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July Forecast: Eclipse Season

Posted On: July 05, 2018

The month of July ushers in eclipse season, where all that does not belong will be eradicated and the illumination of all that is divine will come to light.

Whatever is not meant to be nor is not serving you for your highest and greatest good, will be removed. It’s not part of your destiny, it’s not fortifying nor nurturing your purpose, the cosmos will obscure (eclipse) it from your path.

All will be cleansed and purified, the slate will be wiped clean.

Understand it was necessary for your growth, no matter how painful, unfair, unjust or negative the experience was, it was all part of a Divine plan to bless you. That is why the heavenly realms, as well as the gatekeepers of the lower realms allowed it to happen.

You’ll become more wiser, stronger in the faith of who you are (and all that you are becoming and will be), a new sense of clarity, strength through perseverance, intuitive insights to magnify vision; and so much more.

As the slate is being wiped clean, within that darkness, new seeds will be planted.

Trust that everything happens and manifest within its own Divine timing. As the sun illuminates during an eclipse, all that is divine in you will be illuminated as well. This month is also, a month of liberation. Be liberated within the free spirit that you are.


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Libra Season: The Balancing of the Scales

Posted On: September 23, 2018

Libra season is officially here and ushering in the energy of balance, to teach us areas, aspects in our lives we need to balance.

To adjust and balance these scales, there has to be a tipping point. For any kind of transformation, evolution, change to occur; and etc., one must reach a tipping point.Tipping points are what inspires and motivates balance to be restored.

Meditate on this and ask yourself, what is your tipping point? Or what are your tipping points? A tipping point is usually something that leads to nothing. Where the scale is leaning too much on one side, it’s heavy, it’s a burden; and causing an imbalance. One would have to rid themselves or eradicate this heaviness and burden, in order to adjust and redeem/restore balance.


A tipping point can be anything such as: it can be where a person is giving too much and there’s no balance of reciprocity. This could be a career, a job, a relationship; and etc. There’s an imbalance of reciprocal energy in the form of energy exchanges. A tipping point can also, be letting an issue or a problem build up, where it’s become a burden. The tipping point motivates and leads to the solution for a resolution.

Adjusting and balancing the scales, to lighten things up and elevate.

Libra season can teach us how to balance the solar and lunar energies in our magick. To serve and benefit us for our highest and greatest good. Also, balancing these energies within ourselves and our connections to the earth, spiritual and cosmic realms; and Mother Nature.

Balancing the laws of duality in the universe and nature from within ourselves, in as above, so below. Light and darkness, divine feminine and divine masculine energies in the form of Goddess and God, crown and root chakra, the higher realms and lower realms; and etc.

Utilizing this Libra energy also, to align and balance the scales of our crown chakra and mental energies. In accordance to our heart chakra and energies in motion (emotions, feelings).

Libra season’s significance and symbology is liken to the Justice card in Tarot divination. Where justice shall prevail, vindication and the restoration of wholeness.

In numerology, Libra season’s significance and symbology is the number 2. It represents duality in the alignment of things being whole. How two becomes one. Without duality, there would be an imbalance of the uni (the law of one) in the universe. This one verse in the universe that brings all things together as one.

May the commencement of Libra season and its energies serve us well.

Bless it be!

And Happy Birthdays Libras!

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Reflections of 2017 and Predictions of 2018

Posted On: December 10, 2017

2017 can be summarized based on you, the individual because everybody's journey is different. A summary of 2017 can resonate with you but only you can define what it meant to you. In numerology 2017 was a year of one, 2+0+1+7 = 10, break it down to a single number digit = 1. In numerology, what is the lesson number one is teaching us or has taught us? Basically, putting ourselves first in our lives.

Putting ourselves first when it comes to helping ourselves, loving ourselves, believing in ourselves, taking care of ourselves (self care), learning about ourselves of who we are in soul and spirit, growing and maturing within ourselves, discovering who we are, what we are made of when it comes to our morals, beliefs, ethics and etc., shedding aspect of ourselves which no longer resonates; and etc. It's not selfish for anybody to put themselves first, to love themselves, take care of themselves and etc., because if you don't love yourself, how can you truly know love, understand love or love anybody else? If you can't take care of yourself, then how can you take care of another person? Putting yourself first teaches you how to love and care for another through you. That's one of the lessons for 2017.

