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Anaya Lee Willabus Becomes Youngest Author to Make History Writing a Book With Chapters

Posted On: March 06, 2016

In the spring of 2015, a nine year old penned, authored and launched her first book. Anaya Lee Willabus made history as the youngest published author to write a book in chapters. Her book "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence" storyline is about a little boy named Mohan, who struggles to find balance at home and school. Mohan discovers his confidence to accomplish and excel.

Anaya was inspired to create and write the book during trip to Guyana (the homeland of her parents) with her family and witnessing the struggles of some of the children there. 

"Our first trip to Guyana inspired me and I have the gifts that were needed," Anaya expressed. "These events that happened to Mohan are not things that happened to me, but have happened to many other children. For example, many other children may have problems in school, many other children may have lost one of their parents."

Following her vision, Anaya began the creative process and implementation of her book. She was guided by her mother who is the CEO of a promotional company (Rhythm Nation Entertainment) but Anaya wanted to have sole creative control with designing the book cover, the kind of picture she wanted, the graphic work and etc. 

"Whatever she told me I put down and it had to be exactly that otherwise she gets very upset," explained her mother. "There were about 20 different covers and she didn’t like any of them. She wanted this font, this picture and she had to have pink and purple (her favorite colors)," Willabus' mother elaborated. 

The picture Anaya Lee selected is a photograph of her little brother playing soccer. With the love of reading and being an avid writer, also combining the scrapbook of ideas she had, Anaya penned her first book.

During a recent interview with NY Daily News, Anaya Lee's mother expressed how she knew there was always something special about her daughter. 

"We knew something was different with her," Willabus' mother, Dimple proudly expressed. "She never learned to walk. She actually started running. She started reading at 2 years old."

Her mother also conveyed, that Anaya is just ike any other kid who loves eating candy, fights with her siblings despite her extraordinary talents and abilities. 

Anaya’s favorite books include: Malala Yousafzai‘s I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, and President Obama‘s Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

"I like to read all genres, of books. I love both reading and writing. They both have something that I love in them," Anaya Lee Willabus revealed during her interview. 

Anaya also asserted, she prefers the classic and original way of reading. And not into Nook or Kindle. 

"I prefer traditional books because of the beauty of turning the pages." 

(I agree, there's nothing like the smell of a fresh new book and the sound of turning pages.)

Anaya Lee's book "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence" can be purchase at Barnes & Noble,  Amazon,  and Rhythm Nation Entertainment.

Congrats lil mama, you inspire me! 


How Reading & Writing Are Helping Keep Former Juvenile Offenders Out Of Jail

Posted On: March 01, 2015

Reading and writing is not just a necessity for education, but also needed as a tool for survival. For example: if somebody does not know how to read and write, a bottle with a warning label on it stating that its poisonous, could be detrimental to them. So, reading and writing is a way of life. Reading and writing has long served a purpose of helping, inspiring and motivating others through literature.

A non-profit organization called the Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop took it to another level, when they founded the workshop to help inmates in jail and prison.

The workshop started when one of the founders who was a journalist at the time, started exchanging letters from a man on death row. The letters Kelli Taylor wrote to the inmate helped him deal with being on death row and gave him a whole new perspective about his sentence. Seeing the effectiveness of the letters, Taylor was inspired and wanted to help other inmates who were serving time behind bars, and recruited Tara Libert and started the the non-profit workshop.

The two of them came up with a mission statement of making an impact, to help inmates and juvenile offenders change their lives around and to redeem their souls through poetry, the art of literature and; writing from their hearts.

The members of the workshop meet every week to discuss and speak on various topics about books that they've read, contemporary literature, current events through publishing and memoirs from inmates who became writers; such as Nathan McCall, who is the author for the book, Makes Me Wanna Holler.

The website for the Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop shares blog posts of success stories from inmates who were and currently involved with their programs. When the inmates graduate, the workshop awards them with an alumni certificate upon their release from jail or prison, From there, the workshop continues to assist the inmates with job placement and also, registration for college, online courses and other career building classes.

In an article published by The Washington Post, they interviewed three former inmates who utilize the services which Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop provides. The inmates are juveniles who met while they were all behind bars, they are as follow: Robert Barksdale, Phil Mosby, and Juan Peterson. All three of them are friends who support and motivate one another, to not participate in any crimes, drugs ;and to remain focus, by being positive in order to change their lives.

Barksdale, Mosby and Peterson have written poetry and short stories about their experiences in jail. And also, have written artistic poetry, imaginative literature and more.

Juan Peterson who is aiming to become a lawyer wrote the poem below, about finding his light and being renewed.

Check out the poem below.

