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Los Angeles Clippers Reveal Alternative Black Uniforms To Play In 6 Home Games

Posted On: November 07, 2015

In rebranding themselves, the Los Angeles Clippers are remodeling their uniforms with a new logo. Yesterday on Friday (Nov. 6th) the Clippers revealed an alternative uniform in all black which will be worn by team players this season.

The all black uniforms are part of their "Celebrate Downtown Los Angeles," campaign where the Clippers will rock the jerseys in six home games. All the games are schedules for Saturday as followed: 

Saturday - 11/7 vs. Houston

Saturday - 12/5 vs. Orlando

Saturday - 1/2 vs. Philly

Saturday - 1/16 vs. Sacramento

Saturday - 2/20 vs. Golden State

Saturday -  3/5 vs. Atlanta

The alternative all black uniforms are detailed in red, blue and white colors, with the hinting of a second Clippers logo.


Dallas Maverick Extend Coach, Rick Carlisle's Contract For 5 More Years

Posted On: November 06, 2015

The Dallas Mavericks recently reviewed and extended their contract with coach Rick Carlisle, which will make him the highest paid coach in the league, with a salary averaged at $35 million dollars.

Mavericks' contracted deal with Carlisle entail for a five year extension, that will be effective during the seasons of 2017-18 and discontinued in 2021-22.

Excited about his new renewed deal, Rick Carlisle extended his thankfullness towards the owners, players and general managers who made it possible for him.

"Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson and Dirk Nowitzki are the reason an extension like this is possible. I have best owner and general manager in sports, and one of the greatest players in NBA history to thank for this opportunity. There is much work to be done as we move forward," Calisle stated.

Mark Cuban also made a statment verifying his investment into the coach as a good one, his credentials in staying on top and what Calisle brought to the table in helping the NBA progress.

"I'm excited to have him back for the long term," Cuban expressed.

"He's earned it. He's worth it. We're a better organization on and off the court because of him. Rick is a top-three coach in the league. Just having that kind of ability, you can't really quantify it."


Inside Clemson Multi-Million Football Complex

Posted On: November 06, 2015

Clemson recently revealed their digital blueprint/layout for their new $55 million football sports complex. In wanting to provide their players and staff with the best, the new football complex will feature all the amenities of a regular complex, but with added extras in sports luxury.

Tigers' new football complex is scheduled to open in February of 2017 and they've released brochures to depict an in depth look into their new sports complex. Featured in the brochures are: the standard amenities of a complex consisting of: offices for the coaches, dining hall, weigth rooms, meeting rooms and etc. In addition, the new complex will have an outside kitchen/grilling area, a player's lounge offering the best in digital/tech/leisure luxury such as:mini golf, a golf simulator, laser tag, a bowling alley, sand volleyball courts and a 24-seat HD theater.

Clemson Tigers' coach, Dabo Swinney is excited about their new project and stated the new football complex will be the stomping grounds for Clemson.

The footage below was released by Clemson as an introduction to their new football sports complex.


Drew Brees Makes NFL History With 7 Touchdown In One Game

Posted On: November 05, 2015

History continues to be made, the latest from sports come from the New Orlean Saints' quarterback, Drew Brees.

About a week ago, well almost,  during a game against the New York Giants, Brees scored seven touchdowns in a single game and made NFL history,

The quarterback became the eigth one the list, to reach his football milestone. While on the field, Drew Brees threw a nine yard touchdown pass to his teammate, C.J. Spiller which tied the game of 49-49 and added some pressure to both teams. Not breaking a sweat, the Saints' laid their plays and won the game with a field goal by Kai Forbath.

After the game, Brees was interviewed and stated how intense the game got.

"Oh, man, I've never been a part of something like that. ... One of the craziest games I've ever been a part of," Brees said after the game."

Drew Brees will be documented for finishing with 511 yards passing and one interception made with both teams accumulated at 101 points, becoming the third highest in NFL history.

Brees broke NY Giants QB, Eli Manning record when he made six touchdown in a single game.


