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Energy Forecast of The Day: Move Past Obstacles

Posted On: March 14, 2019

"Move Past Obstacles."

Obstacles, believe it or not are blessings in disguise. They teach people the divergence in their abilities, obstacles unfold the mutation of skills.


"Trust in your ability to create," articulated in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot.

The wall might appear to be an obstacle, depending on who's looking at it and the angle of their perspective. However, the wall is there for a person to impart another level of their abilities, their skills in creating; or building a door.

Obstacles also, produces the blessing of vision. To see the door in the wall, in order to create it.

The Tarot divination is the 'King of Pentacles,' demonstrated in the Prisma Visions' tarot deck, displaying an agile king, capable of maneuvering through obstacles without force. The King of Pentacles is highlighted as an acrobat, skillfully balanced and agile in his abilities.

It would seem as if the King of Pentacles is forceful because of the illustration of the bull. But actually, the King of Pentacles is in alignment and one with the bull, could be his spirit animal, aspects of his personality and characteristics. His agility in moving past obstacles because of his awareness of knowing force causes more resistance. The King of Pentacles is holding the bull's horns (pictured below), sort of like the quote: "grab life by the horns." But this is not the case here, the horns are the symbolic crown of the king's power: his strength, resilience, power in itself and; etc. Also, spiritual power. In certain cultures, horns in spirituality represent power as a whole. In Western culture and religion, the devil is the one who is horned, but in between the lines of the Bible, "horn of salvation" represent spiritual power.

The King of Pentacles is around a lush garden. Signifying abundance and prosperity, surrounded by flourishing flowers and fruitful strawberries. The bull has a talisman around its neck. A pentacle.

Pentacles in tarot divination, including the King of Pentacles is about wealth, prosperity, abundance, business, material gains, achievement; and etc.

The pentacle pictured above is in alignment with the king's crown. Pentacles are a powerful occult symbol and tool in magick, depicting the five elements of earth in: air, earth (dirt), fire, water and spirit. The pentacles in magick are utilized in channeling and directing energy, pertaining to those five elements.

In the above artwork by James R. Eads in the Prisma Visions' tarot deck, the pentacle is also a symbolic crown of the King of Pentacles' spiritual power. The way the crown and the pentacle are in alignment. The king is royal in his mystical powers and magick. Due to the King of Pentacles' agility, he embodies the pentacle as himself and able to channel and direct energy of the five elements (from within himself), to move past obstacles.


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To You Than You Think


Energy Forecast of The Day: Cut Away the Chains

Posted On: March 13, 2019

"Cut Away the Chains."

Cut away the chains! And after you're done cutting away the chains, break them! Anything that is stifling you: your happiness, your growth of transformation and evolution in progressing into a better version of yourself, your creativity, your talents, your dreams, your heart desires; and etc., cut away the chains.


Cut through the illusions, asserted in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot. This will clear away whatever has been fogging your mind and help you gain clarity.

The Moon Tarot is preaching today, take 'em to church hunny!

Flowers are soft and delicate but can push through dirt and mud, to grow and bloom. An example meaning you have the power, to break free from anybody or anything that is weighing you down. Cut away the chains.

The irony is dirt is utilized to bury things, but yet the flower doesn't allow it to stifle its growth. It blooms and flourishes in the midst of dirt and mud.

The Tarot divination is the 'Ace of Swords' designed in this Prisma Visions' tarot deck, featuring a winged sword. A bird that resembles a swan, piercing through the clouds. In between the wings, it looks like an eye and the sword is illuminated (pictured below).

The clouds represent fog, the eye represent sight and the illumination of the sword represent light. In other words: the portrayal of the sword is breaking through confusion, clearing mental fog and bringing light to a situation which needs to be seen for what it truly is.

The swords in tarot divination is symbolic to the mind.

The Ace of Swords is about mental clarity and the resilience of the mind. It opens the mind's eye and fortifies vision. The Ace of Swords also, stimulates intellect and fortifies creativity relating to it.


Source: The Moon Tarot - Answer The Call


Letting Go of the Past During this Mercury Retrograde

Posted On: March 13, 2019

Often times during Mercury Retrograde, I usually observe people expressing how the past always resurfaces. An ex contacting them, a situation or circumstance from the past coming back to haunt them. This notion usually causes certain people to become anxious and have anxieties. Agitated about Mercury Retrograde and also, develop fears of it.

