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New Music Video: Young M.A - 'Car Confessions'


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Sep 28, 2018

Debuting her new music video 'Car Confessions,' Young M.A gets intimate with her fans on the track and lays it all on the dashboard.

Cruising throughout the city, Young M.A gets some street therapy as she clears her mind and lets it all flow out in her lyrics. M.A reflects on the past and all the lessons from the school of hard knocks. Disclosing her trials and tribulations, and growing through them to advance herself. Staying focus, Young M.A discovers her truth in the mirror, as a reminder to never give up. Expressing her love for the mic and writing in solitude.

Communicating with her fans, Young M.A thanks them for their loyalty and makes a promise to do her part as a musician. As the anticipation for M.A's album amplifies, her new video keeps it trill until then.

Check it out below.