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Stephen Curry Launches Tech Start-Up

Posted On: March 05, 2016

From making three point shots on the basketball court, Stephen Curry is not putting all his eggs in one basket and has launched a tech start-up. The app is called Slyce and purposed to help athletes organize their social media channels and filter out traffic, in order for them to interact more efficiently with fans. 

Curry linked and collaborated with his friends and former Nike employees, Bryant Barr and Jason Mayden to give the California start-up a boost for maximum success in the tech world. Slyce incorporates and fuses with Facebook and Twitter as a mediator between athletes and their fans, sifting and filtering through digital traffic to present the most significant interactions. 

Stephen Curry took interest in Slyce after expressing to Barr, the difficulties he encountered with being on social media.

"Too much of a hassle and there were too many pain points to make it worth his time to actually engage with fans in unique and authentic ways."

Bryant Barr explained how Slyce rectifies and removes those obstacles and makes interacting with fans fun and sociable. 

Lat month, Curry utilized Slyce for a Q&A forum he hosted and out of 1,000 questions, the app filtered it to 35, which made it more convenient for Stephen to answer his fans' questions.

Content ffrom Slyce can be posted on most social media platform. The tech start-up company wants to go forward with brand partnerships like Nike or Reebok and network campaigns, promotions and etc. for sponsored athletes to share on a more personal level with their fans. 


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Ty Lawson Agrees On Houston Buy Out Deal & Will Sign With The Indiana Pacers

Posted On: March 04, 2016

Earlier in the week, Ty Lawson and the Houston Rockets agreed to a buy-out settlement. The point guard used more defense in the courtroom due to several issues with the law including DWI, than he did on the basketball court and had to be benched. Lawson was a former player for the Denver Nuggets and traded to be an asset for the Rockets but instead, he lacked in performance and ended ranking below average from his rookie season. Although, Ty had several difficulties off the court with his issues in DWI, resulting in a two league suspension. However, the Houston Rokets believed in Lawson and devoted their effort in helping him with his drug addiction recovery. 

The Rockets linked Ty Lawson with former NBA player, John Lucas who overcomed his addictions and battle with drugs and alcohol. Lucas was recruited to counsel, mentor and assist Ty in getting back on the right path. Rockets were impressed with Lawson's wilingness to turn his life around and wasn't really concerned about his off the court issues. The problem was on the basketball court, Ty seemed to be lost, lacked impulse and ambition to play his best like he did with the Denver, eventually the Rockets' coach benched him. So, the buy-out wasn't that hard for the team to release Ty Lawson. 

A few days after the Rockets' buy-out, Lawson is reported to be joining and signing a deal with the Indiana Pacers. He hasn't been a free agent for long (only a day or two), the terms of Ty's new deal with the Pacers have not been disclosed and its unsure how long he will sign on for. 


Kevin Durant Continues Sneaker Hustle, As Nike Prepares To Release 'KD 8 Elite'

Posted On: March 02, 2016

From his signature moves on the court to philanthropy, to being a businessman, Kevin Durant magnified his platform as a basketball. While Durant prepares for the regular season finale and kick off for the NBA the playoffs, he'll be sporting his eighth shoes (sneakers) from Nike. 

The KD 8 transformed in their design of the shoe, by going from low top to high top. For the assembly and manufacturing of the shoe, Nike collaborated with designer Leo Chang to bring consumers a more futuristic looking sneakers. KD 8 is detailed with a calf-length compression sock which provides additional support for basketball players, non-stretch woven materials, Nike's Flywire Technology combined with Kevlar aramid fiber, there's a full-length visible Nike Zoom Air cushioning; and foam for comfort. Leo stated the new high top design for the sneakers was inspired by Kevin Durant. 

"Transitioning from a low to high is a decision we made with confidence based on our ongoing feedback from Durant to always push the limit on innovative design," Chang revealed.

Leo also stated, the vision for the new KD 8 of putting together a sneaker with built in socks. 

"Transitioning from a low to high is a decision we made with confidence based on our ongoing feedback from Durant to always push the limit on innovative design."

The Nike KD 8 comes in three colorways as pictured above: black with a white soles and gold Nike brand emblem, grey sort of like slate with similiar colors for the soles and white with a black Nike brand emblem and white soles. 

KD 8 is scheduled in three release dates: on April 14th in the white colorways, May 5th for the grey and May 26th for the Black at selected Nike stores. 

In the meantime, check out the promotional video for KD 8 featuring Kevin Durant.