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Awakening the Goddess in You

Posted On: November 05, 2017

Awakening the spirit of the Goddess in you. Yes, hunny, it is time to reclaim your power! The Goddess energy has returned and it is time to generate this energy from within.

The Goddess, the feminine energy has been suppressed for many generations but you can not suppress something that is an important component in our universe. This is why the earth is imbalanced and Mother Nature has been at war with human kind. This all started when Caucasian males started visiting Egypt and came across the ankh and how women where worshiped in Egypt as Goddesses, a female version of a God. And the ankh (the original cross) represents the Goddess energy displaying the womb. When these men came across those ancient text, symbols and statues of these Goddesses, it was too much for them. These men could not fathom nor had the vision to see a woman as a God, which we already know is a Goddess. Mind you, every man that has entered this earth was conceived in a womb of a woman and came through a woman. Seems like a godly attribute of a Goddess.

In trying to suppress the truth, the womb (the feminine energy, the Goddess) was revised and taken out of the original cross (the ankh pictured below). And revamped into the modern cross (Roman crucifixion of Christ) that we know of today. As well as, the original Holy Trinity which is the Divine Mother, Divine Father and the Divine Child but that's another article on its own. You can't hide nor suppress the truth and guess what? The Goddess is back baby! We are in the era where the Goddess, feminine energy has returned to restore balance on this earth.

In moving forward with the topic "Divination, Spiritual Health & Metaphysics," I have to touch on the subject of the Goddess and the feminine energy. Because there are aspects in spirituality and divination which requires working with deities that are Goddesses, channeling feminine energy through fruits, cowries shells, coffee beans and etc. If you don't know the goddess and feminine energy from within yourself, you can't channel it because it comes from within. To plug into this power as a woman, one has to awaken, invoke their goddess energy from within to channel it; and be one with the divine energy of the Goddess.

Throughout history it has been a power struggle with the masculine energy (men) when it comes to the feminine energy (women). This power struggle does not stem from the universe but human kind, men who had a problem with the feminine energy (women) being worshiped as a Goddess. This is in Westernized cultures because other cultures and parts of the world continue the ancient practice of worshiping the Goddess. When you look at the timeline of history, women have been suppressed in their powers and freedom. There was a time when women weren't allowed to vote, if a women knew how to heal herself, had insight, vision and intelligence that stem from within, she was executed; this is what happened during the Salem Witch Trials. In the suppression of their powers and freedom, women were told by men on how to look, feel, how to carry herself, even with her sexuality; and etc. This psychological conditioning continues on today in our society with some of the advertisements and commercials that we see. Especially targeting melaneted women being told they should be lighter in skin, their hair should be straight, their nose should be thin and etc., to look more like European women. Its more of a racist psychological conditioning which has affected women, their confidence and self esteem.

The general psychological conditioning continues to affect women, even in today's modern society. You have some women who would rather embody and see themselves as a king instead of a queen. Mainly because of how the king has been viewed and praised. The queen is just as supreme, royal and powerful as the king. As a matter of fact, the queen is the most powerful piece on a chessboard. The feminine energy is all around us, we see it in oysters (pictured below), fruits, certain flowers, cowries shells, coffee beans; and more.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings forth balance in oneself. It awakens your power as a woman, your innate knowledge, connection to the earth, cosmos; and the universe as a whole. It awakens your intuition, although women are naturally intuitive, awakening the Goddess nurtures and fortifies a woman's intuition. Awakening the Goddess energy from within, a woman begins to see beauty from a different angle, through her eyes and not the eyes of society. This empowers a woman's confidence, belief in herself and cultivates her self esteem. Because beauty is no longer defined through the eyes of another or society but through the eye of her soul.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within also, empowers a woman to bring forth her innate knowledge and wisdom, this energy guides her in healing herself through her soul and spirit. It reconnects women to Mother Nature grounding themselves, in order to elevate into a higher and better version of themselves. Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings enlightenment and knowledge of the women knowing and being familiar with herself, understanding her true power stems from within.


Source of Photos:, Pinterest and Google.


