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Kevin Durant Launches His Own Underwear Line With NEFF


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Oct 23, 2015

NBA's Most Valuable Player (MVP), Kevin Durant has teamed up with NEFF to launch and release his own line of underwear. Durant's new endeavor in sports fashion continues to embark on his vision to inspire and empower the youth towards greatness.

A role model and leader in community development in certain areas across the nation, with the involvement of certain programs, Kevin's brand NEFF WEAR is geared towards the youth; in motivating them to stay active and healthy.

The theme for Durant's new under-garment line is called "Live To Play" and debuted a commercial video for marketing purposes. The video displays different images of people being active through sports, artists' expressions on the canvas, healthy hobbies, adventure; and digital special effects to get the message across.

Kevin made a statement about his new line and expressed his exhilaration for it.

"It'sbeen exciting to work with the team at NEFF, to build a business and to create a new collection of underwear."