It was also, a year of the return of the feminine energy and the awakening of the Goddess.

Women really took charge in 2017, whether it was taking charge of themselves, households, embracing and manifesting their destinies, opening and launching their own businesses and etc., whatever it was, the feminine energy was at work in 2017. Women were also exercising and utilizing their voices to speak out against several issues from: racism, injustice, police brutality, Donald Trump (Maxine Waters), sexism; and etc. Women from all walks of life, ethnicity, culture, heritage and etc. were finding their voices to speak out and bring awareness about sexual harassment. It swept the whole nation and became a global phenomenon of women taking charge of their bodies and not allowing their bodies to be disrespected, violated nor harassed. And brought awareness to it which changed the conversations and tone about sexual harassment, not just in the work place but overall climate of it.

2017 was a year of growth as well. One thing I came to the realization of is growth is quiet, it's silent because nobody sees the process of growth, only the result. Except for babies, their growth are not quiet with all that crying, puking, doodooing and those terrible twos. But their love, the unconditional love of babies is the greatest blessing of them all. Now back to growth being a silent thing, whether it's painful or messy, the point is you are the only one who goes through it alone and by yourself. Generally, nobody witnesses your growth nor even knows about it. For example: the caterpillar in the cocoon, although the caterpillar is shedding and being purged in the cocoon, nobody sees nor witnesses the growth of the butterfly. All we see is the result of that growth which is the butterfly. We don't even see the shedding and the purging of the caterpillar either. And growth requires shedding and purging.

"2017 is the ending, the old life. It’s time to leave behind everything that was necessary and served us to master ourselves but is no longer aligned with who we have become."

-- Audrey Kitching

We are about three weeks away from the new year, approaching 2018. Resolutions will be made, in the excitement of the new year, some will make commitments of "new year, new me" and make promises in the heat of those excitement. How many resolutions or promises that were made during the new year of 2017 were fulfilled and kept? Things that make you go hmmm.

Anyhow, 2018 is a universal year of the number 11 which represents self mastery. And a single digit number of 2 which represents duality. Doing research on this in numerology and astrology, 2018 can be predicted that an alignment with our inner truth will bring about self mastery, answering the call of our souls which will go against everything we believe or we're programmed to believe, and for many, duality will be a hard pill to swallow. Because of the way things have been imbalanced with religion, politics, systematic education and etc. Duality represents balance as in: yin and yang, feminine and masculine, light and dark; and etc.

So in hindsight, may 2018 bring forth the energy and willpower for us to master ourselves, achieve and master balance within ourselves and our lives, may we reprogram ourselves based on our soul's truth; and answer every call our souls whisper.


Insights: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio (Part 2)

Posted On: September 27, 2018

This is part 2 of Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, I will try to be brief with this one but informative. The irony of this part 2 is Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio and goes direct in Libra

As expressed, Scorpio's symbol is the scorpion which likes to unearth things and in Tarot divination, The Death card is the tarot symbology for Scorpio. Not literal death but transformations and evolution. Something has to end, in order for something new to start or begin. Venus and its cosmic energies is divine femininity that oversees love, relationships, harmony, finances and value in itself as what is valuable to you; and etc. We've covered some of this in part 1. Venus is everything that is feminine, she's like the softness of a flower petal.

With Scorpio, to me it's a sign that is masculine in its energies, it's also dominant, although Scorpio's element is water, because of its intensity, it feels more like fire. Scorpio's unearthing of things peels away at layers to the core. So basically, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is Venus going through hell, walking through that fire and going through a tsunami and uncharted waters, in order to heal, transform and evolve. This is the unearthing of your spirit and soul, peeling away at all those layers to get to the authenticity of your spirit and soul. And live boldly in it.


