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New Heat: Future & Juice WRLD - 'Fine China'


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Oct 16, 2018

Future and Juice WRLD link up on a new melodious track titled, 'Fine China.'

Hendrix and Juice WRLD are eating off different plates of fine china. The two spittas drop boisterous verses over the frothy, effervescent instrumentals.

Juice WRLD submerges himself and glides all over the beat.

"Shawty like a thousand dollar plate of fine china./Tell her that she beautiful everyday, I remind her./Then I jump in the p*$$y like a lake, I'm a diver."

Future is more about harnessing cosmic energies by taking his fine china to another dimension and endows her with an out of body experience.

"I'm so crazy about mine./I'm goin' to Pluto with my girl/I'm goin' to Jupiter with my girl/I'm goin' to Mars with my girl/I'm goin' to Saturn with my girl/Feelin' like I'm runnin' out of space."

Fine China was produced by Wheezy but the soundscape is barely a snore.

Vibe to it below.