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Pennsylvania High School Coach Head-Butts Referee Over Foul Call

Posted On: January 07, 2016

It's just a game of basketball or is it really? For one coach, it's all about putting your head in the game.

Literally, let's get to it!

 A high school basketball coach from Pennsylvania got into an altercation with one of the referees during a game. The incident was caught on video and displays images of Neshaminy High School's head coach (the irony), Jerry Devine of the boys' basketball team head-butting a referee over a foul call.

Jerry Devine did not agree with the referee's call since his team was down by four points against Pennsbury High School, with the scoreboard 46-42 and forty seconds left to the game. The coach's reaction over the foul call cost Neshaminy High School the game, with Pennsbury's victory of 49-42. Immediately after the physical altercation between Devine and the referee, the coach was expelled from the game, escorted out the building and suspended from the school. Since the incident, coach Jerry Devine has been placed on administrative leave as of now, the case is being reviewed by school officials and a pending review of possible termination from the school. Although, assault charges were not filed against Jerry by the school nor the referee.

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association's Associate Executive Director (PIAA), Melissa Nash Mertz released a statement about Devine's suspension, lack of sportsmanship and professionalism.

"Mr. Devine has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of that review for both his teaching and coaching positions. The athletic program at Neshaminy places the values of fair play and sportsmanlike conduct above all. We expect our coaches and staff to teach and uphold those principles, while acting in a professional manner at all times."

In addition, there is another review of the the altercation between coach Jerry Devine and the referee of possibly discontinuing Devine to coach at the school or any other school for a year. Concerned parents expressed their disbelief of the coach's behavior that was displayed on the court and his lack of leadership in dealing with things pertaining to the game, in a more professional manner. This was also noted in the statement that was released by Mertz.

"The safety of players, officials and team personnel is our highest priority. Actions such as this will not be tolerated. We will monitor this situation to ensure safety of all participants."

Coach Devine has also been disqualified from participating in upcoming games, while the board of PIAA decide on corrective actions and penalties. Hopefully, while on adminstrative leave Jerry Devine will take the time to reflect on his actions and learn from it to do better next time.


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San Francisco 49ers' Wide Receiver, Anquan Boldin Scores 1,000 Catches

Posted On: January 01, 2016

Anquan Boldin of the San Francisco 49ers became the 13th NFL player to reach 1,000 catches.

Boldin is a wide receiver for the 49ers and hit the 1000th mark during last Sundays game (Dec. 27th) against the Detroit Lions. Referencing an article from ESPN, Anquan made the achievement during his 185th career game. Followed by: Marvin Harrison (167), Andre Johnson (168), Jerry Rice (181) and Larry Fitzgerald (182) getting to 1,000 catches faster in accordance with the Elias Sports Bureau.

In the upcoming months, Anquan Boldin will become an unrestricted free agent and wants to continue playing for the 49ers, stating his admiration for the team and its community.

"I like the people here," Boldin expressed.

"The organization has been good to me. And I have roots here now. There's a lot of people, a lot of relationships that I've built in this community."


New Orleans Saints Makes Record for Most Touchdown Passes

Posted On: January 01, 2016

About a week ago (one more time for the new year, lol.), the New Orleans Saint made history for the most touchdown passes allowed in the NFL.

The Saints surpassed the Denver Broncos' 1963 record of forty touchdown passes allowed by three points, setting a new record of forty three touchdown passes allowed. They also set another NFL record for opponents' passer rating which was documented in 2008 at 110.9 and the Saints came through with a new record of opponents' passer rating of 116.5.

In a couple of days, the New Orleans Saint has an upcoming game on January 3rd against the Atlanta Falcons.


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Flashback Fridays: Young King James

Posted On: January 01, 2016

Determined to become legendary in basketball, LeBron James paved the way for his journey into the NBA playing for St. Vincent–St. Mary High School when he was a teenager. 

Due to his amazing abilities and excellence in basketball, young King James was scouted by the National Basketball Association (NBA) officials who wanted to recruit and draft LeBron while he was a sophomore in high school. Sports Illustrated ran a story with James on the cover about the historical event and declared him as "The Chosen One."

