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Who Said Men Can't Fly?

Posted On: April 04, 2015

Who said men can't fly? And be amongst eagles, hawks and birds of a feather who soar the skies. If men govern such animals, then by law, men could spread their wings and fly."

-- Andrale Marie'

Location: Somewhere in the sky.


Style & Grace: Michelle Obama's Stunning Brandon Maxwell Gown at The State Dinner

Posted On: August 06, 2016

Making a grand entrance at this year's State Dinner, First Lady Michelle Obama allured the red carpet in a stunning ivory crepe gown by Brandon Maxwell. She was dignified in royalty, polished in grace and finessed with style. Mrs. Obama was poised with elegance and moved with the agility of a queen.

The 2016 White House State Dinner was in honor of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and his wife Ho Ching, both President Obama and the First Lady greeted the couple on the red carpet. Michelle Obama's Maxwell gown boasted sophisticated simplicity, not one to warrant attention but had a demeanor that took the spotlight with no effort. The First Lady shined with a pair of diamond earrings, kept it cool in a tucked chignon and a smooth, sleek back bun.

Brandon Maxwell made his debut in September of last year, at New York Fashion Week and gradually grew throughout 2016 as an evening-wear designer. He was the recipient for the Swarovski Award for Womenswear at the 2016 CFDA Awards. Maxwell has worked and styled Lady Gaga, which he continues to do. His clients include Naomi Campbell, Iman, Kerry Washington and many others.

In an email statement to Women's Wear Daily (WWD), Brandon Maxwell spoke about the experience of designing a gown for the First Lady.

"It has been an incredible honor for me and my team to create this dress for the First Lady."

Maxwell expressed, the personality of Michelle Obama, the inspiration that she is for women from all corners of the earth and how she became his muse to fuse his creativity.

"Strong and elegant, she is the embodiment of the woman that inspires me to create, and a role model for women all over the world."


Awakening the Goddess in You

Posted On: November 05, 2017

Awakening the spirit of the Goddess in you. Yes, hunny, it is time to reclaim your power! The Goddess energy has returned and it is time to generate this energy from within.

The Goddess, the feminine energy has been suppressed for many generations but you can not suppress something that is an important component in our universe. This is why the earth is imbalanced and Mother Nature has been at war with human kind. This all started when Caucasian males started visiting Egypt and came across the ankh and how women where worshiped in Egypt as Goddesses, a female version of a God. And the ankh (the original cross) represents the Goddess energy displaying the womb. When these men came across those ancient text, symbols and statues of these Goddesses, it was too much for them. These men could not fathom nor had the vision to see a woman as a God, which we already know is a Goddess. Mind you, every man that has entered this earth was conceived in a womb of a woman and came through a woman. Seems like a godly attribute of a Goddess.

In trying to suppress the truth, the womb (the feminine energy, the Goddess) was revised and taken out of the original cross (the ankh pictured below). And revamped into the modern cross (Roman crucifixion of Christ) that we know of today. As well as, the original Holy Trinity which is the Divine Mother, Divine Father and the Divine Child but that's another article on its own. You can't hide nor suppress the truth and guess what? The Goddess is back baby! We are in the era where the Goddess, feminine energy has returned to restore balance on this earth.

In moving forward with the topic "Divination, Spiritual Health & Metaphysics," I have to touch on the subject of the Goddess and the feminine energy. Because there are aspects in spirituality and divination which requires working with deities that are Goddesses, channeling feminine energy through fruits, cowries shells, coffee beans and etc. If you don't know the goddess and feminine energy from within yourself, you can't channel it because it comes from within. To plug into this power as a woman, one has to awaken, invoke their goddess energy from within to channel it; and be one with the divine energy of the Goddess.