Scorpio's trait also, deals with things that are taboo when it comes to secrets and all that is hidden, or even swept under the rug. Venus retrograding in Scorpio has to face all of that. Your dark side coming to light and seeing yourself in your own shadows. Venus retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to do shadow work and exercise your demons in training them to serve you.

This will help, guide and strengthen a person to face external demons. There are somethings some people don't want to face and would rather escape them through projections. And project the pain from those things unto others. It can be anything from sexual traumas, abuse of any sort relating to love and relationships: either from parents, families or those that were trusted and failed to love and protect these people in love and harmony; and etc. With this whole #MeToo movement, it's one thing to face the people who assaulted you and want justice but how about the demons that assault created, you got your justice and the person went to prison, but yet you're imprisoned with the pain, the shame, the demons that wreak havoc on your spirits and souls. The avoidance of healing because healing is so painful and messy. Rape is not just a physical assault that affects a person psychologically but it also affects the psyche, the heart and womb spiritually.

Yesterday, I saw a video of a woman speaking out about what's going on with Brett Kavanaugh and shared her experience of being raped and assaulted. This woman was filled with pain that I shed some tears for her. And I could feel and sense that she carries this pain with her and is imprisoned in it. And yearning to be free.  When a woman gets raped, she carries the energy of that experience in her heart and womb and she carries the energy of her assaulter's energy in her heart and womb. This is an aspect of it that nobody talks about because it is taboo, the spiritual aspect of it that some people are afraid to face.  And how utilizing the tools in spirituality helps a person cleanse, purify and redeem themselves from the energies of their assaulter and the energies of that traumatic experience. In also cleansing, purifying and redeeming their hearts and wombs.

I also, observe a lot of women speaking out against their assaults and I admire all of you for your strength and courage. One thing that baffles me is: nobody has open up the forum to talk about healing and self care to help these women move forward, to release the pain and traumas they carry and their energies, to break free from the prisons they've built from their traumatic experiences; and etc.

With this Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, now is the time to heal, to go through the fire to find yourself again and filter out what is not you. To restore and redeem yourselves because you deserve it! To restore your heart, your womb and all that is divine in your essence.

May all that's been broken, damaged and shamed in you, be restored in wholeness of the beautiful person you are.




Aries Full Moon Energy Ritual

Posted On: September 24, 2018

Today's Aries Full Moon is the peak of lunar energy. The full moon draws in many other energies such as: cosmic energies with Saturn and Chiron, the shift of season from Summer to Autumn, the beginning of Libra Season; and the Autumn Equinox. And it's also, a Harvest Moon. Which makes Aries Full Moon a very powerful moon, especially with Aries' elemental fire energy. Fire and air (wind) are spirit energies because it's easier for spirits to flow through them. Fire is solar energy in alignment with the sun and solar energy is associated with the soul.

This Aries Full Moon Energy Ritual is two parts with the combination of all these other energies, especially Libra season. The first part is about releasing what no longer is serving us for our highest and greatest good, releasing it into the fire and re-birthing ourselves out of those ashes.

The second part of the Aries Full Moon Energy Ritual is about harnessing, drawing and consuming this Aires Full Moon's energy, to refine ourselves in the midst of its fire, revive or vitalize our energies. 


1 Brown Jumbo Altar candle (Release & Grounding)

1 Orange Jumbo Altar candle (Strength & Ambition)

1 Red Jumbo Altar candle (Passion (fire) & Vitality)

Florida Water or Holy/Anointed Water

1 sheet of brown paper, can use brown paper bag

18 Bay Leaves

9 Mint Leaves

Frankincense Essential Oil or

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Holy or Anointed Oil

Small Cast Iron Cauldron

2 Small Plates


Clean environment. Shower, turn off all TV's, phones and etc. so you will not be distracted. If you have an altar, you can do this energy work on your altar, if not, find a small table or clear a table to do this work. Pour some Florida Water on your hands and rub your hands. Then clean all three candles with either Florida Water or anointed water. Clean plates and the cauldron as well. Then anoint the candles and plates with Holy Oil or anointed oil. Wash hands and pour some Florida Water on hands and rub them.

