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Apple Makes History In The Corporate Digital World

Posted On: October 31, 2015

Referenced in an article published by Business Insider, Apple generated the biggest profits in the corporate digital world and made history.

Known for its tech products from: smartphones manufactured under their brand, iPhone, their notebooks and laptops manufactured under their brand, Macbook (which evolved desks across the nation and the world), their iPads, headphones, smartphone accesories and more.

Unlike other tech companies, Apple develops their products where if you need a charger or add GB memory to any of their featured products, you have to buy and use their brand in order to do so, which assisted Apple's profits by not losing any of it to other digital tech brands. This was indeed a very intelligent move for Apple to make with branding themselves.

"The Evolution of The Desktop" was created by Best Reviews, for more info, click on the link >>> History of the Computer Desk

In making history, Apple generated a total of $53.4 billion in sales, in a one year period. The only digital tech company to ever do so. iPhone moved 48 million units in sales and had an increased of nearly 23% when they released the 6s models.

Although Apple succeeded with the sales of their iPhone, their iPad sales have decreased.


FOX News, Sean Hannity Stated 'Black Lives Matter' Is The Same As The KKK

Posted On: October 25, 2015

During a panel for a segment called "Race In America" that was broadcast by FOX News, their host Sean Hannity had a few people raising their eyebrows and give him the side eye, when he stated the "Black Lives Matter" movement was the same as the Ku Klux Klan.

I know right, "oh no! he didn't."

This is like one of those algebra statement where you try to figure the logic to it and the rationale of it. Because the Ku Klux Klan is the reason a Black Lives Matter movement begin in the first place. Cause we know a few of them is hiding behind those badges which they claim to serve and protect, more like aim and shoot when it comes to police brutality. It's an ignorant statement that failed to take in consideration of the atrocities slavery, racism, the KKK; and police brutality inflicted on African-Americans like their lives didn't matter, at least to them but for God it does!

Let's get into it.

While he was on this panel Race In America on FOX News, Hannity expressed disappointment towards the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for inviting the Black Lives Matter group to host a town hall meeting, to address issues about police brutality, ignorance and; social injustice. Basically, Hannity was not too thrilled and disagreed with the DNC collaboration with the Black Lives Movement. Durig the live taping of this panel, Sean Hannity made the statement about the Black Lives Matter movement being a group that is just like the KKK.

Juan Williams and Larry Elder were also part of the Race In America panel and utilized their skills of debating to challenge Hannity's statement. When the discussion begin, instead of calling the Black Lives Matter group by its name, Hannity stated a chant that occured at a rally in Minnesota. But failed to exhibit the Black Lives Movement's purpose, the positive aspect of it and how it's set up to resolve issues and problems in communities nationwide being affected by police brutality, the injustice and racism of it.

 Check the footage out below. 

Lol at "straighten him out Larry." For real, Hannity is twisted.

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