Throughout history it has been a power struggle with the masculine energy (men) when it comes to the feminine energy (women). This power struggle does not stem from the universe but human kind, men who had a problem with the feminine energy (women) being worshiped as a Goddess. This is in Westernized cultures because other cultures and parts of the world continue the ancient practice of worshiping the Goddess. When you look at the timeline of history, women have been suppressed in their powers and freedom. There was a time when women weren't allowed to vote, if a women knew how to heal herself, had insight, vision and intelligence that stem from within, she was executed; this is what happened during the Salem Witch Trials. In the suppression of their powers and freedom, women were told by men on how to look, feel, how to carry herself, even with her sexuality; and etc. This psychological conditioning continues on today in our society with some of the advertisements and commercials that we see. Especially targeting melaneted women being told they should be lighter in skin, their hair should be straight, their nose should be thin and etc., to look more like European women. Its more of a racist psychological conditioning which has affected women, their confidence and self esteem.

The general psychological conditioning continues to affect women, even in today's modern society. You have some women who would rather embody and see themselves as a king instead of a queen. Mainly because of how the king has been viewed and praised. The queen is just as supreme, royal and powerful as the king. As a matter of fact, the queen is the most powerful piece on a chessboard. The feminine energy is all around us, we see it in oysters (pictured below), fruits, certain flowers, cowries shells, coffee beans; and more.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings forth balance in oneself. It awakens your power as a woman, your innate knowledge, connection to the earth, cosmos; and the universe as a whole. It awakens your intuition, although women are naturally intuitive, awakening the Goddess nurtures and fortifies a woman's intuition. Awakening the Goddess energy from within, a woman begins to see beauty from a different angle, through her eyes and not the eyes of society. This empowers a woman's confidence, belief in herself and cultivates her self esteem. Because beauty is no longer defined through the eyes of another or society but through the eye of her soul.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within also, empowers a woman to bring forth her innate knowledge and wisdom, this energy guides her in healing herself through her soul and spirit. It reconnects women to Mother Nature grounding themselves, in order to elevate into a higher and better version of themselves. Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings enlightenment and knowledge of the women knowing and being familiar with herself, understanding her true power stems from within.


Source of Photos:, Pinterest and Google.


Mazzanti Reveals Italy's Most Powerful Super Car, The Evantra Millecavalli

Posted On: June 12, 2016

During their participation at the 2016 Turin Auto ShowMazzanti revealed the Evantra Millecavalli.

With oohs and ahhs from the audience, Evantra Millecavalli made history in Italy's automotive as the most powerful supercar to be built and manufactured. 

The Evantra Millecavalli has V-8 engine that can go up to 1,000 in horsepower, equipped with a six-speed sequential gearbox and has 885 pound-per-feet of torque. Drake goes 0 to 100 but the Millecavalli goes 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds, exceeding at 250 miles per hour. 

Millecavalli's engine is what makes the car stands out, the highlight of it and the horsepower it generates. With that type of an engine, the car needs brakes to sustain it. The Evantra has ceramic units which gives drivers control and can halt the car at 186 miles per hour in just seven seconds.

Mazzanti introduced the Evantra Millecavalli as a prototype, however 25 cars have been manufactured and a few of them sold. 



Sail Away This Summer in a Gabriele Teruzzi's Superyacht

Posted On: June 03, 2016

Just imagine the sun kissing you and flirting as the rays entice your body. The sounds of Mother Nature, the whispers in the soft winds and laying on a superyacht enjoying your summer.

Paradise, a place where no stress exist.

Introducing the designer that puts super in yachts, Gabriele Teruzzi who has taken the blueprint, layouts and the concept of architecture to several levels of creativity. His newest superyacth is called the Shaddai, it is one of nobilty and honor. The Shaddai is engineered with a sleek, futuristic composition that looks more like a spaceship, instead of a yacht.

Equipped with 3 different pool areas, a dining room, a lounge room, a built in living room that is centered in the yacht, with a complete bar, foot terrace and; wraps around in square feet of 1,130. There's also standing flowing water, an aquarium and all the amenities you need. 

For more information, click on the following link:

Yacht and Designer


First Lady, Michelle Obama Visits and Surprised School in Washington, D.C.

