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Police Officers Gets Dragged By Woman in SUV, Suspect Was Stopped for Shoplifting


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Mar 04, 2016

Everything boils down to choices and apparently for one woman in South Carolina, her choice landed her in hot water. 

25 year old Laquandra Borden and 36 year old Chastity Stokes were suspected of shoplifting from Walmart and were stopped by two police officers back in November of 2015. After routine of protocols and informing them why they were being pulled over and detained, one of the suspect was allowed back in the car which was a black SUV. It's unsure why the suspect was allowed back in her car, news reporting documents do not state why, that information was not released by the Horry County Police Department in South Carolina. Anyhow, Laquandra Borden must of thought that her and Chastity Stokes were Thelma and Louise because I don't know what was going through her mind but she really attempted to get away with the great escape. And do you know how dangerous that was?! With these trigger happy cops thinking they're cowboys. 

Recent release of the dash cam footage, reveals and displays on video Borden attempting to drive off, dragging the officers with her car and leaving the scene of the traffic stop. First she goes forward (prior to that, you can hear the officers telling her to get out the car) and hits the patrol car while one of the officers is holding on to the driver's section of the vehicle. The second officer who was on the scene during the traffic stop, attempts to pull Laquandra out the car but she puts the car in reverse and backs up, by then the officers let go of their hold unto the car and Thelma (Laquandra Borden) drove off. As you can see in the footage, only one of the three officers pulled out his gun, like he was ready to bust a cap, luckily for Borden those other two officers were present and maybe that's why she's still alive. 

You would think with all these incidents of police brutality, Laquandra Borden would of been wise with her choices and decisions making but nope! She's been watching too many movies because she pulled an OJ Simpson on them and led the HCPD on a highway chase. And ended up like Queen Latifah in Set if Off and was surrounded by the whole HC police department but fortunately for Borden, she was not a casualty and caught just one bullet in the arm. 

Chasity Stokes and Laquandra Borden were charged with shoplifting over $2,000 dollars worth of merchadise including electronics from Walmart. Both of the suspects were seen on surveillance cameras loading a huge plastic tub with all the stolen merchandise in their car near the garden area of the store. Stokes was charged with three counts of shoplifting and criminal conspiracy. Borden on the other hand caught more charges as she should, for lack of good judgements and was charged with hit and run, first degree assault and battery; and a slew of other charges. Both of them have been released on bond and are awaiting trial. 

Check out the footage of the incident below. 

WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL -

What is the moral of the story? 

Hopefully, Laquandra Borden learned a valuable lesson from this, how one poor choice can lead down an unforturnate road.