Anoint yourself with the Holy or anointed oil. Dab some Frankincense or Ylang Ylang essential oil into your hands and rub them in a circular motion to arouse your energy. Then smell your hands, inhale the aroma of the essential oil to get you in the mood. Now that your vibe is right, meditate. 


Clear your mind and meditate. Allow your vibes, your vibration to flow. Envision yourself in the midst of the Aries Full Moon, inside this giant ball of fire. Take the jumbo brown altar candle and hold it in one hand. Visualize what it is you want to release and envision it searing in this giant ball of fire. Let it ignite and scorch until it becomes ashes. Now, take the jumbo red altar candle and hold it in your other hand. Visualize and step on the ashes, as you're gleaming, enkindled and illuminated as one with this Aires Full Moon. Re-birthing and emerging as the Phoenix.

Put both of the activated candles on the table.

Pick up the jumbo orange altar candle and hold it with both hands. Visualize yourself as the Phoenix, grounded in some of Aries' traits (strength, ambition & etc.) that you need to incorporate into your own. Then put the orange activated candle on the table.

Take one of the plates and make a circle with nine bay leaves, and place the jumbo brown altar candle in the middle. Strike a match and light the candle.

On the brown sheet of paper, write what you want to release. After that's done, take the paper and rub it between your hands and say, "I release and let go." Anoint the paper, fold and place the brown piece of paper inside the cauldron. Along with the nine Bay leaves and blow on it nine times. Dab a little Holy or anointed oil into the cauldron, strike a match and set it all on fire. Let it cool down and flush the ashes in the toilet bowl.

Wash your hands to signify the release of those things.

Again, pour some Florida Water in your hands and rub them. Let the jumbo brown candle burn for at least an hour, play some music about releasing and letting things go.

After an hour, make a circle with the nine mint leaves and place both of the orange and red jumbo altar candles in the middle. Strike a match and light the candles. As both candles burn, sit in front of them and focus in on the light. As you're focusing on the light, harness and consume its energies of vitality, passion, strength, ambition; and etc. Visualize yourself as the light, dancing and illuminating as its energies.

Play some upbeat or motivational music, dance, let the energies flow through you; and vibe out to it. As you are now reborn and a new emergence as the Phoenix in the midst of today's Aries Full Moon. Burning away all that no longer is serving you for your highest and greatest good. And rising out the ashes, refined and polished.

As the candles burn out, give thanks with a prayer of gratitude and much blessings! There's More To You Than You Think


Insights: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Posted On: September 22, 2018

A time of introspection. This is not time to be fearful but to harness cosmic energies to benefit and serve you. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is not the end of the world but a time of rebirth.

Venus goes into retrograde on October 5, 2018, 3:07 PM, at 10° Scorpio.

Venus is a Goddess that oversees: love, harmony, beauty, relationships, creativity, sex; and etc.

Eight years ago, Venus was retrograding, with this Venus Retrograde one can reflect on where they were at that time. What was your life like when it comes to: love with self, others and love as a whole, harmony with self and others, beauty based on how you see your self, relationships with self, significant other, family, friends; and others, creativity based on your gifts, skills and etc. Reflecting on that, what progress have been made? Improvements? What lessons were learned? How did one evolve as a person based on those things from a soul level?

And with this Venus Retrograde also, this a time to do some soul searching. Introspect in matters of the heart concerning love, harmony, relationships, your innate abilities and skills, confidence in oneself; and etc.

Scorpio’s traits are: passion, intuitive, intensity, rules over sex, heart chakra centered sign because Scorpios feel on a deep level, just like their symbol of the scorpion, Scorpios like to unearth things, they’re mysterious, secretive, their element is water; and etc.

With Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and based on Scorpio’s trait, introspection and reflection can be applied about passion like what are your passions and what are you passionate about, introspection about your intuition and how intuitive are you,

Introspection about your sexual energy, are you applying it effectively, how intense are you when it comes to doing things, introspection and reflections of the heart, the energies of the heart based on harmony, joy and happiness, your feelings, nurturing and taking care of your heart on all levels, reflections about secrets, things you carry within and is it time to let some secrets go; and etc.


