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Weekend Recap: Donald Trump Incites Chaotic Energy Over "Sh*thole" Comments Describing Haiti and Other African Foreign Countries

Posted On: January 13, 2018

On Thursday (Jan.11), it was unveiled that Donald Trump made some comments behind closed door relating to immigration. Trump expressed, how he would prefer immigrants from Norway instead of sh*thole countries like Haiti and other African countries.

I don't know which era President Donald Trump is living in but it is not his father's nor forfather's era, time has changed. And Donald Trump needs to wake up and smell the coffee, black coffee that is. That strong coffee and get it together.

You have to wonder if Donald Trump does these outlandish and polluted things for attention or if that's just who he is.

A racist.

Is this America's raw truth, a racist president. And there has been others like Donald Trump but the difference is their racist skeletons were held in the closet.

And this is the positive in the negative, this is the leverage and the advantage because Donald Trump makes other racist people comfortable, that they unmask themselves. Donald Trump's presidency and his outlandish, controversial behaviors centering racism reveals the elephant in the room. And it can not be swept under the rug.

So, it brings these uncomfortable conversations about racism to the table, it reveals the nature of racism and how it is still prevalent even in 2018. It displays how other White Americans agree with Donald Trump and Trump is the poster child for them, he says what they don't have the balls to say; and Donald Trump's presidency reveals how racism never went away and whatever was masked about it, is now being unmasked.

As racism continues to unmask itself, it is so important for melanin people, Black people to continue and remain in their excellence. Be confident in who they are and all that they are in the face of racism, injustice, bigotry; and stereotype.

Let Black Excellence be that shift in eradicating racism.

When they call you a n*gger, monkey and refer to Black countries as "shithole" countries to intently and with motives to bring you down or try to what I call "psychological warfare" to try to convince you that you are not worthy because of your skin color. They bring you down because of the power within you.

Hunny, that's when you have to go out into the sun and see how much you glow and shine just like the sun, give yourself a hug, look within yourself and find that excellence and be that! Black excellence that is.

There's an irony to Donald Trump's recent racial controversy. I find it very ironic how the day before President Donald Trump signs this proclamation honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Trump incites chaotic energy in the air with his racist and outlandish comments.

It makes you wonder what was the reason, the true intent. Like "what's really good Trump?"

The next day (Jan. 12), Donald Trump signs a proclamation honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a man who stood up and spoke out against people like President Donald Trump. Against racism and all it's tactics.

There's so much irony in it, that it is undeniable.

Tsk, tsk, tsk Donald Trump.

May you be more mindful of your words and their impact.


Photo tags: AP

Art by: artofjamarlogan


Week In Review: H&M Stirs Up Racial Controversy Over Derogatory Term in Ad

Posted On: January 13, 2018

Earlier this week, an ad surfaces on H&M online store featuring a black boy wearing a green hoodie with the words: "Coolest Monkey In the Jungle," pictured below.

Following the display of the ad, many took to their social media to express disbelief over the ad which many felt was racist. And racist indeed it was.

The word "monkey" has been used throughout history to defile melanin people as a whole. Its a racist term that has been used in the US and other countries as a racial slur to disgrace and degrade Black people. It's a derogatory term and H&M should of known better.

Analyzing this, you have to wonder what was the intent. Dove did the same thing, what message are they trying to convey? And ads like H&M proves the lack of sensitivity training with it comes to racism and diversity.

If H&M wanted to present a jungle fashion theme or wildlife fashion theme for their ad displayed in this picture below, H&M could of used a better word.

For example: "The Coolest Lion in the Jungle," "The Coolest Panther in the Jungle," "The Coolest Mascot in the Jungle," and etc.

Somebody did not have enough common sense at H&M to realize that putting a black child with the words "The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" would not stir up racial controversy and upset people? Again, unless H&M lack training with it comes racial sensitivity and diversity.

Back then, certain words were used to degrade Black people in a sense of bringing them down mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally; and even on a spiritual level. The word monkey back then as a racist term was used to tarnish and hurt the intelligence of Black people.

