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Billion Dollar Australian Drug Bust Ironically Discovers Meth Smuggled In Bras

Posted On: February 16, 2016

The irony of drug bust from double D's. 

Well, that's what happened in Australia in what police are calling a billion dollar drug bust, of recovering a meth operation estimated at a street value of $1billion in Australia and close to $900 million in U.S. Unlike marijuana which is a plant, methamphetamine is man made. 

160 gallons of liquid meth was seized in Sydney, Australia according to published artciles by CNN. The drugs were creatively inserted as part of the gel lining in thousands of silicone bras, which were imported from Hong Kong. The contraband was also planted in bottles of craft glues, other distinctive art supplies and paints in number sets. So far three nationals from Hong Kong have been arrested and one national from China has been detained.  

According to news articles from Australia, the drug bust is beng documented as the largest in history. In an ABC News report, the broadcaster gave a break down of how the liquid meth would of been manufactured and sold in kilos. 

"Police said the 720 litres of methylamphetamine uncovered could have been used to make 504 kilos of ice with a street value of $1.26 billion, working out at $2.5 million per kilo."

Chinese Narcotic Control Commission was part of the international drug task force, in the investigation of the meth smuggling from Hong Kong to Australia. In their investigative reports, meth has been smuggled through the ice trade of different markets. Meth is one of the issues affecting Australia's communities and its people. The country will continue in its effort of sweeping its streets in drug bust and sanitizing its communities to become drug free. 


Sibongile Sambo Opens Africa's First Woman Aviation Company

Posted On: March 06, 2016

After being denied a flight attendant job because of her height, Sibongile Sambo took matter into her hands and decided to open her own business. Sibongile Sambo did more than become an enttreprenuer, she set the standard and made history by opening Africa's first woman (female) avaition company. 

For Sibongile, it's more than running or managing a business, it's a passion for her to get more women into aviation and to become female pilots. As the founder and CEO of SRS Aviation, an all female aviation company, Sambo is able to provide a resource and outlet to nuture her passion. It was not easy breaking into the male dominated industry, Sibongile Sambo had to learn the language of aviation and find the right investments to fund her vision. 

After being commisisioned for her first flight back in 2004 for the South African government, Sambo has grown and expanded her SRS Aviation company by providing luxury and tourist flights across the globe, personal helicopters and more. 

"It could be a tourist charter for $1,000 or could be a head of state traveling on a VIP aircraft to the United States, which could be about $200,000."

With learning, Sibongile Sambo not only grew her business but also grew in skills and knowledge about avaition. She was able to assist and help three women obtain their private pilot licenses and are now employed full time. Her company, SRS Avaition has an Air Operating Certificate from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that allows Sibongile to operate commercial flying activities and conduct piloting classes. 

SRS Avaition managed to link and has a partnership with MCC Aviation, one of the leading and prominent avaition businesses in South Africa. The deal provides accessible fleet of aircraft, operational and technical support. 

Last year in 2015, Ethiopia Airlines ran and dispatched its first all women crew flight and Siza Mzimela became the first Black woman to open a commercial airline. Sibongile Sambo is optimistic that more women will continue to go into avaitation and airline businesses, become founders and even investors in them. She also expressed, a rise in more women pilots and flight crews. 

"What I’m proud of about our company is that we have managed to penetrate the male dominated industry," Sambo revealed. "Aviation is growing in Africa. We are going to grow with the growth in Africa."


Case Studyo x James Jarvis 'Amphora' Vase

Posted On: September 21, 2016

Case Studyo designs and sculpts out of the ordinary ceramics, figurine ceramics and home furnishings. Their artistic creative concepts and direction are usually out of this world. Case Studyo art pieces, from canvas to sculptors are rare and unique in their designs. They have collaborated with an endless list of artists and continue to push the envelope when it comes to creativity.

The Belguim based sculpture's recent collaboration involves James Jarvis and a limited edition vase called "amphora."

James Jarvis is a toy designer and illustrator from Britain, who created a playful cartoon caricature/character and gave it a comic strip storyline. Jarvis took his creation, linked up with Case Studyo and applied it towards designing these signature vases. The vases are sculpted in the likeness of the caricature and doesn't really display much of a facial expression.

The amphora vases are cute and adorable,  they can fit or be put anywhere around a house, even in children's room to brighten it up with some flowers. They're different and stand out from traditional designed vases. For anybody who wants to add an edge to their interior designs and want to take a risk of how they furnish their homes, the amphora vases brings the right touch to it.