Also, the element of water can be applied during Venus Retrograde. Spiritual/ritual bathing. Washing and cleansing the spirit, purifying and redeeming one’s energy. And applying the element of water as your rebirth as well.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to work with the Goddess Oshun in healing matters of the heart, love, relationships, self esteem issues, restoring harmony, healing your sexual energy; and etc.

Just like Venus, Oshun is the Goddess of: love, sensuality, sex, romance and intimacy, healing, fertility (Oshun assist with getting pregnant but Yemaya is the Goddess that oversees motherhood), beauty, harnessing confidence from within and healing any kind of self esteem issues, and body image and weight loss.

As expressed, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to work with the Goddess Oshun. With healing applying the cosmic energies of Venus and Scorpio's traits to the attributes of Oshun. Healing in matters pertaining to love, self esteem issues, fertility, intimacy especially if one has experienced sexual abuse, evaluating lifestyles in health; and etc.

We'll continue to get into some Venus Retrograde preparations, as well as rituals which will lead to wellness and empowerment in spiritual and emotional health.



New Album Stream: Lil Wayne - 'Tha Carter V'

Posted On: September 28, 2018

Lil Wayne finally released his long anticipated album, "Tha Carter V" and it's fair to say it was worth the wait. Although, the delay of the LP was due to trial and tribulations stemming from legal issues, in the midst of that storm, Tha Carter V was baptized.

We all know the legal disputes between Lil Wayne and Birdman, which resulted in favorable outcomes for both parties involved.

Weezy first stepped on the Hip hop scene debuting, Tha Block Is Hot in 1999. At sixteen years old Lil Wayne brought heat for the streets and continued to blaze the inferno as a lyrical dragon. Tha Carter V not only celebrates Lil Wayne's birthday (Happy Birthday!), it also celebrates his liberation, his contributions to Hip Hop; and the salvation of his creativity. Conjunctive with his legal situation, in 2014 Lil Wayne expressed in a tweet how he felt imprisoned and so did his creativity. This is a momentous album for Weezy, his fans and creatives alike.

He stood for the freedom to create without measures nor restrictions. And Tha Carter V is the epitome of that, derived in its purpose. Starting off with the intro: 'I Love You Dwayne' of Lil Wayne's mother in a heartfelt, tearful statement of love expressing how proud she is of him, his strength; and Weezy's endurance to overcome against all odds. The LP continues with 'Don't Cry' in drying Tunechi's mother's tears. The track features the late XXXTentacion in the euphonic induced instrumentals. Following with acceleration of 'Dedicate' where Wayne is multi-tasking with his flow and gets political indicating a need for Barack Obama. And the song is treated with a verse of Barack noting Weezy.

Next is the Swizz Beatz produced 'Uproar' displaying sampling from G. Dep's 'Special Delivery.' Electrified on the track, Weezy spits lyrics that will go over some people's head. He's rapping like Lil Wayne. The 'Let It Fly' Travis Scott assisted track bangs like all the rest and definitely keeps those speakers knocking. Wayne's deliverance and sequence of lyrics are immaculate. Intertwined with wordplay.

There's more...

The 23 tracked album signifies Tha Carter V in numerology (23 - 2+3 = 5).

Tha Carter V is a masterpiece that is well equipped with some heavy-hitters such as: Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, other features include: Ashanti, Mack Maine, Nivea, Lil Wayne's daughter Regina Carter; and more. And assembled with a team of hit-makers such as: Swizz Beatz, Mannie Fresh, Dr. Dre, DJ Mustard, Metro Boomin; and more.

With that said,

It's TGIF so grab those headphones and stream it below.

MCM Fall Winter 2018


Insights: Aries Full Moon

Posted On: September 22, 2018

Full Moons are a culmination of lunar energy. It's also the height of completion from intentions and seeds cultivated during a New Moon. During a full moon, it's a time to start reaping the seeds that were sowed on a new moon or in general, obtaining the fullness of a desired manifestation. At the same time, the Full Moon's culmination of lunar energy can be viewed as a giant ball of fire, to release and burn away at impurities and what is no longer serving you for your highest and greatest good.