Mercury is the planet of communication in language associated with: logic, intellect, reasoning, thoughts; and awareness. It is the winged messenger of the gods. Mercury is quick on his feet, very witty, clever; and quick thinking. Basically, Mercury rules the mind and everything associated with it. Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini and Virgo. These signs exhibit the characteristics of Mercury: communication and expression, processing and analyzing information. Gems and Virgos are very observant people. Are masters at gathering information and data, sometimes better than the FBI. Gems and Virgos would naturally thrive in career fields dealing with detective work.

With this overview of Mercury and the characteristics of the signs associated with Mercury, how can you apply this knowledge to benefit you during this Mercury Retrograde? In analyzing and reasoning why is the past resurfacing? Facing the truth about it, instead of avoiding it. Be honest with yourself, in order to face the truth. What is it about the past that you are refusing to make peace with? and find closure with?

The past can only come back to haunt a person that has not released or let it go. And sometimes, unfinished business. An ex can only contact a person they have access to. You can't blame your ex nor the past if they have access to you. Logic, hello! The reason those things keep resurfacing during Mercury Retrograde, is because you have yet to deal with the real issue of failing to let go. To make peace with an ex, a situation or circumstance from the past. And this is why it boomerangs every Mercury Retrograde. Because of this lack of communication in being honest with yourself and face the truth for what it is. So, you can finally move forward.

Mercury Retrograde and its cosmic energies are not suppose to make your life a living hell, but assist you with releasing the demons of your past, to alleviate the hell it has created for you. During Mercury Retrograde, the past is revisited to reflect and review, gather the information of it by listening to yourself, your intuition, bringing an awareness to things you have been avoiding about it and honestly reasoning with it.

To find peace, the closure you have been seeking and finally release the weight of the past that has been a burden for you.

Mercury has wings on his head and feet, a very powerful symbol of freedom, elevation and ascension.

So, during this Mercury Retrograde, may you find yours.


Energy Forecast of The Day: Feeling of Gratitude

Posted On: March 12, 2019

"Feeling of Gratitude."

Gratitude is essential, it is a tool that teaches the purpose of life is to live it. No matter what's happening in your life, gratitude empowers the essence of living.


It starts with cultivating a feeling of gratitude, communicated in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot.

There's always something to be grateful for indeed, even if you think otherwise. It all about mindset. It is the key that unlocks the feeling of gratitude from within the heart.

Gratitude also, unravels the gift of blessings in every experience.

Don't curse the darkness, when the blessing of it is to bring forth light.

The Tarot divination is 'The Sun,' one of the Major Arcana cards in the tarot, representing different symbolic meanings. The portrayal of The Sun in this Prisma Visions' tarot deck is trippy, there's a lot going on there. It's giving off psychedelic effect vibes. The paint that's melting, dripping but there's irony there. Although, the paint is melting, it's all coming together, unifying as one and; creating this artwork, a masterpiece as illustrated below.

The Sun in tarot divination is about being optimistic and optimism, brighter days, beaming with light and newfound energy, success, looking at the bright side and feeling the warmth of every experience.

Also, discovering and knowing the power of the light within. And how this light empowers.


Source: The Moon Tarot

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Energy Forecast of The Day: Allow The Divine to Flow

Posted On: March 11, 2019

"Allow the Divine to Flow."

Surrender and allow the divine to flow. What does that mean, huh? When faced with aspects that are out of your control. The knowledge I gained from karmic cycles and karmic relationships is, there is a natural order to things. And it's called "flow." The knowledge gained from karmic relationships is love naturally flows,. It is such a powerful and pure energy that it can't be forced nor manipulated.

Flow is alignment, flow is resonance, flow is oneness.


For example: Observing water in a lake or stream. Even an ocean. There's a natural flow to how the water interacts, resonates and aligns with its surrounding. Therefore, becoming one with it. If force is applied, it disrupts the flow of water. It can create a tsunami because the water is not in alignment with its environment. Resulting in damage.

Within the mystery of life, surrendering aligns. It allows the divine to flow, conveyed in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot.

Flow is divine.