It was a word also used to desecrate the masculinity of Black men. That's the energy racist people have generated with using those terms. And this is why H&M should of known better. At least brush up on their history and do better than their forefathers.

We have to continue to hold those that incite racism responsible and their accountability in an effort to eradicate racism.

The real question is when will they start healing the wounds of racism? Instead of adding gasoline to the fire. Hence, the recent racial controversy involving H&M.

More importantly, we have to continue to heal the wounds of racism, heal the pain and cries of our ancestors, bring what's hidden in the dark about it to light and; pave a brighter future for our children.


Update:Since the backlash H&M received, H&M has issued an apology and even issued a statement of apology on their website. But is a statement of apology enough to heal the wound that was inflicted?

Things that make you go hmmm.


US Department of Justice to Discontinue Privately Owned Prisons

Posted On: August 23, 2016

Upon conclusion of the Department of Justice's initial reports of privately owned prisons' lack of effectiveness and safety, a decision was made to sever and discontinue thirteen of its contracts.

On Thursday (August 18), Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates made the announcements and expressed the memo more in details to the media.

"They simply do not provide the same level of correctional services, programs, and resources; they do not save substantially on costs," Yates revealed.

As noted in the report conducted by Department’s Office of Inspector General,

"They do not save substantially on costs and, they do not maintain the same level of safety and security."

The report compiled by the Inspector General also, disclosed that private owned prisons had higher rates in violent incidents, pertaining to assaults of inmates against one another and inmates against correctional officers, and guards. Part of the safety issues in the report stated, privately owned prisons has a high rate of contraband and mobile phones that are confiscated each year. Furthermore, the thirteen private correctional facilities were contracted for inmates serving 90 months or transferred to finish their sentences in low security. But instead mayhem broke out in some of the prisons, leading to property damage, several injuries and the death of a correctional officer during the 2012 Adams County Correctional Center in Mississippi. An incident involving 250 inmates, triggered by the lack of proper medical care and quality in meals.

 Mother Jones' editor-in-chief went undercover as a correctional officer in Louisiana, to expose the mayhem of privately owned prisons. In the 35,000 words exposé, published as a mini book with chapters, their investigative report disclosed what's really going behind the walls of these private facilities. From: poor housing living conditions, to low salaries for guards and correctional officers who put their lives on the line for $9 an hour and are required to work long hours, without overtime. Extreme punishments or unjustified punishments of their inmates, whereas one of them received an extra 30 days added to their sentences because of removing a broom from the wrong closet. The lack of mental health care, using tactics such as letting prisoners work outside all day to reduce their aggression, instead of counseling and providing effective measures to help them channel out or find the cause of their aggression. Neglectful management of dealing with letters sent to inmates, at times the inmates don't receive their letters which are thrown out, even letters from their own children. To the overall poor management of privately owned prisons and unprofessional wardens. Part one of the six series of Mother Jones' private prison investigate report, can be viewed below.

Aside from Mother Jones' investigation, the Department of Justice has been aware of the problems and issues of privately owned prisons, and the discussion to end them has been brought to the table several times. Terminating the contracts for these facilities will be done by protocols through a process of reviewing them individually for the next five years, leading to their expiration.


Source: References of several news publications.


Monitor Assigned to Oversee Ferguson's Policing and Court Reforms

Posted On: July 26, 2016

Yesterday (July 26th), a federal judge assigned a monitor team to oversee Ferguson's policing and court systems. As some of you may already know, the police brutality shooting of Mike Brown uncovered racial profiling and racial court proceedings in Ferguson, Missouri.

Referencing an article from the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry made an announcement informing that a law firm from Cleveland was chosen to implement and supervised reforms in Ferguson. The monitoring team of Squire Patton Boggs is being led by former inspector general for the U.S. State Department and Homeland Security, Clark Evin who partnered with the firm.  During the announcement, Ervin made the following statements below, conveying his honorable duties towards the task at hand.

"We are honored to take on this important assignment at such a critical time in our nation."

The funding for the monitoring team is $1.25 millions over a span of five years, with the options of $350,000 a year. Judge Catherine Perry authorized a consent decree between the U.S Department of Justice and the city of Ferguson to diversify its police department and reform training programs in diversity. Also, part of the reform included body cameras for police officers and county jail employees.