Aries' element is fire. During this Aries Full Moon, what needs to be burned? And also, how can you refine yourself in the midst of that fire?

Employing Aries' element of fire to awaken and rekindle the fire of passion within you. As well as, implementing Aries element of fire to harness and generate a fiery disposition from within you in assisting with being: assertive, ambitious, independent, energetic; and etc. Which are some of Aries' traits.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries astrologically and its cosmic energies focal points are: desire, energy, drive, assertiveness, determination, action and movements, survival, aggressiveness; and etc. Mars' cosmic energies aligns with the traits of Aries.

The recent New Moon in Virgo on September 9th was all about setting intentions towards a new beginning and Virgo season was about decluttering, and making space for that new beginning.


With the crowning (culmination) of Aries Full Moon in alignment with Aries' traits and Mars' cosmic energies, it's time to grow in some horns. Energetic horns pertaining to: energy itself, determination, desire, ambitions, being assertive with what you want and need, your survival instincts, action and movements; and etc. Applying those energetic horns towards the intentions and seeds that were sowed during this past Virgo's New Moon for a new beginning. Utilizing these energetic horns in manifesting this new beginning.

Whatever that new beginning is for you. Also, to burn away any remnants of energies that is no longer serving you for your highest and greatest good, towards this new beginning. The cresting (culmination) of Aries Full Moon is a Harvest Moon, a time for reaping and gathering up your blessings. Or yielding and getting yourself in position to harvest those blessings.

Full Moons and New Moons are portals with powerful and strong lunar energies. New Moons are portals of sowing, intention settings, portals of new beginnings or portals of a new cycle. Full Moons are portals to harvest, retrieve, portals of completion or the end of a cycle. Full Moons are also, portals of releasing, the completion, finale of its lunar energies are a giant ball of fire to incinerate and cremate whatever energies are being released.

The Aries, Harvest Full Moon is on Monday, September 24, 2018.

May it be a bless one!


Tarot Thursdays: The Sun

Posted On: June 21, 2018

With today being the Summer Solstice and officially summer, it is only right to feature The Sun card in our Tarot Thursdays segment.

The Sun is one of the Major Arcana cards in the tarot representing different symbolic meaning and occult elements. That being said, let's get into the illustrated symbology of The Sun, what it represents, its meaning and resonance; and how it resonates with you in spirit. Also the numerology aspect of it.

What is the first thing you notice looking at the above card, The Sun card in tarot? What sticks out the most for you? We are going to start with the sun itself, the sun has a serene and peaceful expression on his face. The sun portrays different rays, some of it is straight (linear) and some of the rays are wavy. The symbology of the wavy rays represent vibration and frequency. The wavy rays depict high and vital energy. While the linear waves represents being one and in alignment with that energy (a direct connection/tranference) and also, your highest and truest self. It depicts the progression of one cycle to another, the illustration of the sun being a circle and the different extending rays. Both rays symbolize an energy of radiance and brilliance. The sun itself is the source and sustains all things. The demonstrated symbology of the sun itself is the alignment, the alliance and being one with source, and that source can be a depiction of God, Goddess, your ancestors; and etc. A symbolic meaning and occult element of spiritual enlightenment. As well as, the guidance and protection of source. And this where the child on the horse will come into play here.

The Sun card in tarot displays a child who is naked on a horse. The symbology of the naked child portrays the unveiling and unmasking of your truest and most authentic self. Baring your soul. Free of all illusions or the liberation of illusions and what was once hidden, has now come to light. It is an image of rebirth as well, the unveiling of a new you, a new chapter in your life or; a new beginning. The symbolic meaning of the naked child depicts growth, progression and expansion, the child is crowned with sunflowers. The portrayal of sunflowers can be seen behind the child, in full bloom, again growth, progression; and etc. Also, in terms of achievement and success. The naked child is carefree, notice the horse has no saddle and the child is riding the horse with no hands. This is an expression of self assurance, confidence, trust, strength, freedom; and etc. The illustration of the naked child also depicts purity, something at its purest state or being. Reflection of this naked child can help you tap into your inner child and reflect to a time where you felt your most purest and highest joy and happiness. In channeling that feeling of contentment in joy, happiness and optimism.