Posted On: March 06, 2016

As part of her initiative of getting people to adapt towards a more healthy and nutritous eating regime, and energectic lifestyle with her "Let's Move" campaign, First Lady, Michelle Obama visited and surprised two schools in Washington, D.C. 

In casual wear and with a bright smile, Michelle strolled into Watkins Elementary school and surprised their cooking class. The students learn how to make recipe and cook with the vegetables they grew in the school garden. During her interaction with the class, one of the students asked Michelle if she knew Joe Biden and while preparing tortillas, Mrs. Obama made a statement how she never cooked them that way before, and one of the children remarked he never seen her before. It's funny and comical. Michelle made the day and lesson extra special for those children who will remember the experience and for some, it will inspire them towards a goal and dream. 

During her second visit to Burroughs Elementary School, upon arrival to their classroom, one of the kids could not contain his excitement and joy of seeing Michelle Obama and he ran into her arms and gave her a hug. Which was really sweet and she had a motherly reaction to him. Watching those faces and seeing the reaction of those little Black girls, the twinkle in their eyes, it's like a beam of light for them and beacon of hope as in: "you can become the First Lady one day too." Little Black girls need to see more of that, more positive and nurturing role models and not negative images society have been portraying about Black women. You don't have to fight with one another, fight over men, lack in self respect and mannerism, low self-esteem, uneducated, lack in ambition, golddiggers, sisterwives nonsense (Michelle Obama is not sharing Barack Obama (he's not a pimp but a president) nor does he put her in a position to do so) and etc. like some of these reality show project about Black women. That's another topic and article to be covered. 

But anyhow, lets focus on this article. 

While at Burroughs elementary school, First Lady, Michelle Obama took part in the lesson of the class with its students and picked out earthworms with them.

"You guys have this amazing garden, and I’m so proud of you. And I want the world to see all the great things you are doing and all the great things you are learning so much from your garden and from your school," Mrs. Obama expressed.

Michelle was attentive to the children who were teaching her about composte, gardening and etc. 


It didn't stop there, Michelle surprised Eriks Brolis and Linda Bilsens at their home & family garden during an interview. Mrs. Obama complimented both of them for their roles as leaders, their efforts in motivating and teaching their community to garden and eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Michelle Obama will continue to visit and surprised schools and home gardens throughtout the spring season as part of her Let's Move campaign: Garden Tour Intitiative.  



Blessings Beyond The Stars

Posted On: April 04, 2015

"How great are these stars? That sparkle in the sky, too much to count, an eternal bliss of blessings shining amongst the universe. If God created you to be as great as these stars, then why should you be afraid to shine? With an unlimited resource of light and power, find the Orion within and glow."

-- Andrale Marie'

Location: Colchuck Lake. Washington, USA


Nigerian Artist Creates Afro Combs To Honor African-American Activists and Freedom Fighters

Posted On: June 19, 2016

Hailing from Nigeria is Fred Martins who created and designed these uniquely afro combs and picks. They're not like regular afro picks, Fred had an amazing vision to bring his design into reality, because the afro combs and picks reflect the images of African-American activists and freedom fighters. 

Taking his skills of graphic artistry and photography, Martins constructed the afro combs and picks in resemblance of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Fela Kuti and Patrice Lumumba. Their facial imagery are composed in the area of each comb's tooth. 

Afro combs and picks have been around since Egyptian time as pictured below from a museum.

And was an iconic symbol of the raised Black fist during the Black Power, Civil Rights and Black Panthers movements in the 70's. Also in movies, cultured fashion (some would rock an afro pick in their hair as an accessory) and more, pictured below.

 Fred Martins stated during an interview, the motivation for him to create the activist/freedom fighter afro combs was to link African-Americans to their ancestors. Also, for historical and cultural values. He expressed in urging the youth to learn more about their history and African heritage. For them to gain knowledge of their ancestors and use it as a guide, to become leaders and empower leadership. 