Following the 2014 shooting death of an unarmed Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, Ferguson's police department and court system came under fire for racially motivated policing methods. As a result of a federal investigation conducted by the Justice Department, the review of files and witness testimonies revealed Ferguson's faulty, racial and bias policing and court proceedings. A solution was presented to rectify the problems and issues of Ferguson, which were more internal based on their police departments and court system, instead of the community. The city filed applications for reform (as if they had a choice) and received nine prospect applicants for a monitoring team. After thorough review by the Justice Department, Police Chief Delrish Moss and Ferguson City Manager, De’Carlon Seewood; four possible prospects were chosen. The final selection came from Judge Perry, after a unified agreement for Squire Patton Boggs.

Seewood made the following statement below expressing the teamwork that came with the decision of a monitor.

"I’m excited that both the City of Ferguson and the Department of Justice have worked together to complete the process of choosing an Independent Monitor."

De’Carlon Seewood continued with her statement, elaborating on the importance of everybody involved and the goal of improving Ferguson.

"This is a true testament that the collaboration between both parties had a mission and that is to do what’s best for the Ferguson community and its police department."


Verizon Acquires Yahoo for $4.8 Billion Dollars

Posted On: July 25, 2016

Expanding in the digital business and tech, Verizon made an investment to enlarge its territories. It was reported today from various news sources that Verizon acquired Yahoo in a deal that closed for $4.83 billion dollars to be exact. Yahoo was listening and paying attention to Verizon's popular commercial "can you hear me now?" because they have been trying to lock a deal for quite some time now. And Verizon is paid baby! Because they easily coughed up over $4 billion dollars like it was the flu or something.

Referencing an article from Reuters, the business acquisition deal between Verizon and Yahoo will be a cash transaction and the companies will merge in benefiting the expansions of one another. Yahoo will assist Verizon in developing their AOL internet services and, Verizon will spearhead Yahoo's digital advertising and the media aspects of business on a broader scale. The finalizing of the deal will take place next year in 2017 which will end Yahoo's independent reign and begin a new era of their merger with Verizon.

Verizon must of been the highest bidder (can you hear me now?), other prospects included billionaire Warren Buffett, AT&T, Dan Gilbert who is the founder of Quicken Loans, buy-out firms such as Sycamore Partners; and more.

Even though Yahoo has been acquired by Verizon, Yahoo will maintain its Japan and Alibaba investments of $40 billion. And closed on the market this past Friday for $37.4 billion. Both companies will be undergoing some upcoming changes of merging as one. Some of their employees are choosing to remain such as Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, who went on her Tumblr and expressed excitement about Yahoo's next chapter and the growth of its business relationship with Verizon.


Lil Wayne Endures Several Seizures Mid-Flight, Triggering Emergency Landings

Posted On: June 13, 2016

Earlier during the day (June 13th), news surfaced that Lil Wayne endured a seizure during his flight which triggered an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska. Referencing TMZ, at the time, Weezy refused medical treatment and re-boarded the flight.

While on board, Lil Wayne had a another seizure and the pilot had to make another emergency landing. This is not the first time Lil Wayne had issues with having seizures, he experienced something similiar back in 2012, and also had one in 2013. Tunechi has opened up about his epileptic episodes in an interview but hasn't revealed the causes of them.

"I’m an epileptic," Weezy expressed.

“I’m prone to seizures. This isn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh seizure. I’ve had a bunch of seizures, ya’ll just never hear about them."

Lil Wayne has been enduring seizures since he was child, he revealed. As an epileptic, he is very active with skateboarding and takes a risk with a hobby like that. That's the spirit of not letting anything hold you down. 

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder according to medical reports and research, the causes of them varies. There are different factors which can cause a person to have seizures or develop epilepsy. The episodes of seizures rate from petit to grand mal being the most serious one. 

There's no reports indicating what kind of seizure Lil Wayne had, However, there are reports that he lost consciousness with the second seizure and received medical care.

Below is an audio of the pilot reporting Tunechi's seizure. 