As mentioned, the amphora vases are limited editions and only 100 of them will be released on the market. Case Studyo nor James Jarvis has yet to reveal when or where these vases will be available for sale, the vases will come with several documents of authenticity and autographed.

For more information, click on the following link:

Case Studyo


Cash Kings & Queens: The Top 5 Billionaires in Africa

Posted On: January 29, 2015

One would think Bill Gates is the richest man on this earth, because that is what the media portrays. But there other men, as well as women who are in the same categories and richer than Bill Gates, when it comes to financial wealth. And Africa, the land of kings and queens is thriving and breeding billionaires.

So, we compiled a list of the top 5 billionaires in Africa.

Let's get to it.

Starting at number 5 is, Cash King,Tony Elumelu.

Tony Elumelu is one of Africa's prominent leaders, who used his wealth to enhance and expand Africa when it comes to economics, education, social classism, entrepreneurship, medicine and more. Tony Elumelu is a hardcore investor, whose portfolio include: Transcorp, the United Bank of Africa, Nigeria's conglomerate in tradings and more. In 1997, Tony Elumelu used his leadership skills to spearhead a small group of investors like himself, to acquire Standard Trust Bank in Lagos, they rebuild the bank and helped the bank achieve its profits back. In 2005, Tony Elumelu and his team of investors, merged the bank with the United Bank for Africa and turned it into a large commercial bank.

Tony Elumelu is currently spearheading a team which consist of billionaires, political leaders and etc. to improve Africa's energy and formed the group, The African Energy Leaders Group.

Tony Elumelu networth is $1 billion dollars. 

Coming in at number 4 is one of Africa's Queen, Folorunsho Alakija's.

Known as the baroness of oil, Folorunsho Alakija's, is the richest woman in Africa; and the wealthiest Black woman in the world. Folorunsho Alakija's began her journey studying fashion design in London and worked as a secretary. Using her education, skills and talents, Folorunsho Alakija created and founded her own fashion company called, Supreme Stitches. Using her company to gain notable clientele, Folorunsho Alakija became successful in the fashion trade. Due to her network of prominent leaders and socialites, Folorunsho Alakija went into the oil business and recieved an oil prospecting license in 1993. She formed and developed the company, Famfa Oil, which now owns 60% stake of the oil field in Africa.

But it didn't stop there, Folorunsho Alakija went into philantrophy creating, The Rose of Sharon Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps widows and orphans. As a philantrophist, in 2014 Folorunsho Alakija donated $4.5 million to Nigerian's President Goodluck Jonathan's nonprofit organization, Victims Support Fund.

Folorunsho Alakija networh is $2.5 billion dollars.

Coming in at number 3, is Patrice Motsepe.

Making history as the first billionaire in Africa, Patrice Motsepe is an innovator with the Midas touch. The HKIN, "head king in charge," Patrice Motsepe built a company centering around Africa's natural resources. He is the president and CEO of African Rainbow Minerals, a trading and mining coporation that mines and refines minerals such as: coal, iron, copper, nickel, chrome, platinum, gold and more. Patrice Motsepe is also, an investor and has stake in several financial service firms and owns the Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club in Africa.

Patrice Motsepe mining business started in law, when he became the first Black partner at the Bowman Gilfillan law firm in Johannesburg. Since his rise to power and wealth, Patrice Motsepe has donated and pledged $1 million dollars to aid and assist in developing effective medication in combatting Ebola and also, in finding a cure. Patrice Motsepe was the first Black billionaire to sign Bill Gates' and Warren Buffett's Giving Pledge, where he promised to donate half of his wealth to charity.

Patrice Motsepe networth is $2.3 billion dollars.

Coming in at number 4, is Mike Adenuga.

Mike Adenuga is an oil tycoon and mobile guru. In 2003, Mike Adenuga started the Globacom coporation and has become the second largest mobile phone network company in Africa. Mike Adenuga founded and is the president of the Conoil Producing, which manufactures oil and owns 3 producing oil blocks in Africa.

Mike Adenuga studied abroad in America and went into trading. He worked for Coca Cola industries in tradings and other products.

In 2013, Mike Adenuga blessed the Nigerian team with $1 million dollars after they won the 2013 African Cup of Nations. With a generous heart, Mike Adenuga gave the team's coach an estimated, $20,000 dollars in cash and offered to pay the coaches monthly salary of $32,000. Furthering his investments and philantrophy in sports, Mike Adenuga signed a four year sponsorship deal with Nigerian Premier League (NPL), the football league in Nigeria for $16.5 million.

Mike Adenuga's networh is $4.6 billion dollars.

