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Louis Vuitton's 'New Wave' Handbag Autumn/Winter Collection

Posted On: October 01, 2018

Emboldened in vintage opulence and '80's club scene inspired glamour, Louis Vuitton displayed its Fall/Winter 2018 'New Wave' handbag collection.

Louis Vuitton FW18 New Wave bag line is a follow up from their SS18 launch. The Autumn collection parades an array of new colorways such as: jaded green, emerald yellow, fuchsia, denim; and sleek black.

The denim and black tints are garnished in patches.

Stamped in LV gold emblem and gold chain strap, the New Wave FW18 handbag lookbook collection can be viewed below.

The collection is scheduled to hit the market soon.



Saks Fifth Avenue Presents Their "Empire" Inspired Clothing, Accesories and Shoes

Posted On: September 01, 2015

FOX hit show Empire and Saks Fifth Avenue partnered to propel their fashion inspired trend collections from the show. The collection features wardrobe from the characters Cookie, who is played by Taraji P. Henson, Lyon who is played by Terrence Howard and the rest of the Lyon family.

The wardrobe consist of inspired clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from the main characters of Empire. 


Saks Fifth Avenue is working with Jimmy Choo, MCM, Cushnie et Ochs and Alexis Bittar for their Empire collection. The president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, Jeffrey Godsick expressed the potential of Empire becoming a brand of their own.

“The influence Empire has had on so many aspects of popular culture proves it has the ingredients to become a stand-alone fashion brand.”

There has been several TV shows, including movies that marketed products, even in fashion from the characters and theme of those TV shows and movies. It's a possibility that Cookie might come out with her own fashion line, furs, bold necklaces and accesories. There is potential for Empire to market themselves on a new level.


The Risk Fashion Designers Take

Posted On: March 15, 2015

Fashion, what is it really? Is it just a shirt, a pair of pants or shoes. Or is it more? Fashion is the blueprint styles are created from.

But we can learn things from fashion, like taking risk. Fashion desginers take risk all the time. In their creativity and in making clothes.

We came across a Spring jacket that took a very big risk and in taking that risk, it made the jacket stand out. Who would of thought using sheer materials on a jacket? and use it as sleeves. And created something amazing from it! The jacket is a casual jacket but the sheer sleeves, gives it a classy and sophiscated touch.

Whatever it is you are trying to create and manifest, take a risk. Even if it's different and never be done, create trends that will set and innovate fashion. Not just in fashion, but being innovators in life.


Fendi x Fila Collaborative Fall/Winter 2018 Collection Line

Posted On: October 01, 2018

Fendi and Fila linked creative aptitudes to design a Fall/Winter Collection for 2018, presenting combined logo patterns.

The collaboration of Fendi and Fila key items are their backpacks, handbags and waist-bags.

Fendi x Fila FW18 collections dons the classic Fendi template and Fila's signature colors. Other items include furry pool slides,

matching dad caps, ties; and sneakers.

The Fendi x Fila lookbook can be viewed below.

Fendi x Fila FW18 is scheduled for an October release.


2015 Summer Clutches

Posted On: April 24, 2015

We've compiled some of 2015 summer clutches collections, from different brand names and styles.

The first one is called the Vivia Appliquéd Jacquard clutch from Kokuand, featuring some bright fun colors and artistic patterns.

It's a fun clutch that can be worn and assembled in different ways.

Next up is a clutch with the midas touch and gives us the glam of all gold everything. The bag is from Louis Vuitton and called the Gold Limelight Wool African Queen Masai GM Clutch. It's a classic clutch from the brand and is a limited edition. It's more of a sophiscated clutch and shines in its architecture.

The third clutch is by Spanaki and is a motorcycle chick inspired bag. It has some heavy metal detailing and is versatile with its handle. The clutch is black and white, which gives it variety of how it can be worn to compliment an outfit. 

Last but not least is Alexander McQueen's 'De Manta' clutch. It's a blue and white bag with some black contrast, which brings out its unique design. This clutch can be rocked with some jeans and flirty heeled shoes, a pencil fitted skirt and even some shorts.