July Forecast: Eclipse Season

Posted On: July 05, 2018

The month of July ushers in eclipse season, where all that does not belong will be eradicated and the illumination of all that is divine will come to light.

Whatever is not meant to be nor is not serving you for your highest and greatest good, will be removed. It’s not part of your destiny, it’s not fortifying nor nurturing your purpose, the cosmos will obscure (eclipse) it from your path.

All will be cleansed and purified, the slate will be wiped clean.

Understand it was necessary for your growth, no matter how painful, unfair, unjust or negative the experience was, it was all part of a Divine plan to bless you. That is why the heavenly realms, as well as the gatekeepers of the lower realms allowed it to happen.

You’ll become more wiser, stronger in the faith of who you are (and all that you are becoming and will be), a new sense of clarity, strength through perseverance, intuitive insights to magnify vision; and so much more.

As the slate is being wiped clean, within that darkness, new seeds will be planted.

Trust that everything happens and manifest within its own Divine timing. As the sun illuminates during an eclipse, all that is divine in you will be illuminated as well. This month is also, a month of liberation. Be liberated within the free spirit that you are.


Creative Digital Art byArtxman


Libra Season: The Balancing of the Scales

Posted On: September 23, 2018

Libra season is officially here and ushering in the energy of balance, to teach us areas, aspects in our lives we need to balance.

To adjust and balance these scales, there has to be a tipping point. For any kind of transformation, evolution, change to occur; and etc., one must reach a tipping point.Tipping points are what inspires and motivates balance to be restored.

Meditate on this and ask yourself, what is your tipping point? Or what are your tipping points? A tipping point is usually something that leads to nothing. Where the scale is leaning too much on one side, it’s heavy, it’s a burden; and causing an imbalance. One would have to rid themselves or eradicate this heaviness and burden, in order to adjust and redeem/restore balance.


A tipping point can be anything such as: it can be where a person is giving too much and there’s no balance of reciprocity. This could be a career, a job, a relationship; and etc. There’s an imbalance of reciprocal energy in the form of energy exchanges. A tipping point can also, be letting an issue or a problem build up, where it’s become a burden. The tipping point motivates and leads to the solution for a resolution.

Adjusting and balancing the scales, to lighten things up and elevate.

Libra season can teach us how to balance the solar and lunar energies in our magick. To serve and benefit us for our highest and greatest good. Also, balancing these energies within ourselves and our connections to the earth, spiritual and cosmic realms; and Mother Nature.

Balancing the laws of duality in the universe and nature from within ourselves, in as above, so below. Light and darkness, divine feminine and divine masculine energies in the form of Goddess and God, crown and root chakra, the higher realms and lower realms; and etc.

Utilizing this Libra energy also, to align and balance the scales of our crown chakra and mental energies. In accordance to our heart chakra and energies in motion (emotions, feelings).

Libra season’s significance and symbology is liken to the Justice card in Tarot divination. Where justice shall prevail, vindication and the restoration of wholeness.

In numerology, Libra season’s significance and symbology is the number 2. It represents duality in the alignment of things being whole. How two becomes one. Without duality, there would be an imbalance of the uni (the law of one) in the universe. This one verse in the universe that brings all things together as one.

May the commencement of Libra season and its energies serve us well.

Bless it be!

And Happy Birthdays Libras!

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The Only Supermoon for 2017 - Gemini Full Moon

Posted On: December 02, 2017

Full Moon SuperMoon (Dec 3) in Gemini is prismatic with information, able to shapeshift into multiple expressions. Not an easy path to discern. Best not to get swept up with the tides of misinformation, instead ground into your own center and listen deeply to your Soul. With Mercury just having turned retrograde, there is much to reflect on. This a healing time as well as a time of self-mastery where we have an opportunity to cleanse our perceptions and open up to a new way. Time to upgrade our thinking and remember that we are free to perceive our experience in what ever way we choose. We are powerful beyond measure. Trust in your process and trust in your heart.