St. Louis Rams' RB Trey Watts Suspended For Violating NFL Policy

Posted On: November 05, 2015

With football season in full swing and teams putting their best foot forward leading to the Superbowl, St. Louis Rams' running back Trey Watts will be slowing it down a little, due to an indefinite suspension.

After being reviewed by the NFL board for violating one of their policies, Watts was reprimanded for substance abuse and suspended indefinitely by the league. The terms of his suspension consist of without pay. Ironically, Trey came off a four game suspension for the same thing and got suspended again in four weeks. (Gotta leave those drugs alone, bruh!)

But anyhow, Jeff Fisher, the Rams coach is not too thrilled about the suspension (why would he be) and made a statement about Trey Watts being more responsible with his personal activities, in knowing the NFL's policy and highlighting his recent comeback was a good one. Also stating, his approval with the NFL's decision to suspend Watts.

"It's really unfortunate for Trey," Fisher expressed.

"We have a program, and the players have to comply with the program. Trey had an issue that cost him the first four games of the regular season, and then when Trey came back, Trey was good. The setback was something that took place before he was suspended. So it ends up being another positive, and the league requires him to sit. So unfortunately we'll lose him for the remainder of the season."


NFL Extends Deal With Bud Light As Their Official Beer

Posted On: November 05, 2015

With the NFL season kicking off, contracts are being renewed and some discontinued. One of them is with Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company that brews Bud Light, who extended their deal with the NFL for another six year.

Bud Light is the official beer sponsor for the NFL and will continue to do so when the contract is up for renewal in 2022. The deal is inked at $250 million a year, including marketing and advertising.

Referencing a published article on ESPN, the renewed NFL and Bud Light contracted deal has terms where Bud Light can patch and brand their logos on all thirty-two team player's jerseys and etc.; or they can come to the table and draw sub-contracts on how they would brand their logo on individual teams. The terms also include Bud Light becoming the sponsor for Thursday Night Football which will allow them to showcase commercials when the games are broadcasted by CBS and the NFL Network.

In the article referenced from ESPN, it documented the NFL and Bud Light deal is one of the biggest for the football national league, who also inked deals with PepsiCo, Microsoft and Verizon.

Sports News Source: ESPN


The San Antonio Spurs' Trio Reach NBA Milestone

Posted On: November 04, 2015

Coming together as a team, the San Antonio Spurs tripled their power with the trio: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili who as a moving unit, reached a milestone in the NBA. The three players combined, scored and held a record of 541 victories they accomplished together. 

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili forged ahead and superceded Boston's trio of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish with 540 victory, by making NBA history. The three basketball musketeers or you can call them the three wise men of basketball, also hold the title for appearing in the most games together and scored the most points as a trio ever in NBA history. They've even surpassed the classic Lakers trio consisting of: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Michael Cooper who scored a record of 490 wins together.

Tony Parker made a statement during a press conference about reaching a milestone in the NBA, with his right and left hand teammates.

"It's awesome."

"God bless to play all those years with Manu and Timmy and coach (Gregg Popovich) is just a great accomplishment."


Kansas City Royals Win 2015 World Series

Posted On: November 02, 2015

Not letting defeat get them best of them when they lost a game to the Giants in 2014, the Kansas City Royals made their comeback this year and won the 2015 World Series.

This was their first championship in thirty years when they made a homerun in the 14 innings, with a winning score of 7-2. In the beginning of the game, the Royals were down by two points, hit a couple of homerun to tie with the opposition team and paved the way in the 12th inning for them to win the World Series.

The Royals catcher who contributed in their victory, Salvador Perez was named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2015 World Series. Perez also did the footwork on the field by taking a couple bases and scoring three homeruns, went to bat and hit .364/.391/.455 and just an overall baseball player who can multi-task different positions.

Royals manager Ned Yost made a statement to sports news reporters, highlighting Salvador Perez as an asset to the team and KC's journey in winning the 2015 World Series.

"He just had a phenomenal series," said expressed Yost.

"I think if I had one regret during the whole playoffs, (it) was I had to pinch run for Sal there in that inning. But it opened up the door for us to score five. I really wish that Sal could have been out there to jump in (closer Wade Davis') arms when we got the final out."

The footage below depicts the moment the Kansas City Royals became World Series champions.