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Chicago Held Its First Ever 'Black Restaurant Week' to Celebrate Black History Month

Posted On: February 21, 2016

Chicago might be dealing with some issues with it comes to poverty, violence and the lack of educational resources in some of their Black communities. The Illinois' city continues to put forth effort and solutions to alleviate those problems. Recently Chicago held their annual Restaurant Week to showcase the culture of dinning, food and different types of restaurants. This year was a little different when they launched their first ever Black Restaurant Week which had a huge impact in the city. 

The Black Restaurant Week event was originally scheduled for February 7th to the 13th but due to its success, it was extended till the 17th. Chicago's Black Restaurant Week was to celebrate and take part in Black History Month by demonstrating a podium for several aspects of Black cuisine from: soul food, Caribbean, African dishes, the art and music that's exhbitied in some of those restaurants and eateries, the culture; and more. 

Lauran Smith is the creator who spearheaded Chicago's first ever, historical Black Restaurant Week. In an interview with a radio station in Chicago, Smith elaborated on her purpose to tribute the founder who developed Black History Month, who's vision was to highlight contributions, inventions, innovations and etc. Black people blessed the world with. 

"I chose the week because before there was Black History Month, way back in 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson created Negro History Week, which was always the second week in February."

"So I said let me honor his initial vision to honor African-Americans who have played a part in our history. And let me do the restaurant week so it can commemorate what he did and so we can start something new in 2016."

Smith is on a mission to expand her own vision and host the Chicago's Black Restaurant Week every year. The city currently has more than 120 Black owned restaurant that continues to expand and flourish. 


New Startup Develops Alarm Clock That Will Make You Coffee As You Wake Up

Posted On: June 01, 2016

Waking up can be a drag for some and for others, it's a breeze especially if you are a vampire (those that are truly awaken at night). But anyhow, those days of hitting the snooze button, turning off your alarm clock and convincing yourself you'll wake up in five or ten minitues which turns out to be an hour or more, are just a thing of the past. Oh, and that first cup of coffee is a wake up pill for some and others, let's just say, until they've had that first cup of coffee, proceed with caution. 

Well, a stat-up seems to have the solution to all of this with a brand new product called, Barisieur. The name itself is intriguing, there's just something about the French language. Barisieur is designed to multi-task the two things that most people find difficult in the morning, their alarm clocks and getting to that first cup of coffee

Barisieur is an alarm clock that brews coffee or tea as you are waking up. Just imagine it, the smell of fresh coffee or the tea of your choice, waking you up to start a new day. It can be therapeutic for some, instead of hearing the constant buzzing sound of their alarm clocks. According to Barisieur, it stimulates the five senses such as:

  • Hear   - The sounds of the coffee bubbling away
  • Sight - See the water get transported into the filter.
  • Smell  - The coffee brewing.
  • Taste  - The coffee and wake up.
  • Touch - The tangible buttons and form of the product.

Barisieur's features includes a compartment to keep milk or creamer in a small jar that looks like a test tube, the whole layout of Barisieur looks like something out of a science lab, it's cool, different and up to speed with modern technology.

It has a drawer where you can store your coffee or tea and sugar, the mug has a sleek look to it and the pot does not look like a regualr coffee pot and looks more like a laboratory flask. Along with a funnel and tube, your morning will become a project you look forward to everyday. You can also program and time Barisieur to make your first cup of coffee or tea for you. It also charges your phone with its equip USB port at its base and makes it easy for you to tune into your playlist and turn on music to get you going. 

So, there it is, a new way of waking up where your alarm clock makes you a cup of coffee to give you a buzz and stimulate you to start your day. If you're not convinve yet, check out the video below that actually shows you how Barisieur works for you. 

For more information about Barisieur, to invest and fund its development to be at your favorite store and available to you, click on the link below. 

KickStart the Barisieur

Here's to you and Barisieur, cheers! 




Be A Masterpiece

Posted On: March 02, 2015

"Be a masterpiece, eat from God's colorful garden and canvas yourselves well."

--Andrale Marie'


An Entrepreneur From Philadelphia Opens First Woman Owned Comic Shop, Centered Around Diversity

Posted On: January 04, 2016

An aspiring entrepreneur from Philadelphia opened the first woman owned comic shop, which is centered to raise awareness and diversify the culture of comics. Ariell R. Johnson revealed in an interview how the idea for the shop took twelve years for her to bring into reality, while she was a student at Temple University. Fast forward to 2016, with the right education, knowledge and resources, Johnson finally did the "if you build it, they will come" and officially opened Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse for business.

Amalgam Comics is a mellow coffee shop where people can come in have a latte and read their favorite comic books. The establishment will also hold certain comic inspired events, workshop, book signing, TV/movie screenings and more. During her interview with, Ariell R. Johnson expressed the kind of comic books that would be available to the public, the diversity of them, classic characters, different cultures and etc.

"We will be a legit store, so expect to see the heavy hitters that we all know and love," Johnson stated.
"But in addition to those usual suspects, we want to showcase diverse comics, creators, and characters. We think that comics are for everyone and anyone that loves comics-women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. We will actively look to stock titles that showcase people in these groups, right long with Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Thor."

Johnson concluded the interview stating how her employees share the same vision as her, the comic characters that she loves and the work Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse will put in to adhere their quality of service and the public's needs.

"We will definitely make extra effort to promote works by and about members of underrepresented groups, but I also have love for the comic book mainstays like Captain America and Batman. I just want to help make people aware of everything that is out there and hopefully get people to expand their horizons."


Patti LaBelle and Walmart Introduce New Cake With Two Different Flavors

Posted On: January 07, 2016

After the success of sales from her sweet potato pie, which was also due to a video that went viral of James Wright singing to the angels, Patti LaBelle in collaboration with Walmart will be releasing a new line of cakes.

The announcement was made on Twitter earlier this week by Miss LaBelle herself introducing: PattiCakes.

Scheduled to hit the market and available at all participating Walmart, the PattiCakes will make their debut on January 18th. The cakes are manufactured in two flavors: Patti LaBelle Vanilla Pound Cake and Patti LaBelle Premium Caramel Cake. Walmart is anticipating on high demands and went into large production of the cakes, in order to move units of sales. A spokesperson for Walmart, Scott Markley stated the actual numbers that will be available at their stores, upon release of the PattiCakes.

"We needed 50,000 pounds of vanilla icing for our first orders of the vanilla pound cakes and 54,000 pounds of batter for the caramel cakes."

The PattiCakes are doubled and tripled in price of the sweet potato pie's $3.98, whereas the the vanilla pound cake will be sold for $6.44 and the caramel cake at $13.44.