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Twitter Hires Former Apple Employee To Revise and Diversify Company

Posted On: January 08, 2016

Several civil rights leaders, including Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. has called for equality in employment at Silicon Valley corporations and even made request for them to release information pertaining to it. So far, Apple has made the neccesary efforts to diversify their corporation and provide equality in employment based on race, gender, religion and etc. Twitter came under fire back in 2015 when a former engineer revealed his resignation from the company due to lack of diversity in employment, promotions, leadership positions and etc.

Since then, Twitter is dealing with the elephant in the room instead of sweeping it under the rug. The company recently hired a former Apple employee, who was actually a director at Apple and assisted with implementing a foundation for its improvement in diversity. Jeffrey Siminoff was basically recruited for his expertise and has taken on the role of vice president of diversity and inclusion at Twitter. Prior to that, the director of inclusion and diversity Janet Van Huysse resigned, although she presented an outline of how Twitter was going to make efforts to enhance diversity in 2016. Its unsure why Huysse resigned and abruptly left the company.

However, Jeffrey Siminoff will resolve Twitter's lack of diversity in all areas such as: race, gender, religion and etc., by admending solutions to enhance the company.


NYPD Sergeant Involved in 'Eric Garner's' Death: Charged, Stripped of Gun and Badge

Posted On: January 08, 2016

While a federal investigation continues and is still pending, a sergeant involved in the death of Eric Garner has been officially charged and was stripped of her gun and badge.

The Sergeant, Kizzy Adonis is charged with neglect and failure to properly supervise the police officers who put Garner in a chokehod, leading to his death in 2014. The chokehold was illegal based on Staten Island department standards and policies, however the officer who put Eric Garner in the chokehold was not brought on charges nor indictment. Officer Daniel Pantaleo is currently being federally investigated and may face criminal charges.

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis as of now is place on desk duties, revoked from street and any kind of enforcement and faces internal disciplinary charges. Adonis is part of the federal investigation in the Eric Garner's case and once she's been federally charged, the internal case against her will determine if she'll be arrested.


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opens In NYC

Posted On: January 08, 2016

After Governor Andrew Cuomo inducted the marijuana medical bill into law, New York City begin its progression towards the bill by opening one of eight cannabis dispensaries.

The grand opening took place yesterday (Jan. 7th) at Columbia Care on East 14th Street. The dispensaries will treat patients with severe medical conditions/diseases and clearances for treatment following prescriptions from their doctors. Due to certain restrictions, patients will not be allowed to smoke any of the marijuana but instead the cannabis will come in forms of: capsules, liquids, vaporized therapy; and mostly induced orally. The marijuana treatments will be sold to patients and insurances do not cover any cost pertaining to cannabis care.


Video Source: New York Daily News


Nigerian President to Recruit Half a Million Teachers, In An Effort to Improve The Quality of Education

Posted On: January 07, 2016

In international news, the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari disclosed a 6.08 trillion dollar budget for the 2016 fiscal year to address matters in healthcare, defense, housing, oil trading and mostly centering the budget's objective towards education. The funding will project 3.86 trillion dollars to adhere those matters.

Due to troubling and problematic issues of education in Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari will take extreme measures to rectify the shortage of teachers in public schools across the country and improve the quality of education by recruting half a million teachers from around the world. The budget will also improve the quality of educational needs, its provision and resources from: textbooks to tech supplies such as laptops. With the improvement of education, it wil solidify and elevate the quality of morals, Nigeria's culture and etc. The busget will allocate funding for the salaries and provide living standards for teachers when it comes to housing and safety.

The recruitment of half a million teachers declared by President Buhari for Nigeria, is being documented as one of the largest in history.


Three Tons of Cocaine Including its Whole Operation Seized in Spain

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Police officials discovered three tons of cocaine hidden in the roof of a van, at a warehouse in northern Spain.

During their search: phones, over a million dollars in cash (£730,000), computer devices and etc. were seized in what was a drug operation to be carried out by drug traffickers. Twelve people were apprehended and remain in police custody. The estimated value of the drugs that were confiscated range from $500 to a billion dollars in both euro and American dollars. Spain's National Police division revealed to international and US news media outlets, how this was one of the largest drug bust they ever conducted, the last one back in 1999.

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Man Fights Off Robber From His Store With A Shoe!

Posted On: January 06, 2016

No, they were not Jesus sandals! But lets get to it.

Talk about bravery! A robber ran up on the wrong one and ended up the one running away.

A store assistant from New York was not having it when a robber entered his convenient store with a rifle and proceeded on robbing the place. The assistant at first complied with the robber, put his hands up and opened the cash register. When the robber went to take the cash out the register, the assistant was like: "not today bih" and went into action. The store worker threw a shoe in self defense and went taliban on the robber who fled the scene of the incident.

Police officials are reviewing the footages of the December 15th incident and has launched an investigation.

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University of Cincinnati Pledges $40 Million and Inducts New Hiring Programs To Diversify Its Faculty

Posted On: January 06, 2016

The University of Cincinnati recently pledged $40 million dollars to diversify its school and induct several hiring programs to improve diversity within their faculty staff.

The hiring program will hire scholars and professors to devise new academic studies and classes for the university such as: urban studies, African-American history in all matters pertaining to their inventions, innovations and their pre-slavery history. Pushing for these changes and improving the diversity of faces within the faculty staff at the University of Cincinnati, is a group of student called the Black UC which started with 75 members and now has a total of 2,800 members. Their mission is to raise awareness about the university's lack of diversity in not only their faculty but also the classes that are being offered.

Back in 2013, the University of Cincinnati employed a hiring intiative called Strategic Hiring Opportunity Program in their effort to diversify the schools faculty but the Black UC states the program was not effective; and even the funds that were allotted for it did not produce any results. Fast forward to 2016, a new pledge and a variety of hiring programs have been introduced yielding towards productivity in diversity measures.