As of now, there's no updated reports. I'm sure he's good and God is with him. 

Prayers and healing to the Young Money boss! 


Article Reference: TMZ 



New York Court Administration Upholds Decision of $15 Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

Posted On: June 12, 2016

In a state court ruling, New York is upholding their decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to raise the minimum wage for many fast-food workers to $15.

In making their decision, Justice Eugene Devine documented how fast-food restaurants improved in sales and revenues but did not provide adequate wages and salaries, to supplement those employees for being part of that improvement. After a reviewal of those cases, the wage board found out that the fast-food restaurants had significant amount of profit increases but lacked in wage increase. Justice Devine stated it was not fair with this following statement"wrung from the necessities of their employees."

In rectifying the problem, the wage board elected to raise the minimum wage for fast-food workers as a solution and finalized their decision. Although, the wage board was challenged by  the National Restaurant Association, the labor commissioner and the board as a whole ruled their decision and foundings were lawful. 


Valedictorian Reveals She Is a Undocumented Immigrant During Graduation Speech

Posted On: June 12, 2016

 During her acceptance speech of becoming a valedictorian and receiving her high school diploma, Larissa Martinez revealed she was an undocumented immigrant (as stated below) and shocked the crowd during the graduation procession. 

"I am one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows of the United States."

Larissa continued with her speech and expressed, this was an opportunity for her to tell the truth. 

“I decided to stand before you today and reveal these unexpected realities, because this might be my only chance to convey the truth to all of you that undocumented immigrants are people, too,” she elaborated.

Larissa Martinez is a high school graduate at McKinney Boyd High School in McKinney, Texas, who expressed prior to her graduation speech to classmates about immigrants and their struggles. She confided in her classmates that immigrants are people too with dreams, aspirations, hopes, loved ones; and also want to make America great. Larissa revealed, how she left Mexico with her mother to live in Texas because of her abusive father. She also conveyed, about going to school and helping her mother take care of her younger sister. Larissa expressed her love for school and learning. 

In sharing her truth, Larissa Martinez revealed the purpose of it was to showcase and display how immigrants can break down the walls of stereotype against them, and to inspire others to do so. 

"By sharing my story, I hope to convince all of you that if I was able to break every stereotype based on what I’m classified as — Mexican, female, undocumented, first generation, low-income — then so can you."

During the fall semester, Larissa will be attending Yale University and will try to become a U.S. citizen. She expressed it won't be her first time trying and how the immigration system is flawed, as she waited for seven years for her application for citizenship to be processed. 

Since Larissa Martinez's revelation, it has sparked concerns and issues about immigration.

Check out the footage below of Larissa's full speech.  


Video Courtesy of: The Dallas Morning News


Mass Shooting in Orlando Nightclub Results in 50 Fatalities and 53 Injured Victims

Posted On: June 12, 2016

Early this morning (June 12th), police officers from Orlando, Florida responded to a shooting at a gay nightclub called Pulse. A gunman opened fire in the crowd of 300 hundred patrons who were partying. Unable to enter the building due to the violence of bullets flying everywhere, police officials used an armored truck to break down inside the building at 5a.m. Some of the police authorities were communicating with people inside the club and were able to collect enough data to make their move.

The gunman has been identified as Omar Mateen, 29 (pictured below) from Ft. Pierce, Florida, law enforcements informed CNN. Mateen was killed by police officials during the gunfire and shoot-out with him. 

Orlando Police Chief, John Mina stated how it was not a random shooting and how it was planned, calculated by Mateem because of various weapons found on him. 

"It appears he was organized and well-prepared," Mina revealed. 

"The shooter had an assault-type weapon, a handgun and "some type of (other) device on him."

Speculations have arised and raised eyebrows questioning how Mateen got inside the nightclub with all those weapons and the lack of security at Pulse nightclub. Which is very rare because it is a popular gay nightclub. How is it that Mateen got a pass to enter the nightclub fully armed? Things that make you go hmmm.

U.S. Rep., Alan Grayson expressed the details of what the nightclub looked like after the mass shooting and the evidence left behind to news reporters. 