And coming in as the number one king of them all, is Aliko Dangote.

Aliko Dangote is Africa's wealthiest man. He is a self made billionaire, who started his kingdom with investments in cement, sugar and flour. Aliko Dangote used that as a stepping stone, to elevate himself into the oil business and became an oil guru.

In 2014, Aliko Dangote financed $9 billion dollars in a construction plan, to build a private oil refinery and fertilize petrochemical complex in Africa. In the same year, Aiko Dangote invested $1 million dollars in manufacturing rice and commerical rice farming. He also introduced plans, to improve Kenya and Niger by developing and building new businesses that will improve economics and; job placement in Africa.

Check out the comments he made below referring to his new endeavors which will benefit the people of Africa.

"We are giving back because we are creating quite a lot of jobs. We are not doing like other Africans, where most of the money is in the bank. We don't keep any money in the bank; whatever we have we fully invest and we keep on investing - and that's what we do."

Aliko Dangote owns mining companies in cement in Africa, that also developed jobs. 

Aliko Dangote networth is $21.6 billion.

So, there you have it, the top 5 cash Kings and Queens of Africa. Who knew money was also black, it's like stuntin' with Obamas.


Cambridge University Will Host United Kingdom's First Ever Hip Hop Conference

Posted On: March 01, 2016

Cambridge University has been noted for being institutionally racist and lacking in educational programs in modifying diversity. Well this year will be different and the university will be holding its first ever Hip Hop conference in the United Kingdom.

The conference is titled, "It Ain’t Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At" and will consist of scholars from across the world to debate and discuss their analyst of the genre. Also give their interpretation of creatives in Hip Hop and their work from Rakim to Future and how it has evolved. 

The event will be held in June, hosted by by Cambridge musicologist James Butterworth, with topics examining all aspects of Hip Hop from linguistics, gender roles, musicology and more.

Below are some of the questions the panels of scholars are reuired to answer: 

"How can an emphasis on ‘where you’re at’ help us to understand the ethics and aesthetics of Hip Hop?"

"What relevance does the privileging of orientation have to the development of Hip Hop studies as an interdisciplinary field?"

"What is the role of negation in the construction of Hip Hop’s various histories, its cultural politics, and its re-territorialisation?"

The conference is facing some controversy since most of the panel will be White, who have to examine lyrics with the words 'n*gga.'

Organizers are concern and will try to make the panel more diverse but also expressed the need for the conference at the school and how there's been courses about the subject of Hip Hop at Cambridge and other universities in UK. 

“You may be surprised that many music faculties at UK universities offer courses in Hip Hop,” Butterworth revealed to Times Education. “Cambridge has a course in Hip Hop, and I have taught a course at the University of Oxford on hip hop that is a compulsory module for all first-year music students.”

Things that make you raise an eyebrow. The panel should consist of those who have knowledge, experience, wisdom and etc. in Hip Hop and because it is a mutli-diverse culture, the panel should be as such. 


Brazilian Drug Gang Arrested By Cops and Their Dog Surrenders Too

Posted On: April 07, 2015

Dogs are loyal to the end, if you go down, they are going down with you and that's exactly what happened in Brazil.

When police authorities apprehended a Brazalian drug gang and did a line up, their faithful dog laid down with them to get arrested.

Police officals have been investigating and had the drug gang under surveillance for distrubing cocaine and marijuana. When officals initially burst into the compound of the gang, the dog was barking at first but when he saw his owner and his crew, surrender to police, the dog imitated them and put his paws up too.


Self-Taught Stockbroker Teaches Himself About The Business and Becomes a Self Made Millionaire

Posted On: January 06, 2016

A student from West Africa who had a vision of becoming a stockbroker, took a big risk by dropping out of the University of Buckingham where he was studying business management, to pursue his goals in the stock market. Due to his skills and expertise about stocks, trading and investing, Elijah Oyefeso was able to teach himself about the business with the rest of his student loan.

Elijah Oyefeso brought books pertaining to subject matters in stocks, entrepreneurship, financing and investment of money to advance his skills in trading; he also purchased self-help books to activate his motivation on becoming a businessman and to reinforce his goals. After being confident that he absorbed all the knowledge he needed, Elijah became a stockbroker and started his own firm with a list of clienteles. Working one to three hours a day online, Elijah was able to generate an average of £80,000 monthly in less than a year, which is over $100K in US currency and became a self made millionaire by the age of twenty.