Pam Younghans says,

"Depending on which direction we choose to look we can feel profound inspiration and hope or great frustration and disillusionment. Since both Saturn and Mercury are at the same degree as the Galactic Center, this alignment indicates an opportunity for a major reset. This is a time when we can take significant steps in releasing old patterns that have blocked our progress.”

Leah Whitehorse says,

“This big bright supermoon occurs on a day supercharged with astrological activity..Fact and fiction are blended, shaken and stirred and served with a slice of sleight of hand.. Neptune’s confusing vibration can sometimes make us feel weak or defeated before we even start… If you feel confused, stand still, tune into your heart… Let the distraction of the world fall away until you can hear your own inner dialogue..No matter how strange these times are, remember you have a direct line to the cosmos.”

Divine Harmony shares,

"The last Full Moon of 2017 is going out with a bang! …bringing into the full Light of consciousness information, communication, ideas and thinking that needs to be seen for what it is...”

“It’s so important right now karmically to be honest, direct and clear- with ourselves and with others.” Jessica Shepherd says, it’s an “opportunity to catch our awareness mid-stream, to observe how we are deluding or deceiving our self through wrong stories, false perceptions. Astrologer Steven Forrest calls this Neptunian process ‘cleaning the windows’. By becoming aware of what’s obscuring our windows (wrong perceptions), we discover clarity, truth, oneness.”

For more insight and to read more about 2017's last full moon and only supermoon in Gemini, click on the link below.

Gemini Full Moon Insight


Reference, art and source of article: Mystic Mamma


#MondayMotivation: Moon Day (Mondays)

Posted On: June 11, 2018

Just like the moon, life is about phases and cycles.

As the moon grows and illuminates in the sky, so do we. There’s a time to create, build and cultivate. There’s a time to reap and harvest. There’s a time for destruction and purging. There’s time for seeding and growth.

During those dark times, it is a period of purging, shedding and releasing what no longer belongs. It is a phase of life when we are being polished.

As you release, space for the new is being made, so it is also a time of planting (seeding) and adjusting to a new phase, cycle in life. There’s a growth phase, we don’t automatically become who we are meant to be, we grow into that person. We grow into our light and shine.

The true essence of one’s light, is a light that was polished in the dark. Light does not give birth to light, only darkness births light. When light is born out of darkness, it can not be extinguished from it but only shines brighter in the midst of it.

Anyhow, life just like the moon is all about phases and cycles. And just like the moon phases and cycles end and begin, life cycles and phases end to start new ones.



True Magick Stems From Within/Channeling Energy

Posted On: November 11, 2017

"True magick stems from within."

- Andrale Marie'

In the beginning of the film "The Craft," it displays an altar where we observe the pentagram, candles, herbs and etc., including three witches trying to cultivate power outside of themselves. Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie are trying to harness power outside of themselves utilizing the tools at their altar but are not tapping into any true power.

So, here comes Sarah who is a natural born witch that Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie are not aware of yet. The four of them visit a spiritual botanica store and Sarah interacts with the owner and confided in telling the owner she's never read any books about witches or being a witch. The owner tells Sarah that she is a natural witch and how her power comes from within. Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie take a trip and go out into nature where they made a pact with each other. During making this pact in forming a circle, Sarah holds hands with the others where a transference of energy took place (pictured below). This transference of energy invoked Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie's power when Sarah's energy rubbed off on them. Sarah was the outlet, the source of Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie's power.

Sarah starts bonding with Rochelle, Nancy and Bonnie and starts opening up to them. Sarah expressed, how when she makes wishes, they come true, how her thoughts manifest and become real; and speaking things into existence. Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle were so blown by it that they didn't believe her, especially Nancy because none of them has ever evoked/invoked like that. None of them ever accessed or tapped into power like that. Sarah starts teaching them about evoking, imploring magick and the elements of it, for example: the power of touch, when Sarah touched her hair and it changed color, the power of channeling energy when Rochelle levitated, the power of words in casting spells; and etc. The film goes on and the girls invoke a spirit. Nancy comes into powers that she's never had before, has no knowledge of it and because of this lack of knowledge, Nancy becomes destructive with her newfound power. Because she did not know what to do with it and also, Nancy was exercising those powers from her lower self. Nancy goes against Sarah and influences Rochelle and Bonnie to do the same, unbeknownst to them that their newfound witchy power was being channeled through Sarah's energy. Nancy uses Sarah's fear of snakes which was not her real fear and illusioned magic (magick that's not real and can appear real due to psychological warfare) to get at Sarah.