The Tarot divination is 'The Hanged Man.' The depiction for The Hanged Man in this Prisma Visions' tarot deck is a man that looks hunged in water, instead of swimming. He's not even chllin' in it. He looks lifeless, he's just hanging there with no care in the world. Because there are fishes around him with their teeth out, the fishes think this man is lunch. On some mafia swimming with the fishes type of thing. The symbology of the fishes, depict the misalignment of the man with its surrounding, environment.

Basically, the illustration of The Hanged Man (below) is a man that is not in alignment. He's not flowing with life and that's why he looks hunged and suspended in the water.

The Hanged Man in tarot divination is about surrendering, it's about patience, making sacrifices for the greater good; and etc. Also, seeing things in a new perspective by releasing worn out thought patterns and mindset.


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To you Than You Think


Insight: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Posted On: March 04, 2019

This will be the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019 and this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is quite special. Because it is happening right before the true new year, the astrological new year as in the Spring Equinox.

Mercury Retrograde is not a time for panic or to create worst case scenarios. Five years ago, some of you were not aware of Mercury Retrograde and wasn’t affected by it during that timeline. But yet, now that you are aware, why are you letting it affect you in a negative manner? Think positive and create a positive Mercury Retrograde experience.

The awareness of Mercury Retrograde is not a time to spew fear mongering illusion based opinions but a time of reflection.

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Mercury goes inward when it’s retrograding, depending on how an individual harnesses and utilizes cosmic energies, it is a time of deep reflections. Going inward to bond with the spirit and soul as one.

During this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, right before the Spring Equinox, it is a good time to go inward. Do some emotional, mental, spiritual and; etc. Spring cleaning. Especially, with any issues or problems of the past.

To deprogram from past experiences, in being conditioned by them subconsciously and you might not be aware of it.

This is a good time to heal the inner child and healing as a whole.

A time to face and tame your demons. Train them to serve you.

Also, a good time do some external Spring cleaning from things that are no longer of use to you. Getting rid of those things is getting rid of certain energies. Donate and do something for a good cause.

Since Mercury Retrograde is a time of reflections, reflect and make a list of everything you are grateful for. Make it a habit to always reflect in gratitude.

Recharge and benefit from crystal therapy, replenish and drink water, review and delete outdated emails, reassess and try to see things from all angles, reconsider and take your time.

Take a deep breathe and reflect on the essence of life. And most of all, relax.

Happy Mercury Retrograde!


Crystal therapy session photo by: Energy Muse


Self Care Sundays: Candle Magick Ritual for Gratitude & Happiness

Posted On: February 24, 2019

Gratitude is the fundamental energy for blessings and happiness. A grateful heart is the temple where all blessings flow from. A grateful heart is the temple where happiness is cultivated and nurtured.

In this segment of Self Care Sundays and Candle Magick: the purpose of it is to generate an energy of gratitude from within self, in order to, manifest happiness that exist from within.


With that said, let's get to it!


  1. Gratitude Conjured Candle from House of Intuition (pictured below)
  2. Jasmine essential oil
  3. Florida Water or Holy Water
  4. Positive Attitude (Can't buy it anywhere because it's priceless)


Dab some Florida water or Holy water on a piece of paper towel and gently clean the conjured ‘Gratitude’ candle in an upright motion. Clean hands afterwards.

As always, center and ground self with prayer or meditation. Make a list of five things you are are grateful for. Blow on the paper to nurture those five things with the breath of life. Anoint the four corners of the list with Jasmine essential oil and then, the middle of the paper.

Pour some essential oil in the candle and some in your hands. Rubs hands in circular motion, reciting those five things your are grateful for in a form of chant or prayer. Feel the energy circulating and moving in between your hands.

Then hold the candle with both hands, activating candle with the energy that has been generated. While holding the candle, infuse it with centered prayer of gratitude. Recite the five things you are grateful for and place candle on top of list.

Light candle and for five days, keep reciting the five things from that list you are grateful for. And every morning, start your day with centered gratitude prayer.

Once the candle burns out, give thanks.

You’ll be amazed with the progressed outpouring of joy and happiness that you’ve invoked from within yourself.

And, the feeling of gratitude that has been conjured. - Find A New Film or Documentary


Energy Forecast of The Day: Your Emotions Are Messengers

Posted On: February 22, 2019

“Your emotions are messengers.”


And the key to understanding them is to become emotionally intelligent. Distinguish which emotions are yours and the emotions as an emphatic soul you are absorbing from others. Allow your emotions to guide you in creating energetic boundaries.

