly and Beanie Sigel.

Pest Control starts off with sound effects of the Jamaican Don Dada, the general Ox (Louie Rankin) from the classic urban movie, Belly.

The Game had a lot to get off his chest, Pest Control is over five minutes long. Getting at Meek Mill's concept of his Dream Chasers label, Game lyrically reflects on his 'Dreams' track off his vintaged "The Documentary" album.

"Still chasin' dreams, I made "Dreams" in '05 though."

Game takes a shot at Omelly, who was lost for words during his freestyle on Sway in The Morning, after spittin' bars for over 3 minutes. For Omelly's sake, he did apply effort, heart, came off the dome; and kept going after his "mmm m uh mmmm" interlude. Prior to Pest Control, Game upload a clip of the freestyle, questioning Omelly's freestylin' abilities and skills. Omelly claiming he didn't want to take any part of the social media beef, it wasn't his style but then uploaded a pic of him holding an oozie and quickly deleted it, like nobody caught it. Don't know what he was trying to prove, but in the hood if you flash those hammers, be ready to use them. I doubt it'll come to that between this whole Meek Mill and Game beef. On the positive note, certainly Omelly will keep his hands clean and those hammers off social media.

After Kanye's West classic "Sway, you aint got the answers" sound effects getting at Omelly, Game goes in on Beanie Sigel with a slew of punchlines.

"The n*gga Hov gave you the game, you ain't soak it./ You was s'posed to throw up the Roc, not smoke it."


And wordplay.

"Strapped, Ninja Turtles, n*gga's runnin' with a rat."

Game brings some comical elements into the track and during this whole thing, even on '92 Bars.' The Game accuses Meek Mill of breaking the man code on the track, by snitching on Safaree to get Nicki Minaj.

"A snake that don't rattle me."

It's unsure if it's true or not. And if it is, knowing the law of karma, it will come back around. Game lyrically expresses, how he didn't need to recruit an army or anybody for that matter, although he is well connected, to get at Meek Mill; and he has a point. Game came at Meek on his own, stood on his own two feet and handled the situation by himself.

Game as I previously stated, has the most punchlines and wordplay. They were clever and he was creative with the construction of his words.

And bodied Meek Mill with these lyrics below,

"They say the meek shall inherit the earth./ So, I went and dug your ass up 'cause Drizzy buried you first."

Game lyrically pushed a few wigs back with the above wordplay/punchline.

Blaze his Pest Control track below.

Hopefully, The Game and Meek Mill will end this beef and come to an understanding. And who knows, one day both of them could reflect on it over cold beers or some Henny (Hennessy) and laugh about the whole situation. If Meek or Game are laughing about it now, then both of them are the winners and champions of not taking something like this to heart, but only the things that touches their hearts.


 Getty Images' Photograph of The Game by: Gabriel Olsen


New Remix: Meek Mill - 'Ooouu' (Game Diss)

Posted On: September 20, 2016

Out of nowhere like a quiet storm this past Friday (Sept. 16th), The Game released a diss track aiming at Meek Mill called '92 Bars.' At first nobody understood why or where all of Game frustration was coming from, but one thing for sure he took all of it and whatever energy he could generate into 92 Bars, because the track is a heavy weight and solid.

"Bang the ratchet at Denny’s and fly herself back to Philly./ She got a couple mill and she don’t even know Meek./ And ever since that n*gga snitched on me, we just don’t speak."

Based on those lyrics, it was later revealed by TMZ that The Game was referring to a robbery incident at Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in West Hollywood, LA, of Sean Kingston getting assaulted and lifted of his $300k chain in June of this year. Game not revealing who his source is, claims Meek Mill snitched to the cops and told Kingston he was the one responsible for the incident. After 92 Bars hit the airwaves, Meek rebutted with a couple shots at The Game on his Instagram account. The first pic he uploaded was of him getting a kiss from his boo Nicki Minaj and Meek with both hands raised, with his middle fingers extended. The picture was a clear shot at Game who lyrically on 92 Bars wants to get his rack on, lay Nicki on a pool table and give her his pool stick.

"And snitching on n*ggas ain’t never been no cool sh*t./ And I’ve been wanting to give Nicki this pool stick./ So, tell your lil’ vibrant thing come f**k with Q-Tip."

Meek continued with his social media beef towards The Game with a couple more uploads, which has now been deleted. The next day, Sean Kingston tried to mediate the issue and added his own two cents, informing Game that Meek never ratted him out. By then, it was too late because Game was too far gone, already chopped, minced, cooked and kept serving beef. Even Sean Kingston got a dose and ran out the kitchen. He even deleted his uploads and seems to want no parts of Meek Mill and Game's beef, which all started because of him. Somehow, there is a miscommunication somewhere, there's no police documents of Game being a suspect or person of interest stemming from the robbery incident, but something had to be said for him to be suspicious and raise his eyebrow.

Anyhow, after a few rebuttals from Game, getting back at Meek's social media antics, the Philadelphia Hip Hop artist went and woke up a sleeping dragon to bring the heat to Game. Maybe it's a Philly thing, a street code or an OG of Hip Hop helping out. Beanie Sigel got involved and is featured on Meek Mill's remix of Young Ma's 'Ooouu' in response to Game's 92 Bars, premiered on My Mixtapez with Omelly on the track also. Now, I don't know if some of you forgot, Beanie was the same person who told Meek to smarten up, tighten his circle and get those square yes men out the equation, during Meek and Drake's beef in the summer of 2015.

Things that make you go hmmm.

Aside from all that social media drama, the two MC's kept it on wax as they should. Between 92 Bars and Meek's version of 'Ooouu,' Game had the most clever wordplay and punchlines (even on his Instagram account, that "L" Debarge line is too funny), both MC's came correct with their barwork, flow, lyrical content (minus Meek's insults talking on the track), individual improvisation and etc. As stated on Twitter, Meek Mill's energy and hunger is back on full mode, you can feel frequency of it in his joint below.