One of the patrons that was inside the club Christopher Hansen, talked about the matter of the ordeal, what he witnessed and how long it lasted. 

It's just shocking," said Hansen expressd, who was inside Pulse when he heard gunshots, "just one after another after another."

"It could have lasted a whole song," he elaborated.

Hansen was getting a drink at the bar about 2 a.m. when he "just saw bodies going down."

Since the incident, an investigation is currently being conducted and Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer declared a state of emergency for the city of Orlando. 

During the investigation proceedings, police officials reported to CNN that possible explosives strapped to the gunman body but later recanted that none was found. U.S. Officials, the F.B.I and other law enforcements have been called to assist with the investigation into the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. There's specualtion it might be terrorist related but as of now, that has not been confirmed and is still being investigated. During a news conference, law enforcements revealed they believe it was a hate crime and will continue with conducting their investigation to find out the motive and if it is however terrorist related. 

Ricardo Negron Almodovar, who was inside the nightclub at the time of the shooting is grateful that he made it out alive. And expressed on his Facebook page (below,) what he and others had to do to survive. 

"People on the dance floor and bar got down on the floor and some of us who were near the bar and back exit managed to go out through the outdoor area and just ran."

He then informed family and friend that he was safe. 

"I am safely home and hoping everyone gets home safely as well."

Torres gave a recollection of what took place inside Pulse nightclub below.

"The shots did not sound like a regular handgun. It sounded like it was shooting repetitively and it wouldn't stop," expressed Torres, who revealed 10 people were shot.

The total fatalities in the Pulse nightclub mass shooting resulted in 50 people dead and 53 who sustained injuries. People took to social media to send out prayers, comfort and concerns to the victims and their families with the hashtag, #PrayForPulse and #PrayForOrlando. People in Orlando are volunteering blood, their time and support to the victims who have been injured. Orlando is coming together as a people, as well as the nation in enduring another mass shooting, with this one being documented from law enforcement as the worst one in their investigations. 

Prayers and condolences to all the victims and their families. 


Article Reference: CNN 


Gunman Identified In The Fatal Shooting of 'The Voice' Christina Grimmie

Posted On: June 12, 2016

Early yesterday morning (June 11th), news surfaced of NBC's 'The Voice' singer, Christina Grimmie (pictured below) was fatally shot and died in Florida, after a performance at the Plaza Live. Prior to the incident on Firday (June 10th), Christina informed her fans where she was performing in promoting the event. 

One thing that raised eyebrows and speculations about the shooting of Christina Grimmie is the lack security at the venue she was performing at and how somebody got in with a gun. While Christina who has 22 years old was signing autograph, a man that  was armed with two guns opened fire at the crowd. 

Later after investigation and reviewing surveillance cameras, police officials identified Kevin James Loibl (pictured below), 27 as the gunman. Loibl killed himself after shooting Christina. Her brother who is being depicted as a hero, tackled Kevin in trying to protect his sister but unfortunatetly, a bullet striked the singer. 

Christina Grimmie's publicist, Heather Weiss released this statement below, following the incident,, informing Christina's fans and the public about the tragedy. 

"She was shot at her show in Orlando and, unfortunately, didn't survive the gunshot wounds. We ask at this time that you respect the privacy of her family and friends in their time of mourning."

Christina's band, Before You Exit who was touring with her, expressed her character below.

"Christina was such a loving, caring, beautiful person with the biggest heart." 

And the kind of singer that she was. 

"She was an absolutely incredible musician and an even better friend."

Christina Grimmie rose to stardom after being discover on YouTube and finished third on Season 6 of "The Voice." She had fans from all over the world, who admired her talents and creativity in music. Christina will be missed but the hearts she touched with her music will always be remembered. 

Prayers and condolences to the family. 


Week In Review: Teen Commits Suicide After Nude Photos Leak Online

Posted On: June 12, 2016

As this week comes to close and recapping some stories in the news, one of them that made national headlines was about a teenager who committed suicide, after nude photos of her leaked online. The incident sparked many open conversations and debates online about social media and the culture of it, bullying online and how to protect children/teenagers from it; and suicide as a whole. 

Lets get to the story and then review some of the important highlights of these debates. 

