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Things That Make You Raise An Eyebrow: Noose Shirts Being Sold At TJ Maxx

Posted On: March 25, 2015

Customers are shocked across the nation of a t-shirt that is being sold at selected TJ Maxx. The t-shirt was manufactured and designed by Tavir and displays a picture of a noose with the inscription, "hang loose."

Many are asking: "why is this a t-shirt?" Who designed it and what was the purpose? or message the t-shirt was trying to send? Who knows? We doubt it was a mistake, we've seen the kind of bias t-shirts that are produced and put on the market, so should this surprise us? Or should their be some boycotting of certain brands and their offensive products?


Lawsuit Claims Some Brands Of Wine Contain High Level Of Arsenic

Posted On: March 24, 2015

According to a lawsuit filed last week in California Superior Court, 28 low cost brand wines distributed wines to consumers which contained high level of arsenic. The lawsuit claims the winery the wines were produced at, knowlingly knew the wines were contaminated but still put them out on store shelves like bodegas to sell. In a published article by, it states the low cost brand wine companies failed to inform consumers of the risk and dangers of consuming arsenic wine.

Wine are usually produced with arsenic in them but not a lot, which limits any regulations from the federal government but they will get involve if the arsenic is four or five time it's regular level. BeverageGrades conducted random testing of the low cost brands and they tested for very, very high arsenic in them, which made them dangerous to consume. The list of wines are: Trader Joe’s famed Two-Buck Chuck White Zinfandel (at three times the drinking water limit); a bottle of Ménage à Trois Moscato (four times the limit) and a Franzia White Grenache that clocked in at five times the EPA limit for drinking water.

Allan Smith who is a epidemiologist and associate director of the Arsenic Health Effects research program at U.C. Berkeley says that the highest level found in one of the bottles tested came in at 50 parts per billion of arsenic, which could be deadly over time. But a spokesperson for The Wine Group, which is one of the companies named in the lawsuit, points out that there’s a difference between drinking wine and drinking water. Stating that water has high level of arsenic that humans and animals consume on a daily. 

“It would not be accurate or responsible to use the water standard as the baseline” he said, because people tend to drink a lot more water than they do wine. And in Canada, where the government does set limits for arsenic in wine, the highest level of arsenic cited in the lab results is “only half of Canada’s standard for wine, of 100 parts per billion.”

But according to court rescords, the spokesperson could not back up their claim with any medical or scientific research.

The lawsuit is pending, there is no dollar amount stated for damages caused from driinking the contaminated wines but teh attorney who filed the lawsuit claims, he's purpose is to bring fair justice for the peole who drank the arsenic wines.

The attorney who filed the lawsuit says his goal is “to get the winemakers to recall these wines, to get them to refund the money that people paid for these wines, and ultimately to clean up the wine industry in California.”


Former Customers Data Could Go For Sale In RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction

Posted On: March 24, 2015

In the latest news of RadioShack's bankruptcy auction, their former customer's information will also be sold.

As part of their assests that are being auctioned off, RadioShack's customer's list with names, addresses, emalis, phone numbers and other personal data will be sold to the highest bidder. In total the list consists of 65 million addresses and 13 million emails.

According to Bloomberg, the information will be given to third party resources who will try to contact the people on the list to sell them things or recruit them as customers for other brand stores and products. AT&T disagrees with RadioShack and filed an objection to retrieve any customers info for safety and privacy reasons.

As of now, the bid for RadioShack's former customer list is still pending.


The Irony: Darren Wilson Speaks At Hunt For Justice Campaign

Posted On: March 18, 2015

Darren Wilson was the guest speaker at a fundraiser this past weekend. Ironically, it was a fundraiser about justice.

Wilson was the paid guest motivational speaker at the Hunt For Justice for fundraiser, they are a pro-police group, non-profit organization who raises money through gun raffles and other fundraisers, for police officers who have been wrongly accused of crimes. Some believe their recent fundraiser was for Darren Wilson, who was seen pictured with one of the organizers, flashing a million dollar smile.

