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Letting Go of the Past During this Mercury Retrograde


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Mar 13, 2019

Often times during Mercury Retrograde, I usually observe people expressing how the past always resurfaces. An ex contacting them, a situation or circumstance from the past coming back to haunt them. This notion usually causes certain people to become anxious and have anxieties. Agitated about Mercury Retrograde and also, develop fears of it.

Mercury is the planet of communication in language associated with: logic, intellect, reasoning, thoughts; and awareness. It is the winged messenger of the gods. Mercury is quick on his feet, very witty, clever; and quick thinking. Basically, Mercury rules the mind and everything associated with it. Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini and Virgo. These signs exhibit the characteristics of Mercury: communication and expression, processing and analyzing information. Gems and Virgos are very observant people. Are masters at gathering information and data, sometimes better than the FBI. Gems and Virgos would naturally thrive in career fields dealing with detective work.

With this overview of Mercury and the characteristics of the signs associated with Mercury, how can you apply this knowledge to benefit you during this Mercury Retrograde? In analyzing and reasoning why is the past resurfacing? Facing the truth about it, instead of avoiding it. Be honest with yourself, in order to face the truth. What is it about the past that you are refusing to make peace with? and find closure with?

The past can only come back to haunt a person that has not released or let it go. And sometimes, unfinished business. An ex can only contact a person they have access to. You can't blame your ex nor the past if they have access to you. Logic, hello! The reason those things keep resurfacing during Mercury Retrograde, is because you have yet to deal with the real issue of failing to let go. To make peace with an ex, a situation or circumstance from the past. And this is why it boomerangs every Mercury Retrograde. Because of this lack of communication in being honest with yourself and face the truth for what it is. So, you can finally move forward.

Mercury Retrograde and its cosmic energies are not suppose to make your life a living hell, but assist you with releasing the demons of your past, to alleviate the hell it has created for you. During Mercury Retrograde, the past is revisited to reflect and review, gather the information of it by listening to yourself, your intuition, bringing an awareness to things you have been avoiding about it and honestly reasoning with it.

To find peace, the closure you have been seeking and finally release the weight of the past that has been a burden for you.

Mercury has wings on his head and feet, a very powerful symbol of freedom, elevation and ascension.

So, during this Mercury Retrograde, may you find yours.