The child is riding a white horse and depicting a journey, embarking on a new journey or new start. The child is holding an orange banner/flag signifying his arrival, again rebirth. The Sun card is the nineteenth card in the Tarot, when you add 1 and 9, you get 10. Break it down to a 1 in numerology. One coincides with The Sun card as far as: new beginnings, the arrival of something new, a fresh start, being one with source, being one with your highest self; and etc. Also, being number one in all you do, on top of your game in growth, achievement, progression; and etc.

On this Tarot Thursdays, how can you tap or channel the energy of The Sun card on this Summer Solstice? In alignment or get in alignment with higher self, source, growth, happiness; and etc. And will your heart desires into your reality. 


2nd Photo by: House of Intuition

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2018, a Universal Year 11 and Single Number of 2, What Does It Mean?

Posted On: January 16, 2018

I kept seeing the number 11 everywhere and in everything, even in sequence. Either an address "11 East" and so on, in payment of $11.00 or change in $11.11; and of course every time I looked at my clock, my phone or watch (11:11). A bit of a annoyance but the universe was trying to get my attention.

So, I finally decided to pay attention to the universe, meditate and asked for what needs to be reveal in words.

Following up on this tweet:

Although 2018 is a Universal Year 11, a Master Number, it is also a single number of 2. So, what does the 2 define?

There's the Holy Trinity and I believe in the Cosmic Trinity and the Trinity of the Universe as I call it, which pertains to the Sun, Moon and Stars. The Sun being the father, the Moon being the mother and the Stars being the child. Like the Sun and Moon entwined in a cosmic relationship and creates the Stars out of it. I wrote a poem about it somewhere. Anyhow, the Sun being number 1, the Moon would be 2 and the Stars are 3; and that's what makes the Cosmic Trinity/Trinity of the Universe to me.

Since the Moon is number 2 and we are in # 2 year, the word "Lunar" came up, so that would represent this is a Lunar year, a Moon year. It's ironic because we started 2018 with a super moon and we have another super moon on January 31st. Two super moon in the first month of 2018, how ironic is that. Coincidental? or Synchronicity?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Being a Lunar/Moon year, the word "intuition" came up and broken down it's "in tuition," which could interpret a lesson that has been paid for from a previous lifetime. Tuition is a payment for knowledge, education and etc. In Tuition (intuition) can also translate inner knowledge and hidden knowledge (occult knowledge) and inner wisdom. The Moon is intuitive, it could be intuition as a whole, psychic abilities and awareness. Since the Moon deals with our inner self, a Lunar/Moon year can represent tapping into the subconscious mind, our inner self, our soul, spirit; and developing, as well as mastering our intuitive nature.

"Shadow and Light" came up, that has to do with duality and the number 2. It would make sense for a Lunar/Moon year because the moon illuminates light and it also, goes dark (shadow). What does that construe for us? How does that resonate with you? This would be more of an individual interpretation.

This is my interpretation:

The shadow self is seen as negative but it is also positive (hence, duality), in this case the shadow self would be the inner self, the things that are hidden like hidden knowledge (occult knowledge), it can also clarify forgotten dreams and ambitions which are hidden in the shadow; also seeds (goals) that were planted and maybe due to lack of cultivation, those seeds didn't manifest and it's time to bring them forth into the light for them to bloom.

The light is self explanatory, how do you see your light? Are you afraid of it? Are you ready to own your light and shine? What impact can your light make to the world? Can you bring light to the dark corners of the earth? Is your light intimidating or inviting?

Do you need to polish up on your shine? And what is the purpose of your light? How can you serve others and the world as a light-worker?

Like I said, "shadow and light" is an individual interpretation and most likely resonates on an individual scale.

Well, that's all for now. I hope this provided some insight into 2018 and making it your best, and greatest year and beyond!