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Energy Forecast of The Day: Cut Away the Chains


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Mar 13, 2019

"Cut Away the Chains."

Cut away the chains! And after you're done cutting away the chains, break them! Anything that is stifling you: your happiness, your growth of transformation and evolution in progressing into a better version of yourself, your creativity, your talents, your dreams, your heart desires; and etc., cut away the chains.


Cut through the illusions, asserted in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot. This will clear away whatever has been fogging your mind and help you gain clarity.

The Moon Tarot is preaching today, take 'em to church hunny!

Flowers are soft and delicate but can push through dirt and mud, to grow and bloom. An example meaning you have the power, to break free from anybody or anything that is weighing you down. Cut away the chains.

The irony is dirt is utilized to bury things, but yet the flower doesn't allow it to stifle its growth. It blooms and flourishes in the midst of dirt and mud.

The Tarot divination is the 'Ace of Swords' designed in this Prisma Visions' tarot deck, featuring a winged sword. A bird that resembles a swan, piercing through the clouds. In between the wings, it looks like an eye and the sword is illuminated (pictured below).

The clouds represent fog, the eye represent sight and the illumination of the sword represent light. In other words: the portrayal of the sword is breaking through confusion, clearing mental fog and bringing light to a situation which needs to be seen for what it truly is.

The swords in tarot divination is symbolic to the mind.

The Ace of Swords is about mental clarity and the resilience of the mind. It opens the mind's eye and fortifies vision. The Ace of Swords also, stimulates intellect and fortifies creativity relating to it.


Source: The Moon Tarot - Answer The Call