As expressed by, The Moon Tarot in the Energy Forecast of the Day:

Sit with your emotions, your feels, vulnerabilities and listen to them. To discover ways to properly release, vent, assimilate, bond; and etc.

Emotions are energy in motion. When you become emotionally intelligent, one will learn how to properly guide the motions of energies in their emotions.

The Tarot divination is the 'King of Chalices' which illustrates a king surrounded and in the midst of water. In his hand is a cup with water flowing out of it, representing his emotions and their flow. And there's some fishes coming out the cup as well. The fish symbolize the king's creative energy and its flow. There's other symbology in the artwork depicted below.

The main focal points are the water and fishes, the expression of energy when it comes to emotions. In order for creativity to flow, there has to be an energy in motion, an emotion to guide creativity. You're emotions are messengers and filled with wisdom that will assist/guide you.


Source: The Moon Tarot George Noory's Beyond Belief TV Show


Self Care Sundays: Crystal Magick to Purify & Empower Energy

Posted On: February 10, 2019

Crystal magick is basically harnessing the energies of crystals, in alignment with yours to purify, heal and empower one's own energies and aura. It is also, a form of healing, crystal therapy healing to be exact.

Each individual crystal has its own properties and purpose of use. Generally, clear crystal quartz and selenite crystals are generators (utilize for activating other crystals), and across the board crystals in its properties and purposes.

This crystal magick segment is to: purify, harness, generate and empower energy and aura.

Tools: Crystals (Selenite & Clear Quartz as generators and other crystals.


Charge crystals for 24hrs under a full moon.

Can use candle and essential oil such as peppermint.

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Prep: Naked or t-shirt and shorts.

Dab self with essential oil on major points of body.

Light candles, incense and create a nice euphoric space.

Place crystals at the forehead for mental energy, the heart for general energy, womb for creative energy, arms and legs to channel energy and hands in harnessing and generating energy.

Breathe in and out, allow the energy of calmness to embody self. Center and relax self.

Occasional breathing exercise. Mediate in becoming one with each crystals. Harness their energies. Feel each crystals’ energy soaking and purifying yours. Feel one’s energy being empowered and charging from the crystals. Feel as one’s energy is generating throughout.

Just like charging one’s phone, allow the crystals to charge energy and aura. Continue meditating, centering self in oneness.


Photos by: Yogi_Goddess


Spiritual Bathing Inspiration: Aquarius New Moon

Posted On: February 04, 2019

Aquarius is the water bearer and water is one of the five elements on this planet as in: air, earth, fire and spirit. Water is the essence of life and sustains life. Water nurtures, nourishes, heals, purify, it sustains growth; and magnifies growth. The earth is mostly water and so are we.

During this Aquarius New Moon it’s good time to be near water, such as an ocean, a river and even lake. And to also be in water, such as spiritual bathing.

Allow the waters of life, to refine the essence of who you are this Aquarius season.

Water resonates with the color blue and it’s also, a good theme for any kind of spiritual bathing during this Aquarius season.

A blue themed bathing ritual that purifies, nurtures and blesses the soul. And also, for spirit and soul renewal.

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Spiritual Bathing Theme: Blue

Blue Crystals: Blue Agate, Lapis, Indigo and etc.

Candles: Blue or light blue

Herbs: Any

Flowers: Any kind of blue flowers such as, hydrangea

And any essential oil of your choosing. Most likely those with calming properties.

Be creative with it and happy spiritual bathing!


Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Your Life Is Pure Art.'

Posted On: October 18, 2018

'Your Life Is Pure Art.'

It truly is. Your life and the world it lives in is a canvas. That's the art of it and there's magick in this canvas. It is a canvas to utilize in harnessing the abilities of an alchemist, to alchemize the realities of your life. And create a masterpiece of it.


By reason of The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading.

"Share you excess energy," as conveyed by The Moon Tarot. Hmmm... Be wise in who you share your energy with, not everybody should have access to your energy. Although in sharing your energy is a gift needed in the world, it is also a gift to discern on how you share it and with whom.

The Tarot divination is the 'Temperance.' In Tarot divination, the Temperance is angel that is both feminine and masculine, the symbology and significant of that is balance. The Temperance is balanced between rocks and water, depicting in the flow of life, one must remain grounded.


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To You Than You Think