Sarah goes to the botanica store owner for help, who takes Sarah in the back of the store which is an altar room. She takes Sarah's hands (another transference of energy) to try to help Sarah invoke spirit from within herself, the true source of Sarah's power. During this part of the film, Sarah's real fear was exhibited which was herself. Sarah feared herself and her power because she didn't grow into her power yet nor was she one with her power. Also, she lacked control of her power and because of this, Sarah would unintentionally harm or destroy with her powers. When Sarah observes the botanica store blowing up and witnesses this big ball of fire, she starts running (running away from herself, running away from her truth) and didn't comprehend it was a manifestation of her fears (illusioned magic). Usually people who run away from themselves end up running into themselves, because sooner or later those people have to face themselves. Sarah faces herself and becomes one with her power in facing Nancy. In the end of the film, Rochelle and Bonnie visit Sarah and confided in her how they lost their power and whispered amongst themselves that Sarah lost her power too. But Sarah did not lose her power because Sarah's power came from within herself. Whereas, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie where using tools and resources outside of themselves to harness power; instead of channeling it from within. Also, when Sarah removed herself from the pact, the transference of energy was ceased and this is why Rochelle, Bonnie; and Nancy lost their powers.

It's not the pentagram, candles, herbs and etc. that gives one magick, power and etc. True magick stems from within. When magick comes from within yourself, your soul will guide you on which symbols to use (or create), the proper candles, herbs and etc. to utilized because it will resonate with your spirit. True magick does not stem from those tools and resources but yourself. (Your soul will guide you as well towards the spiritual practitioner to work with.) Also, your energy which is a very important aspect of it. It is your energy that charges a crystal or water, it is your energy that infuses an herb, it is your energy that magnifies the light of a candle, it is your energy that stimulates a symbol, it is your energy that invokes spirit; and etc. All of it comes from your energy, that is the source and where true magick stems from. It's all within yourself.

When you rub your bare feet on carpet and touch a doorknob, you get an electric shock. The electric shock did not come from the carpet nor door knob but you. When you rubbed your feet on the carpet, you stimulated a static charge through your energy and touching the door knob is a transference of energy through you, which caused an electric shock. When doctors need to revive life, they have to apply electrical current, shock a person to revive them. Basically applying electricity to electrify a person's energy. Your energy is important. Talk and feel your neck, you will feel your neck vibrating when you are speaking. That vibration is energy and this is where the power of speech comes from. Your heartbeat has its own rhythm, a frequency of your energy.

It's all within your energy and channeling your energy to implore magick, invoke and manifest.

Channeling your energy is to channel your inner God and Goddess towards your Spiritual Health, accessing the divinity within yourself and the Divine with Divination and discovering the nature of who you are beyond the physical world with Metaphysics.

MAGIX Software


Insights: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio (Part 2)

Posted On: September 27, 2018

This is part 2 of Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, I will try to be brief with this one but informative. The irony of this part 2 is Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio and goes direct in Libra

As expressed, Scorpio's symbol is the scorpion which likes to unearth things and in Tarot divination, The Death card is the tarot symbology for Scorpio. Not literal death but transformations and evolution. Something has to end, in order for something new to start or begin. Venus and its cosmic energies is divine femininity that oversees love, relationships, harmony, finances and value in itself as what is valuable to you; and etc. We've covered some of this in part 1. Venus is everything that is feminine, she's like the softness of a flower petal.

With Scorpio, to me it's a sign that is masculine in its energies, it's also dominant, although Scorpio's element is water, because of its intensity, it feels more like fire. Scorpio's unearthing of things peels away at layers to the core. So basically, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is Venus going through hell, walking through that fire and going through a tsunami and uncharted waters, in order to heal, transform and evolve. This is the unearthing of your spirit and soul, peeling away at all those layers to get to the authenticity of your spirit and soul. And live boldly in it.