From there LeBron has grown into King James with humble beginnings which set the tone for his success in basketball. With several endorsements, deals with heavyweights like Nike, being a pillar and advocate for education and philantrophy, comparisons to Micheal Jordan and; even being noted as one of the GOATs in basketball. Sports analysis anticpate that Lebron James will continue to make history, embark on several milestones and join legendary athletes in the Basketball Hall of Fame.


New York Jets Receiver, Brandon Marshall Sets New Team Record With 94 Catches

Posted On: January 01, 2016

Brandon Marshall who is a receiver for the New York Jets set a new record for the team with ninety four catches in one season.

Marshall broke the Jets' former player Al Toon's 93 catches during its 1988 season. In last Sundays (Dec. 27th) game against the New England Patriots, Brandon ended the year with one hundred receptions and thirteen touchdowns. This is Marshall's first season with the Jets and since becoming a member of the team, Brandon's performance has been an immaculate one.


Michael Jordan's Son, Marcus Jordan Opening Store Called 'Trophy Room' to Honor His Dad

Posted On: January 01, 2016

Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan is evolving into a businessman and maintaining his father's legacy by opening up a sneaker store to honor and tribute his dad. .

The former UCF Knights basketball player will premier the store named "Trophy Room" in Spring of 2016. The store is inspired by Jordan's old family trophy and the blueprint of the store reflects MJ's original trophy room which was decored in memorabilia of Micheal's contributions, awards and innovations in basketball; and it was also a place for family gatherings, a room to celebrate the holidays, events and etc.

The Trophy Room store is mostly centered around honoring Jordan and shares intimate details about his sports professional and personal life.

Marcus Jordan released a video to promote the store and gives the public a preview.


Legendary Baseball Player, Jackie Robinson Will Be The First Statue at Dodger's Stadium

Posted On: January 01, 2016

Jackie Robinson is a legend in baseball and a trailblazer who broke barriers when it came to racism and ignorance in sports. The Hall of Famer will be immortalized for his contributions to baseball by being the first statue to be cemented at Los Angeles' Dodger's Stadium.

The Jackie Robinson statue is being molded by a sculptor named, Branly Cadet who lives in California. Branly's resume of sculpting include studies at New York Academy of Art and overseas at L’Ecole Albert Defois in France. He won awards for his innovations in sculpting and has been enlisted in completing prior public and private projects. During a press conference of Robinson's statue announcement, Cadet overwhelmed with excitement talked about the legacy of Jackie Robinson and expressed gratitude of being considered to sculpt his image.

"I am so honored to have the opportunity to design a sculpture memorial to Jackie Robinson for the Los Angeles Dodgers," Cadet stated. "He is an icon of American history being celebrated by a legendary team in a grand city. I’m excited to create a design that is both befitting of this context and pays homage to his legacy as a sports hero and civic leader."

Jackie Robinson's wife, Rachel Robinson was at the press conference and eleborated on Branly Cadet's exhuberance about Robinson's statue.

"Branly Cadet’s excitement for the project is heartening, and I look forward to the unveiling with great enthusiasm."

Rachel is the founder for the Jackie Robinson Foundation and contniued with these following statements:

"We’re thrilled that the Dodgers will honor Jack with the inaugural statue at Dodger Stadium."

The unveiling of the Jackie Robinson statue is scheduled to take place at Dodger's Stadium some time in 2016. The Dodger's president and CEO, Stan Kasten recalled Jackie Robinson as a history maker and felt is was fitting for Dodger's first statue to be of him. He noted Robinson's performance in baseball, credited his work and how it affected the nation. Kasten declared his thankfulness for everybody involved in the Jackie Robinson statue.

"The Dodgers have a rich history of breaking barriers, and it all began with Jackie Robinson in 1947,” Kasten asserted.

"Therefore, it is altogether fitting that our first statue at Dodger Stadium be of Jackie. The class that Jackie exhibited while still performing at the highest level made everything that has happened since not only in baseball, but in many respects throughout American society, possible. It is with great humility and joy that the Dodgers launch this project in concert with Rachel Robinson and the Jackie Robinson Foundation. We know Branly Cadet’s artistry will result in a tribute to Jackie that will resonate with Dodger fans for decades to come."