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Summer Review: Lebron James Launches Scholarship Program With The University of Akron

Posted On: September 02, 2015

During the summer, Lebron James launched his philanthropic scholarship program with the University of Akron to empower student towards their educational goals. The program will disperse scholarships to students who complete the required program, from the The LeBron James Family Foundation.

Tbe foundation and scholarship program were created to foster alternatives in education when it comes to issues in drop outs, the lack of certain programs in motivating children to complete their studies, and courses in school. Lebron James and Akron are still developing the criteria and requirements for the program such as: standardized test scores, participation of community service towards uplifting them, students graduating from schools within Akron and more.




Summer Review: Simone Biles Makes History Winning Three National Titles In Gymnastics

Posted On: September 01, 2015

Simone Biles made history this summer as the first woman gymnast, to win three all-around national titles after twenty years at the P&G Gymnastics Championships. Simone scored an impressive 124.100, which contributed to her success and was crowned with the national title.

Biles' greatness in gymnastic superceded from her 2008 Olympic performance, when she won her first world title and is now up with two world titles in sport gymnastics. She is also being documented for achieving the most world championship gold medals by a U.S. woman and will pursue to accomplish the most world championship medals by a U.S. woman.

Simone will aspire as well, in making history as the only American to earn three world all-around titles. The journey was not an easy one but it asissted in shaping Biles' towards her gymnastic goals, which led her to break barriers for African-American in sport gymnastics and the Olympics.

Congratualtions and Godspeed!

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