No more heartaching sins

from the dark place within

thinking of back then it’s too complicated to comprehend

I’m awestruck from the view

It’s like I’m seeing two

My mind is displaying a brighter hue

It feels good to be brand new

During their interview, Robert Barksdale expressed to The Washinton Post how the Free Minds Book Club & Workshop helped him find his passion for writing.

"Writing opened up a passion in me," Barksdale said "That’s what you need to get through. Phil and Juan know; they were on the block with me -- I began to read books, I wrote poetry, got my vocational certificate."

Phil Mosby stated how the workshop helped him attain his freedom and not just freedom from jail, but himself. 

"I want to understand freedom … I want to be able to have a job that can make a decent living," Mosby told The Washington Post. 

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop continues to extend their services to inmates in Washington D.C. and plan to expand their organization from state to state.




Read A Book, Read A Book

Posted On: August 12, 2015

“Read absolutely everything you get your hands on, because you’ll never know where you’ll get an idea from..”


“People don’t realize how a man’s whole life can be changed by one book.”

– Malcolm X


Mom Pens and Authored Book, 'Bad Hair Does Not Exist!' to Empower Her Daughters in Embracing and Loving Their Own Hair

Posted On: March 04, 2016

A mother of two was disappointed when her babysitter told her three year old daughter in Spanish that she had bad hair, "pelo malo." Sulma Arzu-Brown who is African-American and Honduran, calls herself "Garifuna" which represents her Afro-Latino background, was inspired by the incident to pen a book and empower her daughter to embrace her hair. During that time, Sulma was going through some form of evolution, transitioning into the woman who would author the vision of her book. 

In trying to instill love and confidence into her eldest daughter, to nurture her self esteem from the lack of images displayed which doesn't reflect her daughter, Sulma learned to make a difference, it would have to start with her. Arzu-Brown decided to cut off all her chemically processed hair and began her natural hair journey. The result of it, planted a seed in her daughter who saw her mother in a different light and also, saw her own self through the spectrum of that light.

"One day I went and cut it all off. I came home and this little girl took a sigh of relief and said, 'Mommy we finally look alike.' I didn't realize what a power of influence I was in my daughter's life until I found out that she struggled to look like me."

From there, the words flowed and found their way into the hearts and souls of little girls, as well as adults when Sulma Arzu-Brown authored and launched her book, "Bad Hair Does Not Exist!" The book is innovative and was written in two languages, English and Spanish (Pelo Malo No Existe!). The bilingual book is purposed and geared to empower and encourage girls of African-American, Afro-Latino, multi-racial, mutli-culture and etc. to embrace, love, discover the beauty in themselves and know that all of them are beautiful. 

During a recent interview last month, Sulma Arzu-Brown explained how the term "bad hair" in any languge can affect a little girl, her perception of herself and how it can contribute to low self-esteem issues. Sulma also expressed, her book Bad Does Not Exist, implores the power for girls to take ownership of their beauty. Azru-Brown elaborated about the dispute of race and culture issues in other Hispanic community such as Brazil and how she wants to combat it by having the book transalted into Portuguese.

"I think it's important to highlight that Latinos and other people of color both share common challenges. I am Black, but I happen to be born in Honduras so I'm also Hispanic. I just wanted to let both communities know that we are one. We deal with the same challenges." 

Along with the book Bad Hair Does Not Exist, an app was launched, sponsored by the StartUp Box, a company that is trying to fortify and expand tech, entrepreneurship amongst African-Americans, Latinas and etc., beginning with the South Bronx. The founder, Majora Carter heard about the book and Sulma Azru-Brown's vision and wanted to amplify it. 

"It's really important to have the ability [to produce] positive images for young women to feel good about themselves, especially in this country where little girls are valued according to what they look like in spite of many of our best efforts," asserted Majora. 

Carter also expressed, the message of the book and the statement its making. 

"It's important to say things like 'bad hair doesn't exist' and that everyone is beautiful."

Bad Hair Does Not Exist can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. 



Rekonect Notebook With Removable Magnetic Pages

Posted On: October 31, 2015

Rekonect is taking it up a few notches for writers, designers and artists with their new innovation, that will make it easier to create without boundaries. Their new product is called the "Rekonect Magnetic Notebook," it is the first of its kind so therefore, making history in digital and technology innovation.

The pages in the Rekonnect Notebooks are magnetic and removable, which helps creators manuever with ease when they're in their creative zones. It comes with different style pages from plain, lined, graphed and etc.

Rekonect Notebook is also a pen holder and magnetizes with any pen. It's tech safe and can magnetize itself on a laptop or become a holder for a smartphone as well.

