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Energy Forecast of The Day: Move Past Obstacles


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Mar 14, 2019

"Move Past Obstacles."

Obstacles, believe it or not are blessings in disguise. They teach people the divergence in their abilities, obstacles unfold the mutation of skills.


"Trust in your ability to create," articulated in Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot.

The wall might appear to be an obstacle, depending on who's looking at it and the angle of their perspective. However, the wall is there for a person to impart another level of their abilities, their skills in creating; or building a door.

Obstacles also, produces the blessing of vision. To see the door in the wall, in order to create it.

The Tarot divination is the 'King of Pentacles,' demonstrated in the Prisma Visions' tarot deck, displaying an agile king, capable of maneuvering through obstacles without force. The King of Pentacles is highlighted as an acrobat, skillfully balanced and agile in his abilities.

It would seem as if the King of Pentacles is forceful because of the illustration of the bull. But actually, the King of Pentacles is in alignment and one with the bull, could be his spirit animal, aspects of his personality and characteristics. His agility in moving past obstacles because of his awareness of knowing force causes more resistance. The King of Pentacles is holding the bull's horns (pictured below), sort of like the quote: "grab life by the horns." But this is not the case here, the horns are the symbolic crown of the king's power: his strength, resilience, power in itself and; etc. Also, spiritual power. In certain cultures, horns in spirituality represent power as a whole. In Western culture and religion, the devil is the one who is horned, but in between the lines of the Bible, "horn of salvation" represent spiritual power.

The King of Pentacles is around a lush garden. Signifying abundance and prosperity, surrounded by flourishing flowers and fruitful strawberries. The bull has a talisman around its neck. A pentacle.

Pentacles in tarot divination, including the King of Pentacles is about wealth, prosperity, abundance, business, material gains, achievement; and etc.

The pentacle pictured above is in alignment with the king's crown. Pentacles are a powerful occult symbol and tool in magick, depicting the five elements of earth in: air, earth (dirt), fire, water and spirit. The pentacles in magick are utilized in channeling and directing energy, pertaining to those five elements.

In the above artwork by James R. Eads in the Prisma Visions' tarot deck, the pentacle is also a symbolic crown of the King of Pentacles' spiritual power. The way the crown and the pentacle are in alignment. The king is royal in his mystical powers and magick. Due to the King of Pentacles' agility, he embodies the pentacle as himself and able to channel and direct energy of the five elements (from within himself), to move past obstacles.


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To You Than You Think