Residing in London, Elijah Oyesfeso was featured in a news documentary about trading online and how he was able to make over a thousand dollars in less than 15 minutes and kept going until he averaged close to forty thousand dollars. Elijah took some of his stockbroking earnings and launched another company "DCT Training Group," which is sort of like a school and teaches people about stocks, trading and how to become a stock broker like himself. Basically, paying it forward.


Three Tons of Cocaine Including its Whole Operation Seized in Spain

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Police officials discovered three tons of cocaine hidden in the roof of a van, at a warehouse in northern Spain.

During their search: phones, over a million dollars in cash (£730,000), computer devices and etc. were seized in what was a drug operation to be carried out by drug traffickers. Twelve people were apprehended and remain in police custody. The estimated value of the drugs that were confiscated range from $500 to a billion dollars in both euro and American dollars. Spain's National Police division revealed to international and US news media outlets, how this was one of the largest drug bust they ever conducted, the last one back in 1999.

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Police In Thailand Forced To Shoot Tires Of Tourist Who Was Driving In The Wrong Lane

Posted On: April 07, 2015

In Thailand, police offcials made a tough decison biut it helped saved lives.

An American tourist ended up on the wrong lane and was driving through incoming traffic. The driver for some reason kept going and hit thirteen cars, injuring people along the way. Police attempted to flag her down but the driver kept going. According to a news article from Thailand The Bangkok Post, the woman drove down the wrong way in East Pattaya, through the streets of Chon Buri's Banglamung district and appeared to be playing demoliton derby, with the way she was driving.

After several attempts of getting the driver to pull over, Thailand police shot at three of her tires in order to stop the car and prevent anymore accidents and injuries from occuring.

When the car finally stopped, police officals approached the car but the woman refused to get out. The cops ended up smashing the woman's passenger window for her safety, after a mob grew around her car, upset about the cars and people she hit. Police apprehended the woman and took her into custody.

The woman who was identified as only Samantha, she received a fined that charged her for all the damages, including medical expenses.


Elaine Thompson Crowned as World's Fastest Woman at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Posted On: August 19, 2016

Elaine Thompson recently made history when she was crowned the world's fastest woman, after claiming the gold during the women's 100 meter race at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The task was not an easy one, Thompson was going up against the two time gold medalist, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Both of them Jamacians, Elaine's victory was sweet all around. Although, Pryce did not take home the gold, she was happy the gold remained in Jamaica.

At 10.71 seconds, Elaine Thompson completed the 100 m race, as the crowd cheered her on. The sprinter was beyond excited about her victory. Her thoughts were back home in Manchester Parish, reflecting on what might be going on.

"There is a big screen back home in my community in Jamaica. I can’t imagine what is happening there right now."

Following her win, some sports critics were unsure Thompson would keep the world's fastest women title, approaching the women's 200 meter race. But all of that noise was silenced when Elaine finished strong with a timing of 21.78 in last night's (August 18th) 200 m and sparkled with her gold medal. The queen reigned in her crown with not only one gold medal but two so far at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

"It is a very special and welcoming feeling for me. I think my light has shined."

It was a steep race with Tori Bowie from Team USA, determined to reach for the gold.

"I’m not giving up on me having a chance to win a gold medal too."

And made an effort to motivate herself.

"I just have to continue to learn how to run this race … This just makes me a little bit more motivated."

As hungry as Bowie was, Elaine Thompson already tasted gold. Tara earned another bronze with 22.15 seconds. Dafne Schippers came in second with the a silver medal. To Elaine Thompson, all of them were winners.

"Watching Veronica Campbell-Brown, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and then putting my name there is an amazing feeling."

At the end of both races, Elaine Thompson smiled for the camera, sporting the Jamaican flag, glistening in her melain glow; and poised in tenacity with victory in the air.


Nigerian President to Recruit Half a Million Teachers, In An Effort to Improve The Quality of Education

Posted On: January 07, 2016

In international news, the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari disclosed a 6.08 trillion dollar budget for the 2016 fiscal year to address matters in healthcare, defense, housing, oil trading and mostly centering the budget's objective towards education. The funding will project 3.86 trillion dollars to adhere those matters.

Due to troubling and problematic issues of education in Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari will take extreme measures to rectify the shortage of teachers in public schools across the country and improve the quality of education by recruting half a million teachers from around the world. The budget will also improve the quality of educational needs, its provision and resources from: textbooks to tech supplies such as laptops. With the improvement of education, it wil solidify and elevate the quality of morals, Nigeria's culture and etc. The busget will allocate funding for the salaries and provide living standards for teachers when it comes to housing and safety.

The recruitment of half a million teachers declared by President Buhari for Nigeria, is being documented as one of the largest in history.