Scorpio's trait also, deals with things that are taboo when it comes to secrets and all that is hidden, or even swept under the rug. Venus retrograding in Scorpio has to face all of that. Your dark side coming to light and seeing yourself in your own shadows. Venus retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to do shadow work and exercise your demons in training them to serve you.

This will help, guide and strengthen a person to face external demons. There are somethings some people don't want to face and would rather escape them through projections. And project the pain from those things unto others. It can be anything from sexual traumas, abuse of any sort relating to love and relationships: either from parents, families or those that were trusted and failed to love and protect these people in love and harmony; and etc. With this whole #MeToo movement, it's one thing to face the people who assaulted you and want justice but how about the demons that assault created, you got your justice and the person went to prison, but yet you're imprisoned with the pain, the shame, the demons that wreak havoc on your spirits and souls. The avoidance of healing because healing is so painful and messy. Rape is not just a physical assault that affects a person psychologically but it also affects the psyche, the heart and womb spiritually.

Yesterday, I saw a video of a woman speaking out about what's going on with Brett Kavanaugh and shared her experience of being raped and assaulted. This woman was filled with pain that I shed some tears for her. And I could feel and sense that she carries this pain with her and is imprisoned in it. And yearning to be free.  When a woman gets raped, she carries the energy of that experience in her heart and womb and she carries the energy of her assaulter's energy in her heart and womb. This is an aspect of it that nobody talks about because it is taboo, the spiritual aspect of it that some people are afraid to face.  And how utilizing the tools in spirituality helps a person cleanse, purify and redeem themselves from the energies of their assaulter and the energies of that traumatic experience. In also cleansing, purifying and redeeming their hearts and wombs.

I also, observe a lot of women speaking out against their assaults and I admire all of you for your strength and courage. One thing that baffles me is: nobody has open up the forum to talk about healing and self care to help these women move forward, to release the pain and traumas they carry and their energies, to break free from the prisons they've built from their traumatic experiences; and etc.

With this Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, now is the time to heal, to go through the fire to find yourself again and filter out what is not you. To restore and redeem yourselves because you deserve it! To restore your heart, your womb and all that is divine in your essence.

May all that's been broken, damaged and shamed in you, be restored in wholeness of the beautiful person you are.




Tarot Thursdays: Deck Review - 'Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards'

Posted On: June 07, 2018

You are interested in Tarot Cards but don't know where to start? Maybe you've gotten a reading or get readings as part of your spiritual wellness, and hunny you'd like to learn how to tap into your own intuitive power. (I feel you, don't inhibit your power but unleash it!) Release the Goddess/God from within, invoke the spirit of your intuition and unlock your hidden potential. It sounds like an adventure, don't it? Well it is and if you don't know where to start, have no fear.

Spirituality is becoming a trend but I don't see it as such but more like awakening in its divine timing. There's still a lot of work to do in debunking fears and aspects in spirituality that have been demonized. But for now, let's stay on topic.

Start and begin your Tarot Card journey with a consultation from a professional Tarotist that ranges in the mediums of the realms (seen and unseen). I don't like the word psychic, although mediums deal with facets of the psyche, energy reader is a more suitable word because it's basically reading energies. But anyhow, you've gotten your consultation and hopefully, the tarotist advised or referred a deck of cards for you to start your journey. But if not, you can begin your journey with the "Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck." It is easy to learn, the symbology of the cards are easy to read and it comes with a guidebook to teach you.

The Charka Wisdom Oracle Cards deck comes with 49 cards, illustrated in resonating with the meaning of each cards. The cards are vivid in imagery and detailed. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are sectioned in colors ranging from red to explore your intuition, yellow to explore your thought process, purple to see without sight; and other colors in exploration such as green, blue and etc.