Check out Fred Martins' full collection of afro combs below. 


California's Limited Water Supply Will Affect Fruits & Vegetables and Water Regulations Have Started

Posted On: March 18, 2015

To follow up on article we reported about NASA's report of California's limited water supply, which will dry out in a year. In latest developments, scientist and agriculture researchers are concern about the limitation of California's water supply and how it will affect fruits and vegetables across the valley. If there is no water, the fruits and vegetables will eventually die and not grow. Like we stated, "water is life."

In addition, not only will the fruits and vegetables be affected from California's impending water issue, but so will the farms, stores and markets due to their profits and; shares from other coporations.

California grows about 230 different crops ranging from: melons, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, chard, collards, prickly pears, almonds, pistachios, grapes and are the main suppliers of tomatoes, for grocers and canned products.

California also produces: 99 percent of the artichokes, 89% of cauliflower, 94% of broccoli, 95% of celery, 90% of the leaf lettuce, 83% of Romaine lettuce, 83% of fresh spinach, 90% of avocados, 84% of peaches, 88%  of fresh strawberries and 97% of fresh plums. Do the math and figure out how this will affect the market all across the nation, possibly the world and its food supply.

California losses water and it will cause a domino affect all over the nation. Usually that's what happens when it comes to nature.

So, what's the solution?

State Legislatures in California has put some new rules in effect to regulate California's water supply. They've outlawed watering lawns within 48 hours of rain and storms. There is a prohibition of water being served in restaurants unless patrons ask or request for water. Anybody caught wasting water in California will be ticketed and watering lawns have been reduced to only once a week and twice a week in ceratin areas.


XPOGO Team Showcases The World's Best Pogo Tricks

Posted On: June 07, 2016

Pogo sticks are popular to some, it's a hobby out of it like skateboarding. Some people do tricks and stunts with pogo sticks called Pogo FreestyleXPOGO Team gives these pogo freestylers a platfrom to showcase their skills and pogo tricks. 

The three dudes in this video do a number of different pogo tricks from: flips, high volume flight with the pogo, they spin, and do other tricks. They are documeted as the world best pogo freestylers. 

Check it out below. 

Will you be buying a pogo stick and stunt with some skills? 


California Has One Year Of Water Left According To NASA

Posted On: March 16, 2015

We've all heard of global warming, the ozone layer and the importance of recycling. In Pixar's movie Wall-E, there was too much garbage to recycle, it started to pollute the earth and in doing so, it affected the earth's water supply. So human beings in the movie left earth and took residence in outer space. The founding of a plant gave them hope that life was still living on earth. The plant source of life was water because water is life.

According NASA, California has one year of water supply left and this can affect the state of California greatly. Jay Famiglietti who is a senior scientist at NASA reported that California is in a serious drought. And since 2011, California has been losing 12 million acre feet of water every year.

In a published article by the Los Angeles Times, Jay Famiglietti expressed how even with the rain and snow, there has not been any improvements nor any sign of relief.

"As our 'wet' season draws to a close, it is clear that the paltry rain and snowfall have done almost nothing to alleviate epic drought conditions. January was the driest in California since record-keeping began in 1895. Groundwater and snowpack levels are at all-time lows."

Famiglietti stated, California's massive drought is affecting its rivers, creeks and lakes. The water supply in them are receding and in some of those areas, they will become land. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture have gotten involved and are trying to find corrective solutions to restore California's water supply. Famiglietti faults California officials for neglecting the issue which could of been solved if they had intervened earlier. He explained California's back up water supply is declining as well. 

"Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing."

The lack of water supply in California will affect climate changes in Western states according to scientists and their researches from Cornell and Columbia University. These climate changes can last for over 50 to 100 years.

Jay Famiglietti emphasized on the importance to monitor California groundwater supply and limit its use for agriculture, in order to conserve water.

Hmmm, all we can say is pray for rain, a lot of it.