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LAPD To Amend Rules For Body Cameras, Raises Concern About Privacy Issues

Posted On: April 28, 2015

Law enforcements at the Los Angeles Police Department will equip themselves with body cameras in the months that follow. However, there are some concerns being raised about privacy issues, if a person does not want to be filmed while they are being apprehended and if there is an alloted time for police officers to have their body cameras on and off.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck introduced a Body Camera Policy this past weekend to be scheduled for voting on April 27, 2015, which was yesterday. The Body Camera Policy consisted of issues about the transparency of footages captured by body cameras, the protocols of them being used for investigation towards assailants as well as police officers, concerns about if a police officer shuts the camera off, will their testimony of what the footage that is not filmed be justifiable or grounds for adminstrative counseling and; if a footage from a body camera has to be subpoena by a judge, to be used as evidence in court.

Beck's Body Camera Policy is purposed to ensure that policy officers follow proper protocols when it comes to their body cameras and wants to ensure the public/citizens that their rights are also protected, when it comes to privacy. The Body Camera Policy noted police officers who are involved in certain allegations and cases such as police brutality, should not view the footages that have been captured by their body cameras, until the proper chains of investigations are followed; so those officers do not try to lie or cover up their crimes and mishaps.

The vote for the Body Camera Policy was 3:1, the Los Angeles Police Commission approved the policy which will go into effect immediately. Starting in the summer, over 800 police officers will begin wearing the body cameras from the LAPD. Mayors and other governement officials are hoping they can get a full approval for the whole state of Cailifornia's police departments, to be mandated to wear body cameras as part of their uniforms.


Governor Jerry Brown Announced New Legislation For Fines, Amidst Water Drought Crisis

Posted On: April 28, 2015

As we all know, California is facing a water drought crisis and due to it, Governor Jerry Brown instituted a legislation to give out fines to those who are caught wasting water.

Brown already implemented a water regulation on the amount of water that can be used for purposes, like households watering their lawns. Environmental researchers and scientist are trying to find a solution to help combtt California's emerging water drought crisis, which is decreasing at an alarming rate. To conserve water, the Governor put into effect a legislation that would fine people for up to $10,000 the maximun for wasting water.

The legislation has received some backlash and critized for being too harsh, but the Brown stated it was neccessary and easy to enforce.

"We think they're reasonable," Brown expressed. "We think they're enforceable."

The minimum fined is $500 and those who are given repeated fines will face possible jail time. Mayors and other governement officials are in support of Jerry Brown's legislation, together they are working on developing a budget to construct new pipelines and water treatment facilities.


Mexican Authorities Discover Underground Drug Tunnel Being Excavated Leading To The U.S.

Posted On: April 08, 2015

During a drug raid and the arrest of nine people, Mexican police officals discovered an underground drug tunnel that was being excavated leading to the U.S.

The discovery was made when authorities searched the house the raid took place in and discovered an odd wardrobe which had a trap door entrance.

Once inside, authorities were led down a hole where they found the tunnel.

The tunnel was still under constructions and wired with a ventilation system, lights and etc.

The tunnel was examined to be about 500 feet and if left undiscovered, it would of been completed.

The tunnel was being built to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the United States. U.S. task force have joined the investigation with Mexican officals to figure out who financed the excavation of the underground drug tunnel and which cartel it belongs to. Since the discovery of the tunnel, the house has been seized and was taken into the custody of Mexican law enforcements.


Restaurant Manager In China Fights Off Rapist Using Martial Arts

Posted On: April 08, 2015

A restaurant owner from China was closing up her establishment when a man knocked on the door and asked to use the bathroom. The woman let the man in but he attacked and attempted to rape her but the man got more than he bargained for, when the woman used self defense to subdue him.

A camera from inside the restaurant caught the whole incident on film.

After the woman subdued the man, she ran out of the restaurant and the man followed her.

Once outside, the man again tried to rape the woman but this time she put her ninja skills down and let him know she was not the one for his sick pleausres. She did one of those judo kicks to the man's chest and finished him like Sonya Blade.

The woman finally was able to flee from the man and went to a police station to file charges. Police offcials were able to track the man down because of the footages from the cameras, both inside and outside the restaurant. The man was charged with rape and remains in police custody.

You go Chun Li!


Clemson University's SAE Fraternity Put On 2 Year Probation Following 'Cripmas' Party Glorifying Gang Activities

Posted On: April 07, 2015

Clemson University in South Carolina placed the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity on probation for two years.

Last December, the frat hosted and held a party called 'Cripmas' which featured Caucasian students dressing up and imitating the lifestyles of gang members.

There were no other race or cultures invited to the party and students in Clemson were offended by the images from the party, members of SAE displayed on their social media pages. Following the party and after several complaints, Clemson suspended all SAE activities indefinitely and several of its members resigned from the fraternity.

Clemson released a statement apologizing for the actions of SAE. After months of investigation, it was discovered that at the party, members of SAE violated and broke Clemson University school rules, student conduct codes and; even broke the law with having drugs at the party. The fraternity was placed on probation until 2017. Last month, SAE was evicted off the campus at Oklahoma University after a video of a racist chant surfaced online. Sigma Alpha Eplison denies they practice or encourage any acts that would deem offensive towards other races, ethnicities and etc.