Winter Trends: Classy, Elegant & Sexy Hats feat. Ciara

Posted On: December 08, 2014

Ciara paired a black floppy hat with a poncho styled scarf, to make a fashionable statement. The songstress is giving us some casual, sexy glam for a mother on the go.


Fall Fashion Trends

Posted On: November 03, 2014

The month of thanksgiving is here as the Autumn season continues. November is a colorful month for Fall fashion trends. From light and dark hue of green, brown, orange, yellow and some mixtures of other cool colors like beige.



A Look Back At Fur Season and The Fedora Hat Trend

Posted On: March 19, 2015

It's almost that time to put the coats, sweaters, boots, winter accessories and etc. away. With these rather fair temperatures in the early start of Spring, it's giving us a little taste of warmer weather.

This past Winter, furs made it their season. From all types of designs with different textures in furs, linings, intricate cuts and etc.

Celebrities made fur season hot and one of them was Kelly Rowland.

Kelly gave us a sexy, sophiscated look with this fur overcoat. She styled it with many layers, which did not look bulky but rather smooth.

Kelly also rocked the fedora trend. Displaying some sassiness here, with her bold gold rings and plumped red lips.

Will fur season and the fedora trend make another comeback later this year? Or will a new fashion trend take its place? Hmmm, only time will tell.


Classy, Elegant & Sophisticated Style: DJ Stakz & Hi-Profyle Annual Black Tie Affair 2K14

Posted On: December 08, 2014

At the: World Famous "B.B. King"
237 West, 42st.
New York, New York 10036

Entertainment by: Carimi
Special Guest Dj's: Mister Cee from HOT 97, DJ Luko, Ontrack Disco and DJ Kidd from S.B.O.E

For more information and to purchase tickets, click on the link below.

Or dial: (646) 533-2042, (347) 347.400.8103

Follow on Twitter and Instagram: DJ Stakz

For more details on this outfit, please click on the link below.


Supreme x The North Face FW18 Leather Collection

Posted On: October 17, 2018

Working together, Supreme partnered with The North Face to assemble a Fall/Winter '18 lambskin leather collection. It is compiled of the Mountain Parka, Mountain Waist Bag, Shoulder Bag and 6 paneled hats. Featuring colorways in green, red, purple and black.

Supreme x The North Face Mountain Parka is manufactured in hefty lambskin, double branding on the right arm, two huge front pockets, Velcro cuffs; and fa ull hoody.

The Mountain Waist Bag is an equipped fanny pack, due to its several compartments. Bolstered with a back panel and leather shoulder strapped, the Mountain Waist Bag can alternate in styles. Either carried on the shoulders or adjusted with its hip belt around the waist.

The Supreme x The North Face FW18 collection is set to be released later this week online and at selected stores October 18th.

For more info, click on the link below.

Supreme x The North Face


Graffiti Artist Goes From Tagging Gucci Inspired G Logo in NYC's Walls to Designing For Gucci

Posted On: March 01, 2016

A graffiti artist who goes by name GucciGhost also known as Trouble Andrew, went around spray painting and tagging the walls, beverage recycling dispensers, dumpsters and etc. in his neighborhood. The tags are his own creative styled Gucci G logo pattern. 

Regardless of where GucciGhost was, he would find a canvas and tag it. While he was in Jamaica, he left his artistic inspired Gucci imprint. 

Trouble Andrew was recruited by Gucci as one of their creatives to design and engineer a few collections peices for their 2016 spirng line. GucciGhost encountered new canvases in the forms of jackets, bags, furc coats and etc. to paint on.

The pieces that were designed by GucciGhost appeared on the runway during New York Fashion Week. 

And exhibited graffiti inspired fashion. 

As well as alternative creativity in fashion design. 

GucciGhost signature graffiti tag gave high fashion a classy street look. 

Also with Gucci's 2016 spring accessories' collection.

In a recent interview, Trouble Andrew was question about what captivated him with the brand Gucci and he replied:

 "'Life is Gucci’, ‘Real Gucci’ and all these things that represented positivity – almost like Gucci is the ‘God of fashion’ and that’s what the ‘G’ represents to me."

Trouble Andrew will continue to work with Gucci and be part of their innovation in fashion.