The Rekonect Notebook is scheduled to hit the market on April of 2016. For more information, log on the Rekonect's kickstarter page.


Book Review: 'Wesley Learns To Invest' (World's First Published Book to Teach Children About Finances & Investments)

Posted On: February 21, 2016

Published in 2015, "Wesley Learns To Invest"  made history when it became the first book ever to teach children about finances and investments. The book was penned by Prince Dykes who is a published writer and author. 

Utlizing his knowledge and wisdom of finances, investments and business management; Prince Dykes wrote a book to educate children on those subjects. Wesley Learns To invest is purposed to nurture and help children adapt healthy principles, habits and lifestyles when it comes to: spending, financial affairs, launching their own businesses and of course, investments when they become adults. In 2012, Prince founded Royal Financial Investment Group which invest in Black owned businesses and made history when he created and launched the world's first capital venture app for investors and Business Owners Hub (IABOH). The app plugs entrepreneurs and start-ups into $5 trillion dollars worth of resources from investors to pitch their ideas to, crow-funding, equity firms, financial lawyers, resources for them to build and generate capital and more. The app is available at the Apple store and GooglePlay. 

The character 'Wesley' in the book is Prince Dykes' son who is featured and also, authored the book with his dad. The storyline of the book is about Wesley who asked his father for a gaming system, but instead the charater of the father teaches his son the importance of hard work. The father teaches his son about making wise investments and how those investments will at times triple in value, where the investor is the one who earns from it. The book illustrates and fosters lessons about Wall Street, the stock market, teaches children about the responsiblity of managing their financces, saving and more. 

Wesley Learns To Invest is avalaible at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and wherever books are sold. 


7-Year Old, Morgan E. Taylor Writes Book to Inform Black Girls that They Are Also Princesses

Posted On: June 24, 2016

During a conversation with her father, seven year old Morgan E. Taylor was baffled and wanted to know why there were no princesses in books and movies that looked like her. Morgan's father expressed she could be and how Morgan was a princess too. Since that conversation, something sparked in Morgan because she developed a passion to innovate change and informed little Black girls like herself, that they too are also princesses. 

Morgan E. Taylor went to work, with the guidance of her father , G. Todd Taylor, the seven year old wrote her first book and became an author. She was inspired by the conversation she had with her father, which motivated her to become a young leader in implementing change for a better world. 

The book is titled, "Daddy's Little Princess" and was co-authored by her father Todd, purposed to reassure and instill the knowledge into adolescent African-American girls that regardless of their colors and tones, they are princesses. Daddy's Little Princess' storyline introduces its readers and based on facts about princesses and queens of African-American origin from all over the world. Presenting princesses such as: Princess Elizabeth of Toro, Princess Angela of Liechtenstein and more. It's also composed of empowering fundamentals to uplift the self esteem of little Black girls. 

During an interview at Morgan's book premier and signing, her mother Diane Taylor spoke to news reporters and talked about how special Morgan is. And how after her father told her she was a princess, the notion of it inspired her to let other little Black girls know as well about their crowns. 

"Morgan is special and I know everybody's child is special. The idea that she could take something from her head and make it into a movement is amazing," Morgan's mother conveyed. 

Daddy's Little Princess also wants to empower other little girls that they are princesses, no matter their color, culture, heritage, background; and etc. From the launch of this book, Morgan wants to go forth and write her second book (You go girl!) about teaching girls about the importance of saving and money management. 

Clap it up for the young queen in training, Godspeed to Morgan! 


LaLa Anthony Prepares To Release Second Book: 'The Power Playbook'

Posted On: February 04, 2015

LaLa Anthony, the multi-talented boss babe, put her pen game down and is preparing to release her second book titled, "The Power Playbook: Rules for Independence, Money, and Success."

LaLa used the knowledge and wisdom of her life experiences, and shares it with her readers. The new book is a follow up from her first book, “The Love Playbook”, which Lala shared her wisdom, as well as knowledge with readers about love, relationships and etc.

The upcoming book focuses more on career, business, money management, succeeding with personal and entrepreneurship goals, and bringing dreams into fruition, it also talks about independence, when it comes to making power moves, as far as financial freedom, emotional baggage and so on.

The book's publisher released a statement about Lala's new book and how she shares personal stories about her journey to success, the ups and downs and etc. to inspire and motivate other women to be successful also.

Check it out below.