Either you can start with reading the guidebook of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards deck or start with shuffling your cards and begin with a one card reading. But it's best to read the guidebook and get a sense of what the oracle deck is about, implore your own inner guidance as you read. Before you officially start your reading, it is wise to meditate and clear your mind and emotions. Center and ground yourself, light a candle, burn some incense or sage and get in the mood of things. Touch the cards, get your energy in them, shuffle the cards without displaying them and get your spirit into the cards.

Make sure your environment is on point, calm and relax yourself too. After that is done, you are ready to read yourself, your first official reading of thyself (might get your wig snatched with some truth). Exciting, ain't it?

As you're reading yourself, you are reading your own energy, surrounding energies; consciousness and subconscious of the mind and emotions.

You can start with a one card, two cards or three cards reading. Either write down one to three questions or just speak them out into the universe. Shuffle your cards, keep a clear mind (and emotions), ask those questions out loud and keep asking them while shuffling; and see what is revealed to you through your spirit. Be honest with yourself in opening up portals and channeling of your intuition. The guidebook gives an interpretation of each card and guides you with a meditation.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are a great deck of cards to begin your Tarot Card journey. And also, to set intentions for the day or end your day with a reading, to begin the next day with clarity and insight. The student becomes a teacher through learning and practice. The more you engage yourself in these readings, the better you will become at them. Graduating to other decks and even the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck. Definitely, enlist a teacher or a mentor, sign up, invest and attend tarot classes and webinars.

Invest in yourself because you are worth it!


3 Photos by: Andrale Marie' featuring: the Chakra Wisdom Oracles Cards, selenite and rose quartz hearts and clear quartz candle holder.

3rd Photo by: Amazon


Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Move Forward With Intention'

Posted On: October 02, 2018

'Move Forward With Intention.'


The intentions of your movements determine where you will go. It determines how you move. And also, intention is what inspires and motivates movements. And as you move and go forward, what are your intentions?

With that said, let's check out The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading.

The Tarot divination is The Magus which is The Magician. You are the alchemist of your life, "trust in your ability," as The Moon Tarot conveys.

It's you and how you alchemize your experiences, your gifts, your abilities; and etc.


Source: The Moon Tarot


#ThursdayThoughts: Identify the Patterns, In Order to Break the Cycles

Posted On: October 18, 2018

Pertaining to Venus Retrograde:


When planets retrograde, the planets go in. They’re not orbiting backwards. But anyhow, Venus Retrogrades every eight years and those retrogrades are about cycles. And every eight year, those cycles comes up for review as in introspection and reflections.

Eight years ago, the reflections and introspection are: we know were we’ve been. How life was for us, our experiences and situations. The kind of people we’ve attracted and had in our lives our experiences and etc. The relationships as in friends and lovers. In terms of cycles.

The introspection and reflections are: do we continue or want to continue in the same pattern of cycles? Or do we change it?  Do we want the same kind of relationships as in friends and lovers? And etc.

Identify the patterns and break the cycles.

What we continuously do, what a person (s) continuously does and what continues to happen is a pattern and patterns tend to form cycles.

Every end, starts with us.

40 days, 40 nights of introspection and reflections. And it won’t happen for another eight years. Utilize it wisely. And take back your power. Whatever that may be.

In order to experience new things, we must shed our old selves, who we used to be, the past and its experiences, people who are not serving us for our highest and greatest good and not in alignment with our purpose and soul's truth; and challenge ourselves to do things differently. The only way things change, is when we do things differently.

Become attentive or more attentive in your boundaries. A light-bulb when it’s turn on, provides light and also, attracts moths. Annoying insects. However, the light-bulb remains focused and un-distracted in its purpose to provide light.

This is your life, take accountability and responsibility for it. It is your responsibility to live it and amplify your soul's truth in it.

Stay focused, conscientious and determined in creating a better life for yourself to live.

Blessings! - Find A New Film or Documentary


Aries Full Moon Energy Ritual

Posted On: September 24, 2018

Today's Aries Full Moon is the peak of lunar energy. The full moon draws in many other energies such as: cosmic energies with Saturn and Chiron, the shift of season from Summer to Autumn, the beginning of Libra Season; and the Autumn Equinox. And it's also, a Harvest Moon. Which makes Aries Full Moon a very powerful moon, especially with Aries' elemental fire energy. Fire and air (wind) are spirit energies because it's easier for spirits to flow through them. Fire is solar energy in alignment with the sun and solar energy is associated with the soul.