Man Kills Himself In Las Vegas After His Lifetime Buffet Pass Was Revoked

Posted On: April 07, 2015

During a busy Easter Snday at a buffet in Las Vegas, a man who authorities have identified as John Noble shot and killed himself.

The man was 53 years old and was distraught according to a 300 page letter he sent to a local newspaper, about the casino taking away his lifetime buffet pass. Noble was accused in 2013 of harassing female employees at the M Resort Spa Casino he won the lifetime buffet pass, which revoked it.

Police reported that Noble also set his car on fire at the casino's parking lot, before taking his own life. In the letters he sent to the Las Vegas Review Journal, John gave a detail explanation of why he was going to commit suicide, but the newspaper received the package early Monday morning and it was too late to save John Noble. According to the newspaper, John became depressed when the casino took away his lifetime buffet pass and refused to reinstate it. He expressed that he won the pass and the casino had no right to take it away from him. Noble also claimed his innocence from the harrasment allegations he encounted in 2013.

The newspaper revealed John Noble had psychiatric issues and was hospitalized for a couple of days. It seems like his condition was not properly treated and he needed help.

This is a sad story, apparently John was trying to reach out for help by contacting the newspaper. It's hard to understand the logic of why someone would take their own life over a lifetime buffet pass and this why its very important for psychiatric patients to received proper medical care, in an effort to prevent incidents like this from happening.


TSA Keeps Unclaimed Money Totaling To $675,000

Posted On: April 07, 2015

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) collected a hefty check from passengers unclaimed items, which included money. For the 2014 fiscal year, passengers left behind money from loose change like nickels, quarters, dimes; including dollar bills and etc. that were unclaimed. When it was all totaled up, the amount came to $675,000.

The year before that, TSA collected $383,414 but for 2014, the bar was raised by more than 50%. Accordng to their graph, the amount of unclaimed items and money kept climbing every year.

The unclaimed money goes into the TSA financial office, that utilizes the funds to finance security operations.


Brazilian Drug Gang Arrested By Cops and Their Dog Surrenders Too

Posted On: April 07, 2015

Dogs are loyal to the end, if you go down, they are going down with you and that's exactly what happened in Brazil.

When police authorities apprehended a Brazalian drug gang and did a line up, their faithful dog laid down with them to get arrested.

Police officals have been investigating and had the drug gang under surveillance for distrubing cocaine and marijuana. When officals initially burst into the compound of the gang, the dog was barking at first but when he saw his owner and his crew, surrender to police, the dog imitated them and put his paws up too.


Police In Thailand Forced To Shoot Tires Of Tourist Who Was Driving In The Wrong Lane

Posted On: April 07, 2015

In Thailand, police offcials made a tough decison biut it helped saved lives.

An American tourist ended up on the wrong lane and was driving through incoming traffic. The driver for some reason kept going and hit thirteen cars, injuring people along the way. Police attempted to flag her down but the driver kept going. According to a news article from Thailand The Bangkok Post, the woman drove down the wrong way in East Pattaya, through the streets of Chon Buri's Banglamung district and appeared to be playing demoliton derby, with the way she was driving.

After several attempts of getting the driver to pull over, Thailand police shot at three of her tires in order to stop the car and prevent anymore accidents and injuries from occuring.

When the car finally stopped, police officals approached the car but the woman refused to get out. The cops ended up smashing the woman's passenger window for her safety, after a mob grew around her car, upset about the cars and people she hit. Police apprehended the woman and took her into custody.

The woman who was identified as only Samantha, she received a fined that charged her for all the damages, including medical expenses.


Baltimore Schools To Lay Off 100 Employees

Posted On: April 06, 2015

Schools in Batimore are facing layoffs in June.

The Baltimore City Public School will be laying off 100 off their employees by the summer. The layoffs include teachers, principals, Board of Education officials, kitchen staff and more. City officials in Baltimore announced the layoff this past Friday and verbalized the layoff will be an effort to try to balance out their $108 million dollar budget, which took a plunge at the beginning of this year.

City schools CEO Gregory Thornton stated to news reporters, he plans on cutting positions in other areas in Baltimore but would be starting with its school system, due to their educational budget of 15 million which is in need of reparations.


Police Recover Easter Bunny With $30,00 Worth Of Meth Inside

Posted On: April 06, 2015

Thank God it was not a child who found this bunny and it's fluffy too. Anyhow, let's get into this story.

According to FOX 23 News, police arrested a woman in Oklahoma after recovering a box that had an Easter bunny in it. For some reasons, the bunny which is pictured above looked strange to police officials.

Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King stated to news reporters how the bunny just seemed odd to him.

"The Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch," King expressed.

The Police Chief proceeded to check the box and the bunny. Police officials discovered a hole that was cut into the bunny on the bottom of it, what they recovered shocked them.

“There were two condoms and meth stuffed inside the rabbit,” King stated.

The pound of meth has a street value of around $30,000.

The police then alerted law enforcement officials in Tulsa County to track the address the box was suppose to be delivered at. Police officals acted like the mailman and delivered the package to the address. A woman signed for the box and later on, police officials went to her residence and arrested her. The woman is being reported under the alias Ross, admitted to the package being hers and confessed to the distrubition of the meth drugs. She is being held at the country's detention center with bail set at $75,000.