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World Health Organization Confirms The End of Ebola Outbreak in Guinea


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Dec 31, 2015

The National World Organization (WHO) recently made a declaration to news media outlets that Guinea in Africa was free of Ebola and confirmed the end of outbreaks in the country.

Ironically, Guinea was where the outbreak of Ebola took place two years ago and ventured to other neighboring countries such as: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. Fast forward, the Ebola outbreak has ended where it started. In total there was 11,315 casualties, including over 100 healthcare professionals. The World Health Organization took extreme measures to eradicate Ebola from those countries and funding advertising to educate people about the stigmas of those who survived through treatment and care.

Guinea plans on having several concerts with fireworks to celebrate the country's milestone and monumental achievement of ridding itself of Ebola. WHO congratualed Guinea's government for their roles in curing their country by making these statements:

"Extraordinary leadership in fighting the epidemic".

The World Health Organization will remain in Guinea to maintain prevention of any kind of outbreaks and to keep the country free of Ebola. They noted although outbreaks ended in Guinea, the disease is not yet defeated and they still have a long way to go in making Africa Ebola free.

President Alpha Conde of Guinea since his presidency, has doubled funding for healthcare and will continue to alleviate the country of its burdens.


News Source: BBC