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Energy Forecast of The Day: Allow The Divine to Flow


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Mar 11, 2019

"Allow the Divine to Flow."

Surrender and allow the divine to flow. What does that mean, huh? When faced with aspects that are out of your control. The knowledge I gained from karmic cycles and karmic relationships is, there is a natural order to things. And it's called "flow." The knowledge gained from karmic relationships is love naturally flows,. It is such a powerful and pure energy that it can't be forced nor manipulated.

Flow is alignment, flow is resonance, flow is oneness.


For example: Observing water in a lake or stream. Even an ocean. There's a natural flow to how the water interacts, resonates and aligns with its surrounding. Therefore, becoming one with it. If force is applied, it disrupts the flow of water. It can create a tsunami because the water is not in alignment with its environment. Resulting in damage.

Within the mystery of life, surrendering aligns. It allows the divine to flow, conveyed in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot.

Flow is divine.

The Tarot divination is 'The Hanged Man.' The depiction for The Hanged Man in this Prisma Visions' tarot deck is a man that looks hunged in water, instead of swimming. He's not even chllin' in it. He looks lifeless, he's just hanging there with no care in the world. Because there are fishes around him with their teeth out, the fishes think this man is lunch. On some mafia swimming with the fishes type of thing. The symbology of the fishes, depict the misalignment of the man with its surrounding, environment.

Basically, the illustration of The Hanged Man (below) is a man that is not in alignment. He's not flowing with life and that's why he looks hunged and suspended in the water.

The Hanged Man in tarot divination is about surrendering, it's about patience, making sacrifices for the greater good; and etc. Also, seeing things in a new perspective by releasing worn out thought patterns and mindset.


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To you Than You Think