This Aries Full Moon Energy Ritual is two parts with the combination of all these other energies, especially Libra season. The first part is about releasing what no longer is serving us for our highest and greatest good, releasing it into the fire and re-birthing ourselves out of those ashes.

The second part of the Aries Full Moon Energy Ritual is about harnessing, drawing and consuming this Aires Full Moon's energy, to refine ourselves in the midst of its fire, revive or vitalize our energies. 


1 Brown Jumbo Altar candle (Release & Grounding)

1 Orange Jumbo Altar candle (Strength & Ambition)

1 Red Jumbo Altar candle (Passion (fire) & Vitality)

Florida Water or Holy/Anointed Water

1 sheet of brown paper, can use brown paper bag

18 Bay Leaves

9 Mint Leaves

Frankincense Essential Oil or

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Holy or Anointed Oil

Small Cast Iron Cauldron

2 Small Plates


Clean environment. Shower, turn off all TV's, phones and etc. so you will not be distracted. If you have an altar, you can do this energy work on your altar, if not, find a small table or clear a table to do this work. Pour some Florida Water on your hands and rub your hands. Then clean all three candles with either Florida Water or anointed water. Clean plates and the cauldron as well. Then anoint the candles and plates with Holy Oil or anointed oil. Wash hands and pour some Florida Water on hands and rub them.

Anoint yourself with the Holy or anointed oil. Dab some Frankincense or Ylang Ylang essential oil into your hands and rub them in a circular motion to arouse your energy. Then smell your hands, inhale the aroma of the essential oil to get you in the mood. Now that your vibe is right, meditate. 


Clear your mind and meditate. Allow your vibes, your vibration to flow. Envision yourself in the midst of the Aries Full Moon, inside this giant ball of fire. Take the jumbo brown altar candle and hold it in one hand. Visualize what it is you want to release and envision it searing in this giant ball of fire. Let it ignite and scorch until it becomes ashes. Now, take the jumbo red altar candle and hold it in your other hand. Visualize and step on the ashes, as you're gleaming, enkindled and illuminated as one with this Aires Full Moon. Re-birthing and emerging as the Phoenix.

Put both of the activated candles on the table.

Pick up the jumbo orange altar candle and hold it with both hands. Visualize yourself as the Phoenix, grounded in some of Aries' traits (strength, ambition & etc.) that you need to incorporate into your own. Then put the orange activated candle on the table.

Take one of the plates and make a circle with nine bay leaves, and place the jumbo brown altar candle in the middle. Strike a match and light the candle.

On the brown sheet of paper, write what you want to release. After that's done, take the paper and rub it between your hands and say, "I release and let go." Anoint the paper, fold and place the brown piece of paper inside the cauldron. Along with the nine Bay leaves and blow on it nine times. Dab a little Holy or anointed oil into the cauldron, strike a match and set it all on fire. Let it cool down and flush the ashes in the toilet bowl.

Wash your hands to signify the release of those things.

Again, pour some Florida Water in your hands and rub them. Let the jumbo brown candle burn for at least an hour, play some music about releasing and letting things go.

After an hour, make a circle with the nine mint leaves and place both of the orange and red jumbo altar candles in the middle. Strike a match and light the candles. As both candles burn, sit in front of them and focus in on the light. As you're focusing on the light, harness and consume its energies of vitality, passion, strength, ambition; and etc. Visualize yourself as the light, dancing and illuminating as its energies.

Play some upbeat or motivational music, dance, let the energies flow through you; and vibe out to it. As you are now reborn and a new emergence as the Phoenix in the midst of today's Aries Full Moon. Burning away all that no longer is serving you for your highest and greatest good. And rising out the ashes, refined and polished.

As the candles burn out, give thanks with a prayer of gratitude and much blessings! There's More To You Than You Think