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Love Playbook, La La Anthony is again opening up her playbook to share her no-nonsense advice. La La is a self-made entrepreneur with a successful fashion line, a cosmetics company, a reality show, and a budding acting career to her credit. From humble beginnings, she created a career that she loves through sheer determination and hard work, and now she shares her hard-won wisdom on how her readers can do the same.With her unparalleled drive and enterprising attitude, La La knows what it takes to follow a dream, forge goals, and work relentlessly to achieve them. In ‘The Power Playbook,’ she will share her tried-and-true advice for reaching new levels of success in whatever you set out to do. Big dreams require hard work, resilience, and an undying belief in yourself. Illustrated by personal stories of her own professional triumphs and challenges, La La reveals her secrets to finding success on your own terms.

Besides acting and known to host certain shows, Lala is a businesswoman behind the scenes, who owns Motive Cosmetics, her own clothing line, stakes in other small companies and more.

LaLa Anthony's new book is scheduled for release on May 5th.


China Opens The World's Most Amazing Bookstore

Posted On: May 28, 2016

In a digital world of reading books without flipping any pages on a tablet, China knows print (media) publishing will never go out of style. Also, that there is something about a new book smell, the sounds of flipping pages and the ability to write in books, as in the connecting with the writer of it.  And how all these things are special to readers. 

Combining the passion, creativity and imagination both books and art-forms unleash, China opened the world's most amazing and beautiful bookstore. 

Shanghai based design studio XL-Muse welcomes patrons into a kaleidoscopic and prismatic portal of creativity, for the interior to the new Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore. The alcove of the bookstore opens with a chalky, silver and pearl veranda of roundabout bookshelves. The ceiling has a transparent and reflective effect to it.

The bookstore continues into another part of it, exhibiting wood, primarly oak hampered floors and interior detailing. The books are neatly stacked and sort of paint a masterpiece together. Finally the children's section of the library is equipped with a ferris wheel and roller coaster architecture on the walls (with books stacked in them) that gives it a circus theme.

The Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore is documented as the world's most beautiful and is open to the public. It's a tourist haven, especially for book lovers. 

Check out more pics of the bookstore below. 


New Book Release: DJ Khaled - 'The Keys'

Posted On: November 22, 2016

Starting off as a DJ and building an empire from it, DJ Khaled can now add authorship to his resume with the release of his anticipated book, "The Keys."

Khaled managed to discover the key to open the door of his dreams and also, other keys to close certain doors, and open other doors leading to dimensions; and portals of success. And now that he has those keys, Khaled is sharing it with the masses to help them discover their own keys to life.

DJ Khaled highlights his major keys in the book. He shares testimonies and lessons he learned through experiences and mentors.

Khaled goes into details about "they" by giving examples and experiences he endured from "they." He elaborates about remembering the people who counted him out, although God already deposited what could not be counted out into DJ Khaled. He also expresses, the importance of keeping your circle small as you grow and expand in your businesses. Khaled talks about the pressures of success and how one has to have tough skin to handle it. He also talks about the darkside of power, and how it corrupts certain people. It causes them to change, not for the better but worst. He explains it as a form of evolution, as you start to manifest and transpire into your visions, goals, dreams and etc.; you will grow, change and evolve. And with newfound power, it can go either way. It can bring out the good or worst in people. On some Pinky and The Brain ish of trying to take over the world. Basically, when you have the world in the palm of your hands, will you enhance it or destroy it?..

There's several keys in this book to learn from and even take notes. Reading is fundamental and nourishment for the mind, so check out Khaled's new book, The Keys. And you never know how it can bless you, provide information and enhance your knowledge. So, get to reading!


8 Yr. Old Pens New Book "The Win Within" To Inspire His Peers

Posted On: May 23, 2016

Christon "The Truth" Jones is an amazing eight year old, who seems to be well beyond his years and has an old soul for a child. Jones already penned his first book titled "The Win Within," in an effort to inspire his peers and children in general across the nation. 

The Win Within reflects on Christon's own journey of being a football player and utilizing his faith in God to touchdown every time.

The book's main charater is named after Christon who is a student that plays football and bring his faith along with him. The character has a strong bond with God and his mother, also a strong belief that he is never alone and by looking within, he's able to extract all that God has blessed him with to win his football games.  

During his first book signing, Christon Jones was interviewed and asked what advice or message he would like to tell his peers and young football players like himself. Jones replied how everybody has everything they need inside of them to be their best.

Check it out below.

"Everyone loves to win and God has already given you everything you need to win, but you have to look within yourself to find the answers."

In retrospect, The Win Within details the life of an eight year old and the lessons that are learned about family, God and lessons beyond the field about football.

The book's illustrations are colorful and animated which will interest young readers, while they are absorbing the inspiration of the story. The Win Within can be found on Amazon and also on Christon Jones' own promotional and marketing website,