If you can recall, Darren Wilson is the former Ferguson, Mo. police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown. Wilson was not indicted and cleared of all charges, including civil rights charges from the case. Many fundraiser were done for Wilson, some of them in the millions.

When news of Wilson's appearance at this fundraiser surfaced, some people were offended and upset. It's like George Zimmerman all over again. Wison has gained a newfound fame and using it to make a lot of money for himself.

Things that make you go hmmm.


Kraft Issues Recall Of Mac&Cheese Dinner Over Concerns Of Metal Fragments

Posted On: March 18, 2015

Kraft Foods Group Inc. is recalling over 240,000 cases of their Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner over concerns of the metal particles that got inside the boxes during production of them.

Kraft already began pulling the mac&cheese dinner from store shelves all across the nation. The boxes have the "best when used by" dates ranging from Sept. 18, 2015 through Oct. 11, 2015 and are marked with the code "C2." They were sold in the United States and Puerto Rico. South America and certain places in the Caribbean.

Customers filed complaints with Kraft of finding metal particles in their mac&cheese dinner boxes, which prompted the recall of them. So, far there has been no injuries. However, Kraft advise consumers to throw out any mac&cheese dinner that has metal particles in it.


Fundraiser Campaign Raises $60K For SAE Chef Who Lost His Job

Posted On: March 18, 2015

In recent events of the Sigma Alpha Epilison (SAE) racist chant video, the University of Oklahoma took the necessary actions needed and shut the SAE house down. In doing so, they evicted everybody from the SAE house and some people lost their jobs. One of them was the SAE's chef, Howard Dixon.

Dixon has been employed at SAE for a very long time and one of its members decided to start an Indiegogo campaign for him because he lost everything from: medical insurance, 401k plan and etc.

Blake Burkhart was disappointed at what some members of SAE did and made these comments below.

"Today we received the news that some ignorant kids have quickly destroyed something that thousands of men built."

For the fundraising campaign, Burkhart wrote this below about Howard Dixon.

"Those of you who lived in the house, undoubtedly came to love Howard and his infectious smile (if not his chili dogs). He was always there to chat with you and more importantly, to take care of Mom B.

Well, that man is going to walk up to the SAE house tomorrow morning and hear that he no longer has a job. He is going to learn who has been working for. And through some cruel twist of fate, he has to lose the job that he has held for over a decade. He is going to lose his job because of a bus full of racist kids.

You know and I know that this isn’t the house we lived in. I’m positive Howard knows this too. I ask you to give some money to make sure he lands on his feet."

Since then, the fundraiser has raised over $60k for Howard Dixon and the donations continue to pour in.




California Has One Year Of Water Left According To NASA

Posted On: March 16, 2015

We've all heard of global warming, the ozone layer and the importance of recycling. In Pixar's movie Wall-E, there was too much garbage to recycle, it started to pollute the earth and in doing so, it affected the earth's water supply. So human beings in the movie left earth and took residence in outer space. The founding of a plant gave them hope that life was still living on earth. The plant source of life was water because water is life.

According NASA, California has one year of water supply left and this can affect the state of California greatly. Jay Famiglietti who is a senior scientist at NASA reported that California is in a serious drought. And since 2011, California has been losing 12 million acre feet of water every year.

In a published article by the Los Angeles Times, Jay Famiglietti expressed how even with the rain and snow, there has not been any improvements nor any sign of relief.

"As our 'wet' season draws to a close, it is clear that the paltry rain and snowfall have done almost nothing to alleviate epic drought conditions. January was the driest in California since record-keeping began in 1895. Groundwater and snowpack levels are at all-time lows."

Famiglietti stated, California's massive drought is affecting its rivers, creeks and lakes. The water supply in them are receding and in some of those areas, they will become land. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture have gotten involved and are trying to find corrective solutions to restore California's water supply. Famiglietti faults California officials for neglecting the issue which could of been solved if they had intervened earlier. He explained California's back up water supply is declining as well. 

"Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing."

The lack of water supply in California will affect climate changes in Western states according to scientists and their researches from Cornell and Columbia University. These climate changes can last for over 50 to 100 years.

Jay Famiglietti emphasized on the importance to monitor California groundwater supply and limit its use for agriculture, in order to conserve water.

Hmmm, all we can say is pray for rain, a lot of it.


Man Kicks Stray Dog and He Returns With Pack To Trash Man's Car

Posted On: March 16, 2015

Over the weekend an article kept circulating through the Matrix that had us raising a few eyebrows about animals and how they process information.

The article which was published by FOX 32 News is about a man from China who find a dog laying on his parking spot. The man kicked the dog, who went away and he was able to park his car. Later on, the dog returned with two more dogs, which would be the pack the dogs runs witth and they began trashing the man's car. Each of the dog tried to take the man's car apart. The man was shocked and took pictures of what occured because he couldn't believe the dog he kicked remembered his car and brought back some of compadres to take his car apart. We know animals feel, they can feel pain but it's more physical and we know because of their whimpering and sometimes cries. But do they have emotions? As in feelings things deeply like love.

The incident raised some questions about animals and their intelligience but most of all how they process information. We all know dogs are not stupid but how smart are they? There was another question that came up about animals gaining a deeper level of consciouness but the only thing with that is, animals do not have souls. But how do we know that? How we can we explain their acts of compassion towards one another and even human beings, how they mourn for a lost one, how animals can sense on higher level than most human beings and etc. Do these things remain questions or can the answer be found in research.


20 Year Old Arrested and Charged In Ferguson Shooting

Posted On: March 16, 2015

A 20 year old has been charged in connection to last Thurday's Ferguson, Mo. shooting of two police officers.

The adolescent is identified as Jeffrey Williams, who is charged with assault in the first degree and firing a weapon into a large crowd. According to St. Louis police officials, Williams is a residence of St. Louis but not Ferguson. Investigators claimed Williams did not intend to shoot at police officers but was shooting at a person who happened to be in the crowd of protestors.

Jeffrey Williams admitted he fired the shots but he did not shoot any police officers. The case is still being investigated and if convicted, Williams can face life in prison.


Around The World: 5,000 Teachers Rally For Better Pay

Posted On: March 12, 2015

At first, we thought this was an issue only in America but it seems like even in other parts of the world, teachers don't get paid enough. And we need teachers. Without proper pay, it can affect their performance as a teacher. There's been incident where a teacher don't go above and beyond because of their pay. While other teachers give it their all because, of their love of teaching and for their students.

Teachers in Germany took to the streets to protest for better income. Apparently, some of them been teaching for years without any pay rise. It's bad enough teachers do not make that much to begin with, but to not give them any pay increase, is doing a disservice to not only teachers but the students they teach. Especially if they passed probation and if their yearly reviews of their performances and duties are good, they should get a pay increase.

The protest in Berlin was triggered by a strike led by trade unions: Education Union (GEW), the Unified Services Union (Ver.di), the Police Trade Union (GdP) and the Construction, Agriculture and Environment Union (IG BAU) who petiton for better and pay increase for teachers. The petiton states they are seeking 5.5% of increase which will be revised yearly, according ot union rules.

Check out the footage below.


Pittsburg Highway Turns Into Candyland Of Twizzlers After Tractor Trailer Crash

Posted On: March 12, 2015

Interstate 70 in Pittsburgh turned into candyland, when a tractor trailer hit a barrier and spilled tons and tons of Twizzlers into the highway.

Police officers who responded to the scene expressed how a quarter of the highway was covered in Twizzlers and boxes. The incident happened in the middle of the night and there wasn't a lot of motorist on the highway, which police officers are relieved of; because it would of caused a major traffic pile up.

The highway was closed for clean up and fortunately nobody was injured.  If there's a Twizzler shortage in your community, now you know why.