Referencing a published article on June 8th and updated on June 10th from WFLA,

Fifteeen year old Tovonna Holton (pictured below) went into her mother's purse, took her gun and killed herself. Tovanna's mother, Levon Holton-Teamer sent the teen to clean her room, for some reason she went looking for her daughter (intuition perhaps) and went to the bathrrom, only to find out her daughter killed herself. 

Below is a statement Levon made to WFLA upon finding her daughter, 

"I go to the bathroom; I couldn’t get in the bathroom. The bathroom light was off so I tried to get in and I looked down and I saw the puddle of blood. I tried to apply the pressure, the pressure to her head. I tried to save her."

Prior to Tovonna killing herself, she expressed to her mother about a nude picture of her that her friends took without her permission. Not going into details about the situation with her mother, this what Levon recalls about the conversation with her daughter below. 

"Tovonna would say, ‘Mommy, I owe them; I owe them’. I said, ‘What do you mean you owe them?’ I couldn’t understand what was wrong."

The nude photo was posted on Snapchat. Tovonna Holton was freshman who attended Wiregrass Ranch High School in Wesley Chapel. After Tovonna's passing, her aunt, Angela Scott went on Facebook to try and figure out if anybody knew why her niece committed suicide and found out a nude picture of Tovanna surfaced online while she was in the shower. 

“I just said, ‘If anybody knows anything, what happened? Have you heard of anything? Do you know who these kids are who have the pictures?’ I thought it was just pictures and then the kids started inboxing me."

Angela Scott also learned, that her niece Tovonna was being bullied online with name callings from her peers. 

“Everybody was out there talking about her and calling her names and they said it went up on social media, Snapchat. I’d never heard of that before about 3 something that afternoon."

After the altercations of the name calling, Tovonna comitted suicide. 

Since the incident, an investigation has begun by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, after school officials heard about the bullying that took place prior to Tovanna killing herself. The school also provided counseling to any of its students that might of been affected by Tovanna's suicide. Also, an online campaign awareness about bullying launched to raise awareness about its issues with the hashtag #stopbullying. 

Along with the investigation to try to piece together what led to Tovanna Holton committing suicide, many psychologist, psychiatricts, counselors, school teachers and others have shared their professional opinions about the matter. It has also sparked many debates as I stated at the beginning of this article. Bullying is something that has been around for awhile, the difference with it online is some people who wouldn't the guts to approach others in real life to bully them, can easily hide behind a computer or laptop and do it. Most bullies, if not all are really weak people who prey on others to feel empowered or feel better about themselves with issues they are affecting with within themselves (insecurity) and sometimes, issues in their environment or lacking something from within themselves or environment that causes them to take out on other people. This part of the debate I do agree with. In Tovanna's case, the bullying and the her nude pictures being posted online might have been the triggering factor of her committing suicide, however, she has been suicidal for awhile, or depressed or had some type of mental issues that went un-notice. The nude pictures is what sent her over the edge. 

Mental health is a taboo subject in the Black community, nobody wants to talk about it. Some are very ashamed of it. And some of the reasons are Black people have to be strong because of the things they have dealth with and endure for example: oppression, racism, stereotype, trying to survive in a society that's built on a racist structure against them and etc. Even in the professional world of psychology, its taboo. A Black psychiatrist treating a Black mental health patient (as illustrated in the above picture) will tell them they have to be strong or stronger, instead of trying to find out the cause that's making this person depress, suicidal and etc. It's not so much sweeping it under the rug, it almost denial and putting a bandaid on it without treating the wound (maybe that is sweeping it under the rug). The therapy becomes ineffective for the patient and no form of rehabilitation to try to get them back on track.

It's really a sad case with happened to Tovonna Holton and hopefully, it opens the forum to find solutions about online bullying, to research more about suicide and signs that go undetected. Also, to break down the walls that prohibit mental health professionals from looking deeper into mental health issues, instead of prescribing medications as a form of treatment, which at times makes matter worst. As well as, open the forum of mental health in the Black community, researching the issues, causes and etc., instead of denying it. 

Prayers and condolences to the family. 


Article Reference: WFLA