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University of Washington School of Law To Increase Diversity With Summer Program

Posted On: June 10, 2015

The University of Washington School of Law will implement a new program this summer, in an effort to increase diversity.

The Christine Gregoire Fellows Program is nominating and selecting nine students, who then will work at various law firms as interns, with the benefit of securing positions to become lawyers. The program will assist the students with studies and training, which will help each and every one of them pass the Washington State bar examination. There's a mentoring program the students will be part of also, that is being led by Governor Gregoire.

The University of Washington School of Law, Kellye Testy explained the purpose of the program and the goal of diversity in educational and corporate law around the nation.

"If we are to realize our goal of leadership for the global common good and of creating a legal profession as diverse as our society’s makeup, we need to encourage more underrepresented students to enter the legal profession. This innovative partnership will help us better reach students who are currently pursuing other paths. Moreover, by enhancing diversity in our classrooms we will enhance our academic excellence for all students."


Snapchat Gains Revenues Of $500 Million From Investors

Posted On: June 01, 2015

Snapchat is only four years old as of this year, the company is already worth $16 billion dollars, due to investments and funding.

Snapchat is a messaging service that was developed by Bobby Murphy and has generated investors who brought private shares into the company, helping them gain $537 million in new funding. Some of their investors are international, including an e-commerce company called Alibaba Goup Holding based out of China, which invested $200 million into Snapchat. Within six month, Snapchat was able to enlarge their value from $10 billion because of investments in shares and stock holders. These investors are as followed: York Capital Management based out of New York, Benchmark and Institutional Venture Partners, Glade Brook Capital Partners, DST Global and more.

In an effort to enlarge their services, Snapchat will be joining forces with Yahoo and ESPN to provide news and entertainment related articles on their platform. Snapchat hopes this will help them gain new users and become one of the best messaging providers, as well as media business in tech.